Cooking Simulator but I ruin the restaurant

hey the friends how's it going my name is Kevin and today we're playing cooking simulator you guys know I'm quite the chef go on roll the clip okay bad example but to be fair you could pick a clip out of anything and make someone look bad but you can't find a second one all right let's just start the game cooking school no I don't need to be taught anything new game wait there's a difference between frying and deep-frying do you want to follow tutorial a probably a good idea the one game I'll do a tutorial in why is all the equipment broken like they're literally sparking this isn't good I'm just trying to turn them on why is my game saving knows I'm gonna die get the phone we need to call the professionals no I can fix this hell is this thing a timer throw it away I don't need timers a true chef can just sense when the food is done she keeps saying like get on the phone and I'm just here trying to redecorate the place why am I even allowed redecorate the place I just started working here might take a loan could I take a loan stop trying to get me to call for repairs oh my god she's so annoying I hate having a job alright let's just call for repairs no I threw the phone instead of calling advanced controls move vertically what my ears up there trying to get reception this damn place I can only get one bad Oh goddamnit I heard on the internet that this charge is your phone not only better charged in that put it on high that should be charged in no time oh I just hit myself in the face at that door she was just be watching like why did we hire this guy I need the phone to actually call the people to repair things it should be charged by now try not to go bankrupt this its first advice the phone away okay just leave there in the sink I'm very aggressive and I think I'm just not happy about this job there we go and give the phone a bit of a clean it is kind of gross oh my god geez he's so aggressive be faster if we move the box I already took it out of the box on a knife awesome Oh dangerous and not ever throwing I just cut an achievement boys are not counting my points I'm doing great I've left that sink running for quite some time oh my god is 38 liters in it now I don't really have much organization going on I just kind of throw everything everywhere it's gonna be hard to be efficient in here oh my god I just keep having a boy stuff when do I start making money haven't even got to cook yet like it's called cooking simulator let me cook by perk second hand you mean I've been using one hand all this time yes I get to cook now I want you to serve me a big trout well to be honest I kind of needed help on this pair like I don't know how to cook oh god I gotta put my hand into the oil now and get that back they turn it on before reaching in okay someone has ordered the trout it's now a good time to mention I really don't like holding raw meat they've got well that's a bit too much pepper but they were just really like pepper oh my god I put even more of the dill on it okay it's fine it's gonna be really a flavorful I'm gonna be able to taste that it's fish it's 24 grams of trout and like oh god how did I pour out so much at once it's 54 grams of time ah time flies you're having fun what can I say get out of the way big pot you're all just trying to be the center of attention oh my god the fish fell on the floor hold up yeah it didn't make it on the floor twice now okay there you go mop the fish off the floor so my floors are nice and clean she told me to leave the bottom dial alone and I've already been playing with it I don't know what a time oh wait is it supposed to be put in the other oven I don't know why it matters I think it's already cooked now but the tutorial wants me to put it in here so here we go oh I dropped down the floor again we need a little hamon boy I'll just leave it on the floor I guess it's not allowing me pick it up it's already burnt what do we get oh this isn't going so good we need a lemon buy one I know I'm trying where's my knife oh there it is wait I can just start cutting it just saw me cutting it like this like I'm making chips on the floor oh it's gonna be a pain to pick all those up now I think about it most depressing fish I've ever seen I think the tutorials given up it's not giving me any more steps I can't I'll pick up the trout it's just stuck there maybe another fish I just left the fridge open to God everything is just going so well this oven is still on too all the traffic jeez they're panicking a lot of road rage they're all trying to escape my restaurant that's too hard for whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa where did that phone just come from I'm probably better off I can't remember where I even left it ah that's more my style Oh God that is very burnt all right it's done do I need a place or something it won't let me pick it up is it cause it's too hot do I need gloves is that the story tongs that might help aha perfect oh I dropped it all up aha perfect here we go Bon Appetit put it put it down put it down meals ready just come over the way who just gives you that look it's at serve it the game is just saving now it won't actually let me play or continue this tutorial I think I've broken it I don't think anyone has been this bad of a chef getting angry now I'm throwing a tantrum trying to extinguish the situation who trying to fix everything all right you know what I think we're done with the tutorial I know what I'm doing now let's just go back to main menu and we'll do a sandbox mode oh that's more like it look at all the money they're giving me all right let me redecorate this place it looks like all right that's better looks like simply heard of saw her would you like to play a game do we have an order there is no escape resistance is futile maybe I am in a Saw movie wait do I not get orders in sandbox oh I'm pissed do I just have to start a new game wait how was that fish not falling in oh god what have I done what if I put this sausage in the blender will that work why are you just going on top my guy's too stupid to figure out if he put it like vertical it would fit in there Mariel five hundred mils of water and some olive oil yeah we go oil and water perfect we'll just pour some oil around here as well they try and lock me in here I won't take too kindly to that oh there no – can I get another bottle of that it is America we like her things oily oh okay port everywhere yes I'm finally cooking I'm so proud of myself for getting this fair to be one of those restaurants that just serve it not on plates like I just bring out this pan to them Bon Appetit has I put down a massive and full with oil wait we're the fish go wait that's the fish why how did it drink it I didn't know microwaves could do that oh my god when you're walking from a distance you really see how bad everything is yeah we'll put the gas up here so that it's nice and close to I need more I don't want the heat to die down or anything wait is that on fire I'm sure it's fine oh my god Jesus Christ that actually scared me I think that was the gas I'd surely they'll free me now Hawaii they won't be still in here right look I can't be wasting my gifts in sandbox I need to actually feed someone ok no tutorial have just deuced the chance of things messing up ok new order is in all right let's get some fish it's just trout and lemons that's all we need can I cook on this instead that'll be really handy yeah I think I can ok awesome what else lemon yes lemon there we go for even slices wait potato is that a potato I thought I bought a lemon wait what oh yeah I think that's a potato God imagine your chef didn't know a potato from a lemon okay that looks like it's cooked but I don't have a whatchamacallit one of those grabby Oaks oh I dropped it already I just broke it with a fish god damn it okay there's probably no shirts in it we'll just move it to another plate okay it's on the plate okay awesome it looks like he's some green stuff on there I don't care what green stuff as long as it's some green stuff this'll do parsley leaves I forgot like all the spices but I think I would be too heavy on them anyway right there we go there's some green okay pick it up I'll slowly walk over to serve it we I'll take a photo of your dish okay nice sure why you'd want to take a photo of this okay got it take the photo there you go eat up I got good points on time and taste surprisingly guest is not pleased and wants a refund what why no refund for you it just declined it a new order what the hell is that a salmon fill it I guess what's the best way to cook that I'll just microwave it just nuke the bastard come on wait what effect did it go fell in the back of the microwave okay okay it's fine put it back in almost there there we go lovely it's too hot to touch but don't worry we're gonna get the oh it actually tells me boiled potatoes okay awesome I'll just use the other potatoes I had meaning earlier okay what's the best way to boil them suppose fill this with water and we'll actually use the hob I was gonna try the microwave but I don't think it'll fit in there I don't even know if this is all potato I'm just guessing it is for a chef I'm not really good at knowing what food is what now a little trick to prevent steam you just put in a little bit of ceramic okay I missed however bad of a chef I am thank God I didn't go to basketball oh oh dropped it again how do I actually hold on to this should I be holding it oh I think I should be holding it okay that makes sense actually should i spice it should I put some spices on it whatever this thing is I'll put on it canned pepper I don't know what that is but you just got 78 grams of it I'd assume it's spicy but looking at the labeling on it and I'll just oil that up a little bit there we go it's not exactly healthy but by God will it taste good oil always tastes good oh that's a bastard right on the door alright we got this now we'll just sugar pour those out okay should be good to go all right here we go I hope you like oil and really really spicy salmon the taste isn't that bad considering my favorite down to zero don't refund we don't come anything here new order oh that's just a bowl of red I can give them a bowl of red it's chicken broth red no all right do I have any food dye you just put in this I assume it's tomato soup right there we go ready to be served yeah what's tomato soup awesome okay I got the right food in there anyway I guess you can't put me down Fame if I'm literally zero fame already no refunds why do you think you're special huh think I may have found a life hack to get around not being able to pick up the food when it's hot here's the idea so you put the trout on the plate okay then you get the blowtorch and you just slowly and carefully eat that bad boy up let's see how that did it's only half got it slow isn't it okay it's done it's just slightly burnt yeah I'll just put this down here for now oh oh God the floor is on fire oh my god the fire is in the way of the fire extinguisher yeah turn on fan get the fire out of here I'm just gonna scoot around you there if you don't mind fire slight problem it's spreading quite a lot oh god oh god oh don't ruin the fish don't ruin the fish but sir oh no balance balance oh it fell off the plate all right take a photo of your dish okay it's so glad I could capture this moment that's going on the gram it's just an empty place no refunds we're no longer taking orders today finish what you've stared and get ready for tomorrow do you mean burn down the rest of the restaurant wait what day two the whole place was on fire I was just like oh well looks like it's my time to clock out and left even though the place was burning down it's not loading in I think I broke the restaurant to be fair there's probably not a restaurant to go back to on day two all right well I guess we'll leave it there then I hope you guys enjoyed if you ever want to come by the restaurant do let me know no refunds though remember that appreciate your watching as always folks means a lot to me and I guess I'll see you next time bye for now shoutouts patreon soldier fortune Adrienne Adrienne K agent bakes at ginger boy Alexander Karen Allen Henley Allen stack Oh Almighty peanut anaconda Kiwi Andrew urban check andrew white and banana kate little john ariel Kelman ashley murphy ashley Oh Morgan Austin DAC and bacon boy Bailey curve BB AIDS mom big fest Blair Ernest Brad Andrews Brendon krobak and Brandon Patrick

20 thoughts on “Cooking Simulator but I ruin the restaurant

  1. 04:55 – I know I've heard the "Bone-apple-tea" joke before but it's just so much funnier when Kevin says it.

  2. Kevin as restaurant burns down

    Kevin: and it burns burns burns…

    Me: Do you want me to call 911

    Kevin: The taste of food is sweet

  3. Ever felt bad cooking something? Well I tried to cook a pancake, it turned into mash potato. I don't even know how lmao

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