Couple Tries Home-Cooking Vs. $120 Salmon

Ben B we're having a date this is not hump your pillow time you've probably seen the show worth it where's Stephen Adam and Andrew compare three different meals at three drastically different spice points but for me in my wife Ariel question isn't so much where should we go out it's should we even go out so today we're gonna compare a home-cooked meal to one that you can get at a fancy restaurant and then we're going to see which one may is a better date it's obviously good for you tonight our just the whole what's the word I'm thinking of a gentry the rapid entry of it we love the pageantry of it right now it's raining and I'm excited about maybe putting on our PJs there are a lot of advantages to stay in it but first we got to go grocery shopping what should we make like a salmon veggie libyans dark grab yeah that's pretty simple some tiny hand over the bag mark apparently Ned doesn't shut okay time to get cookin we're method a is super simple it's just potatoes green beans and salmon and I looked up a recipe for like a soy ginger garlic honey glaze is weird me to cook this on you just put it on the pan uh-huh that's it now it's blaze time I got the potatoes oh oh beam Oh being you got a potato let's make some space for our salmon yeah very nice glaze sexy glaze green beans yeah we just put it back in there we go nice cheers Cheers mmm good that glaze is really popping like a tap dancing on your tongue hmm like Dibby Dibby damn it's almost like overpowering oh the potatoes are the best oh yeah this meal is like super basic it's really very delicious you've been mean we're having a date this is not how your pillow times be this is day time oh my god who tell me that is I really like the soy and the honey in the glaze kind of caramelized on potatoes I know I keep calling mother became so good please cook here I'm sitting at home in our comfy pan I feel like I can absolutely combine mm-hmm it's time to go to the fancy restaurant oh my god before we do I think we got to change okay so we just have an awesome meal and now we're going out to a fancy restaurant iron so excited so we'll see how a night out compares to the night in even though it's daytime there we got we're going to Providence LA one of the premier seafood restaurants in Los Angeles we're gonna talk to the owner the owner owner and head chef ownership owner chef he's more of a player coach tell us about the restaurant what are we gonna be doing today we are going to be cooking a Quinault River coho salmon today with honey nut squash and fall that you're looking for a fish that's a little bit fatty skin should be nice and green and shiny see the oil is like really hot smoking hot and then we'll just carefully place the fillets into the pan we want to get like a little bit of color so it has like a nice light golden sort of appearance you don't need very much bad at all it helps to preserve a true flavor of the fish and then we're just going to let it rest for like three or four minutes so in the meantime we have our honey nut squash that's stuffed with all those vegetables it's like a 72 hour process we start out with make a very rich vegetable broth with a little bit of pancetta in it lots of kombu or seaweed we cooked that broth one day with all sorts of vegetables and then we take it off the fire and cool it with the vegetables in their second day we strain it and then we repeat the process again Newcomb boo new pancetta we strain it out and those are the vegetables that we make the stuffing with and we reduce down that bra and we glaze the squash with that this is a puree of that same squad and we took the skin off the salmon and we made these little crisps and then we also use it as a base for the sauce that we prepare of the salmon which is a black truffle sauce it's a very involved preparation but when you look at the dish it looks deceptively simple oh my goodness I'm sorry fish your success looks awesome keeps doing that I use yeah we usually use 50 at this room are you ready um am I ever read oh my gosh so luxurious it's like it's like velvety oh gosh you're incredible I usually don't like squash but this is just so deep I'm complex let's try some sandwiches I think my favorite is probably with truffle sauce mm-hmm like it coats your mouth you tell it's a really high-quality fish boomer those who's gonna eat via the crispy salmon with crispy salmon skin I'll try I mean we could try to make this at home but I highly doubt it's gonna come out like that mmm yeah it's so good like a salty little sauce a little cracker snack Oh oh my gosh I completely forgot neighbors one on the wine I can't forget my own Cheers at home we would normally just drink whatever wine was on the fridge right typically the second cheapest bottle of mine uh or the cheapest bottle of wine I mean when do we ever get four hours to just talk to each other never never only when we go out to eat all right one more bite maybe seven more bites oh yes Wow based on the taste of the dish as well as the entire ambiance of the experience hmm which date you prefer you know I love our home and I love our dog but I feel like the night out was just so perfect the ambience of the restaurant and the wine I mean with the truffle oil and like how he cooked the salmon just a little bit on both sides and then let it rest like we leave something on the counter being will eat it yeah I have to say that I prefer the night out the restaurant Simon was amazing but in terms of the overall experience being able to cook with you and play with the dog I like that the sauce that we had on that salmon was so flavorful and sweet of salty the fact that we can make that at home was pretty cool I gotta say I prefer the night in I feel like I should the last six hours with you it's been amazing awesome yeah and you know internet well thanks for watching we'll see you next time night in vs. night out we should go home and check on being okay you

25 thoughts on “Couple Tries Home-Cooking Vs. $120 Salmon

  1. @1:00 did he A) just casually threw them back in, did he B) purchase and cook, did he C) purchase and threw away??? A, B or C?? What would you do and why?!

  2. I like salmon sashimi and raw salmon on sushi but if I have grilled salmon I want it to be cooked medium not rare, kind of chewy when it’s raw

  3. All these comments about Ned and Ariel, but no one is talking about the fact that they are charging $120 for under cooked salmon. What the hell.

  4. I’m offended by the $120 portion size lol. You shouldn’t have to stop at McDonald’s on the way home from a fancy meal

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