Copper Chef Competition

Everybody got a chance to read the rules, right? You guys have to create two courses for the judges. One for
presentation so they can see the plate, how it’s gonna look if you were to order this entree in a restaurant. And the other one, they can taste the food and honestly score it from there. Mr. Stein here is going to unveil the secret ingredient and go over a little more detail. Your brain has to stop working because this one here is really the hardest thing you gonna do. It’s a pomegranate. Any dish has to have pomegranate in it. Good luck. Have fun shrimp is also pretty easy but I think pomegranate would
go better with salmon. Welcome to the second annual Copper Chef
competition here at Harvey Mudd. Good luck. What are you guys cooking? Cooking some sort of beef dish. And a salad. The clock is ticking. That’s good, that’s good. Team West. Making fresh pasta from scratch. The pomegranate goes in to the pasta. No name for the salad yet, but we will come up with a name here pretty soon. I would add a little more mint. No more basil. I thought the salmon was very very nicely prepared. I thought having rice in two dishes was a really bold move. Good. I like the steak, it’s very good There’s a party in my mouth and it’s hot, hot, hot. I can’t feel my tongue. OK, we have the winners. East – No. 4. No. 3 is South. Second-place is North. You know who the winner is. again this year is come on up, Team West. (cheers, applause).

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  1. That was cool. Having watched a lot of cooking shows, competitions and a decent cook myself, coming up with original recipes, I thought what made sense with the pomegranate was a dessert and a main course with the pomegranate juice added to the sauce. For the dessert I would have made a lemon tart with a sauce topping comprised of mashed pomegranate, maple syrup and whip cream. For a main course probably a summer seaside fresh dish, steamed jumbo prawns with a light sauce for dipping.

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