Cooking with Polar Bear Meat & Caribou Head

100 thoughts on “Cooking with Polar Bear Meat & Caribou Head

  1. Yeah, shes from the First Nations. They should have all the rights to hunt or eat whatever they want. They found the land and they were here first.

  2. they are the real Americans yes Canada is part of america if anyone didn't know its part of north america there board spreading it.

  3. If they are using every part of the animal for source to survive it's fine. But If they are killing just for fun like a poacher then its wrong.

  4. Disgusting people pretending to be what they are not anymore. Just unnecessary to kill polar bears. That mother is grows with no vocabulary.

  5. I am always intrigued by different cultures and dishes. I would be willing to try the Caribou as a steak lol. I’m a super picky eater so lingering bones, eyes, teeth, etc. ruins it for me. Also, a concern is how did you get the Polar Bear meat? Was it already dead? Worried because of it becoming super close to extinction because of Global Warming.

  6. Indigenous people will always be messed with by these I think im better and we know better white people an tree huggers. Leave them alone

  7. Even if they did have access to other stuff. Killing a polar bear or Carribou is not any fundamentally different than killing a cow or pig

  8. Hollywood and phony preservation types just love to criticize these people and others whose way of life they judge. These same people will go out and pay $100 for a nice “clean” steak because they have the luxury of not having to think about all the dirty work that went into putting it on their plate. Kill and clean at least one warm blooded animal in your life before you open your stupid yap about the ethics of eating this or that animal.

  9. polar bears are endangered because the modern world is destroying their habitat, not because they get eaten every now and again

  10. I hate how she said don't hunt the mother like you need a male to get the female pregnant. Polar bears shouldn't be hunted. Period

  11. Polar bear is my favorite animal and for me to watch this is the bravest thing I’ve done in my life

  12. I left the video when she said she doesn’t season her food 😪😓 bruh wtf I don’t care how good the meat is, you gotta season your food 😔 I think it’s just an older generation thing

  13. Mother says she loves the nutrients coming from the head… the little girl stated is it full of nutrients. Lol I’ll I just thought that was cool

  14. This is called cruelty because I am a vegan and it is very bad to do this to a poor animal that just wants to live it's live and be free from us monsters.

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