Cooking with Mariah Carey (And also with Bryan)

(cheerful Christmas music) – Hi and welcome to
Cooking with Mariah Carey and also with Bryan. – I’m Bryan. – Today we’re gonna be
making Christmas cookies and I’m super excited. – Believe me, we know how to cook. – We have no formal training. – No we don’t but we’re expert cooks. – I feel we’re experts. – If you don’t follow our
instructions for cooking, you’re a bad chef. – You’re just not good. – So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this dough and this is just really simple. – That is a great texture. Let’s just rewind a little bit. – [Bryan] Okay. – We take our flour or
whatever this is here, right? – Yeah.
– Is this? – This is I think flour.
– Flour? – So that’s salt. – Oh salt, okay. So you take this salt
and you kinda just… – Oh, this is great.
– Smoosh it. You sort of smoosh it all around. – Yeah. – We could do it neat or we
could just really get in there and really make it kinda– – [Bryan] What’s great about
salt is it looks like snow. – So fun. – Now, Mariah, is this typically what you wear when you’re cooking? – Oh yeah, do you like my apron? – I love your apron. – [Mariah] It’s new. – And this is just a simple gown. – Well this is a simple
gown that I would wear just to go down the street.
– Yeah. – Or do the wash.
– Sure. – We’re here cooking
so why not throw it on? – [Bryan] So how many cookies do you think this is gonna make right here? – Maybe 50 super small ones. Two giant cookies. – Yeah. – And then we could both have one. We could decorate. Mine could be MC. – Oh that’s great. – And yours could be “Also with Bryan”. – So now that we’ve got our dough, all kinda set. – Yeah. – We could break it up.
– Oh yeah. – Into cookie shapes, right?
– Perfect. – [Bryan] Unfortunately we
don’t have a knife so… – [Mariah] So we have
to just use our hands. – [Bryan] Just straight up use your hands. – [Mariah] But that’s okay, yeah. – If you’re not getting in
there and getting really dirty then what are you doing with your life? – I mean, it’s sanitary. – Absolutely. – Do you know what I mean? – Did you wash your hands before this? – I think I did. – It’s hard to tell sometimes. – Yeah. – This looks, can you get a shot of this? – That is fantastic. Can we cook it just like that? – [Bryan] Just– – It looks like an M. Did you do that in honor of me? – I did, I’m calling it the Mariah Cookie. – It’s like a lasagna. – Yeah, that’s another great party trick. – That’s a great party trick. They think they’re coming for lasagna and they get cookies instead (laughs). – What could be better? You always want something sweet. – I mean, it’s fantastic. So I’m thinking we just wrap this up, put this in here and just start ahead. Go ahead and get a sip. – Great. – Should we do that? – Let’s do it. – To you, baby.
– Thank you, to you. (bells ringing) – So I’m just gonna… – Oh. – ‘Cause I like my
cookies to be really rich. – [Mariah] Well of course. – [Bryan] Cut it right up. – [Mariah] Right up, right in half there. And just take that butter and don’t be afraid to
put it right in the middle because as it melts,
it gets more delicious. – Absolutely. – You know what I mean? – And then this could be fun for… – Oh that could be great.
– Sure, yeah. – [Mariah] Let’s look at our fixins here, these Christmas fixins. – [Bryan] Oh those look delicious. – [Mariah] Put it right on
top of the butter there. – That’s great, I’m gonna just, maybe just a smile. – [Mariah] Well, a smiley face is festive. – [Bryan] Yeah. – Why don’t you do two of those, the unedible ones and we’ll just tell whoever eats that one “Don’t eat those.” – Oh that’s a great idea. – You know what I mean? Those came from my dress, don’t do it. – Do you want any mayo? – Oh, is that mayo? – I think, I don’t know. – I think it’s, what’s that stuff. – It’s sour cream.
– Fluff. Oh it’s sour cream. Being here with you today and looking at these cookies, I just, I’m in awe of us. – I just feel like we, I am too. I feel like we could
be professional chefs. And I have to be honest
with you, butter is– – [Mariah] Yours is looking really, it’s almost like a mass of a cookie. – [Bryan] Yeah. – [Mariah] It’s growing and I think that’s really chic. – [Bryan] Thank you. – Look at mine. Did you see what I’ve
done with the butter here? Just left it in a clump so it could cook.
– That’s gorgeous. – [Mariah] I think it’s really pretty. – Do you know what I’ve
learned doing this? Butter softens your hands. – Butter is good for everything. – It really is. – As they say on a lot of those
cooking shows that I watch. – That’s true. – Do you think we could
do something with this? It’s a little big but if we put sort of… – This looks delicious. – A little bit of flaky
crust around this and this. It could be like a French pastry. – That’s really nice.
– Do you know what I mean? – And as long as the top
layer, this is a good tip. – The top just stays the same. And that way your guests won’t be fooled they won’t get hurt by the bristles. – No.
– You know what I mean? – Absolutely correct. – Just keep that the way it is. – And if it tastes good, I’ll
put anything in my mouth. – Who cares? Just make it taste good. – That’s all, listen, ingredients. – Guys, that’s it.
– That’s it. – Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. Make it taste good. – Butter.
– Butter. – Salt.
– Salt. – A touch of sugar, right?
– Jewels. – Jewels, bedazzle it. Just don’t be afraid to bedazzle it. – Don’t be afraid. – You could do these. – [Bryan] So easy. – And you know what’s great about them? They’re fun. I find them really fun. – I think they’re a blast. – So you take that, you go like that. – It’s the best. – There’s nothing better. – What is this? – Oh, I don’t know. – This is violence. – That’s a little scary. – You shouldn’t keep this in your kitchen. – Well, I’m sorry but
somebody who was working here left it here, obviously. – [Bryan] Yeah. – I see that this could be a problem. – You’re scaring me. – Well, I’m sorry. – That’s very violent. – Should I just leave this here? ‘Cause we don’t need this.
– Yeah just put it. – If we make more cookies we’re not gonna use that. – That’s a storage container. – So I’m thinking, let’s get these things into the oven, right? – ‘Cause how long do these take to cook? – Well, I think it could take anywhere from two hours to two days. – Yeah. – Right, you never know. – It’s true. – It’s food, it’s not rocket
science but it is food. It could be tricky. – Let’s find that oven. – Let’s get to that oven, okay? – There it is. – [Mariah] Oh, right. So what do you say, Bryan? About a thousand degrees? – I would says so. – [Mariah] Up high? So high. – ‘Cause we don’t have a lot of time. – No.
– So just. – [Mariah] Let’s just get ’em on in there. (baking pan clanging) That is good. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (oven bell ringing)
(loud slurping) – Ooh. – It’s been two days. – Two days. – Look at these.
– Look at that. – Just like we put ’em in. – So pretty. ♫ I don’t want a lot for Christmas ♫ There is – No no. It’s better if you don’t. – I understand. – Thank you so much for
being here with us today on Cooking with Mariah Carey. – Thank you so much
and if you missed the– – And also with Bryan. – Oh and also with Bryan!
– Yes. – We’re doing about 200 more
of these episodes, right? – I think so. – We got a full 10 year order, so… – The gamut, yeah, so you’ll
get at least 10 cookies. – Yeah, I’m gonna try one of these. – You wanna give it a go?
– Yeah.

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