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am i great cook I guess we're gonna find out seasoning example dish advance buying kitchen trip by the way this is free release it comes out on the 6th of June there may be bugs this is a press release coffee it might crash it may be glitchy who knows just makes it more fun right looks like a Dakota I don't know the history of it seasoning let's have a look hang on kitchen trip let's look at the kitchen trip can't cook won't cook version nor point nine four there's not even any voiceover you kidding me today I'll give you a quick tour the kitchen stay focused you'll need to memorize all of this we can't have you wandering around searching for stuff don't the marker what no I feel like I'm gliding around I could not have feet or a shadow look at that I don't exist I'm like ethereal always getting angry go to the marker chill storm absolutely no problem sir you sought yourself out chills Tom don't worry about subbing it's all good you sought yourself out on your kids come back if and when you can mr. riah gifted us up to TMJ Fox 20 squatting down paper bag on head and fleece why is there a dog board who knows Riya thank you very much for gifting 5 subs a super super kind and holy moly harm 27a hwhiteland I got you bro I got you Weiland finally mr. riot sorry harm 27 harm 27 has just dropped 20 20 subs that's insane thank you so much that's very very very kind if you just got gifted a sub please remember to thank the person who gives it to you it could be harm it could be Rio right now but please remember to give them a thank you and GG thanks thanks very much for the support guys I better go to the marker this guy's getting real stroppy here you'll find mostly vegetables some fruit bread and buns some of the products you will need to unlock by learning new recipes remember that you'll need to pay for the products and be sure to bring a container if you want to carry more than one okay here you're fine plates tanks once you have paid for every single one once the dish is served the price of the plate will be added back to your accounts you can also use plates to carry things around the kitchen but be careful these things break easily go to the marker even more importance of the cardboard boxes trouble finding something you can buy one from a box these shelves are used to store herbes just as with everything else the herbs have to be purchased you pay for every twig or leaf you take go to the next marker right if you go all the veg and bonds the stuff and we need to learn more stuff to get more stuff boxes in case you want to buy things plates that we have to buy and then we get paid when we sell the plate or something when we serve it looks like herbs and spices to me basically we have to buy everything so the more stuff you break the more it costs you go to the marker jook jook thank you for seven months looking forward two days stream Soul Train with four months chilled storm has been gifted a sub by Pringles leaf thank you very very much Pringle chill storm you've got your sub back bro courtesy of mr. Pringle lamp and bow I would wish I wouldn't developed a panic disorder a few years ago I would still be able to fly as a passenger our were you ever scared while flying as a passenger or pilot lovely weekends everyone um I think the only time I've ever been scared in a plane was the very very very first time I went for a trial flight and the instructor just killed the throttle and dropped his like a brick out the sky at that point I was pretty terrified not because I was frightened of gliding down but because I was frightened of his skills my life was in his hands and I didn't like that very much but other than that I've been fine kid Funkadelic walker bank crumbs on the floor at 18 go to the marker Jesus guys push it this is a refrigerator here you can buy fish meat cheese and fruit some of the products are hidden in the drawers or at the bottom of the fridge that sounds like my fridge go to the next marker oh the really rubbish gamer thank you for 17 Araya of course I want a scroll I want to catch up on my missing missing of gifting subs but in all seriousness you're the best streamer thank you very much though that's really kind of you gift NSYNC immunity like that he's really awesome thank you this griddle is used for searing and frying as long as the recipe doesn't call for any fats such as oil most meat needs to be fried on both sides so don't forget to flip it the stove was your best friend here you can ball fry even grill with the right pan of course under the stove there's a backup oven remember that pots and pans come in different sizes and shapes just because there are six burners doesn't mean you can fit six containers on the stove at the same time go to the next marker mr. white learn there it is he's finally got his seven thing this is a subscriber you can only get more by streaming go to the next marker Thank You Island Bobcat bill thanks for 49 if you wish you can cut on on any flat surface just grab a knife however the proper way to use is a cutting board on the shelves below you'll find pens and behind you there are pots stored on another shelf near the floor go to the mark agador spartacus thank you for the support if you don't feel the need to prepare before the warranty or you're done for the day you can use the clock to skip the preparation phases at the beginning and end of each day to house your hates our work for this guy you're not kidding use the force that mainly to fill pots most recipes usually assume that you'll use cold water to stay away from the red handle unless you're told to use it this oven is so baking be sure to use baking trays you can find them to the Wrights remember you can bake multiple different dishes at the same time the office which turns them oven on and off the lower controls the heat baking times correspond to the first setting so be careful not to burn your dish house jeez man anybody else feeling a bit overloaded with information right now what was the red handle that was talking about it's not about that one it's like thinking that's soap so what do you say I will never again put a fire extinguisher into the oven chamber mm-hmm looks like there's a timer though you say average Ozzie gamer thank you for 21 months these are deep fryers they're empty you need to push the left button to fill with oil the right button drains the tank oh and don't forget to use fryer baskets unless you want third-degree burns well this one's pretty obvious the grin is for grilling just don't forget to flip whatever you're cooking most recipes require that why would you use a grill or the griddle like what's the difference grill party every afternoon those were the days the food processor throw the ingredients inside and push the button presto you've got yourself a liquid blend you can always taste it if you get what's inside microwave oven I don't know what this thing is in a respectable kitchen best you forget it's here and this this shows why this place nearly closed down the last Coke didn't even bother to bring darts he threw knives instead you won't bite what kind of kitchen is this it's even got like a scoreboard this is insane holy sub bomb who was that damned ro fat down roll fat just gifted 5 subs the community thank you very very much down well if you just got gifted us up please remember to thank him thank you so much super super kind we can use these two screens the kitchen to view your current artists time left and recipe details are really useful so it's like McDonald's isn't it GG den thank you sir it's like McDonald's where has like the orders and stuff up here and you've got to try and make it in time what's this this is your desk the radio looks old but don't be fooled you can set it up to play your own mp3s even internet radio stations the laptop won't cook for you but it will help run the place I'm sure the manager will explain everything in detail wait he's not the manager he's the golden Ramsay isn't he the phone will come in handy when something breaks down just pick it up and walk to one of them needs maintenance she was a service completely wisely fast and cheap should be a warning signs stuff might break before they even leave yeah the laptops got my logo on it how does that work can you see that that's actually quite clever happy early verse playing games at work is fun you're gonna need those numbers yeah I can't think it must have got my steam profile picture that's the only thing I can think of it's good idea though and here's the check out put your dish on the shelf and choose from the tablet which order you're about to serve just don't mix things up once it's out its out and the final station the garbage bin if it's not good enough for you it's not good enough for your guests keep that in mind all right that was just a tour but I hope you learned something a true chef needs to know his kitchen inside out oh we got an exam on this yikes right I think after the kitchen saw we should go for the example dish and then we can do some seasoning and then some advance buying maybe I'll go Hayden not imperious just a quick Risa before bed keep being awesome dude have a good sleep thank you for 31 months opened I think it's time you've served your first dish don't worry I'll be here to guide you through the process it's actually blocked out loads of kitchen this isn't a test but if you run into trouble forming any of its Ash presented try one of the earlier lessons wait what does it mean the seasoning lesson should have done the seasoning lesson your order will be steak with a side of french fries simple yet nuanced there's no actual guests but behind you that's the checkout window once we're done you'll need to place the order on the shelf and use the tablet to confirm look someone's ordered a dish every time a client orders something you'll be notified in the upper left corner of the screen notifications will also appear when you have only a minute left to complete a dish you're slightly late or when a client gives up waiting and goes home that'll never happen I'll never happen see that that's your order walk up to the display and press left on them state with french fries oh my god take a good look at this screen to the left you've got a list of ingredients and to the right what you have to do with them don't worry we'll take it step by step back let's get to work first take the steak out the refrigerator try not to go bankrupt almost everything in the kitchen costs money plates products and especially repairs don't st. more than you need and keep an eye on your balance once you're out of money you're out of business let's put it somewhere the cooking board will do now pick up the salt and use it on the steak sprinkle four grams was that six I think I put six on though I'm not entirely sure it could be a bit of a salty steak this one pick up product where are we going I'm gonna point wait we're doing pepper doing pepper right click it's a rotate oh I see whoa there are six grams so you gotta be consistent it's a very salty very peppery snake don't tell me you so you concern is already too confusing for you black pepper we need four grams of black pepper I just pulled four grams of black pepper on it what are you talking about bro right put it down it's like honestly it's now got like 10 grams of pepper on it this is gonna be I wasn't missing the state Wyland there's only a bit one off the side send the griddle on right so I get the state that green bar indicates when the food is cooked the little pan icon yvonne informs you that it's been fried it wasn't six grams on the board precise landing of tools in the kitchen is crucial holding down shift will open up new ways to manipulate whatever you're currently holding in your hand move vertically you want to fry both sides of steaks so we need to flip it target the state using the spatula once the steak is on the spatula target the griddle and enter context hold the key to flip geez man you're making this sound complicated rotate there we go find the plates in the pantry this should be one somewhere on the shelf dude this gonna burn can we put this down somewhere why it's just gonna burn if we leave you here we can't put it that it won't let us can we put on strong the plate then it's gonna make me put it down isn't it leave it how do we tell is that off now find the plaintiff Pancham trying bro put down the tool who won't let me put down the tool what's will remove this I don't get this I don't know how to get rid of the spatula I can click like that but now I want to try and exit the griddle it takes it with me but then when I've got the thing I can't actually pick this up I'm trying to put the spatula down that's what I'm trying to do oh my god it won't let me put the spatula down it's right pull it down there they kept saying no right now I've got it now I've got it it didn't help there's somebody left a flippin vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor did it right put the plate down for now what we doing over here wait we appear to be missing a steak obviously wait what how did the steak get on the floor okay we can still serve it it's fine the customer won't know now we'll take the cutting if we mean fall off the plate go to the pantry and buy two potatoes what do we do with this one potato two potato now I take them back to the countertop we'll need to cut them oh boy we've got the knife cuts cancel recent position Andy rotate oh look at this you get fine grain control that's ok you can put an oversight no no I'm having so much fun no no I'm gonna keep cutting I like this this is this is good yeah this is therapeutic let's see how small a piece we can actually make can we make mash I want to make some Mershon okay cancel all right put that back don't waste your time your fryer takes a while to fill up it's so naggy yeah that took so long take the basket got the potato pieces and put them into the basket just target them and use the basket okay there must be an easier way can we don't just scrape them into the because that's what normal people will do not pick each one up individually okay let me stick it straight take the deep Friant fire and put the bask inside okay now wait for the fries to cook yeah I think you had to do them individually huh okay so what are we waiting for get the plate with the steak now I'll transfer the fried potatoes to the plate hey we missed one no can we just but I didn't I turn off to meet that okay I think you picked it up a bit too quickly the guy this is why we made too many wait where we go with this what did he tell me to do with this garnish the plate with two rosemary twigs Oh God it's time to serve your dish curious how it turned out bring it to the checkout counselor and left of the exit take a photo of your dish serve the dish hey don't look too bad to me it's not that's not bad I'll eat that what do you mean straight in the bin I'll eat that I got hardly take a photo F yeah that's our very first dish what steak fries there it goes off to the customer realization time four stars taste three and a half we've got nine cooking points that paid 45 I don't know what C is croutons 45 croutons with a 5 crouton tip and the plate returned 5 croutons total 55 guests is pleased I'll take it half of its on the floor but I'll take it citation makes less than a week epic max did you see the pictures earlier the plane I'm looking at yeah did you see that when looking at plane this morning max how to fly in it and stuff it's not raw dude agador spartacus today's special flawed steak and fries congratulations you served a full dish now how does it feel ready to take on the challenge of this kitchen on your own if not you can always come back for lesson 2 or lesson or two and go max I'll quickly show your pictures one second dude just show anybody else that missed them there you go max Dolph golf echoecho P Papa deep deep weren't flying it this morning Mike's had a look around the plane what do you think 180 brake horsepower cruises at 115 knots four seats max look it's even got feet it's got little shoes on cockpits okay just never built in GPS it has a one that's clamped on to here but you know 115 knots eight gallons an hour max and it's going to cost me I think I think it's 130 pounds a month for hangar insurance and 90 an hour to fly it or 80 now I wanted to remember yes it's not like amazing it's built in 1980 it's got a nice Brady ol stack pob I've his vests all the stuff in the bank now four seats it's not bad is it so anyway I'm going to get into send over all the paperwork as in last annual finances of the group that kind of thing and then I may I may buy sure but the planes like really really available max it means I could book it for like days on end if I want to go somewhere and and this is the best thing max the airfield is 30 minutes down the road from me it's like the nearest airfield I could fly out of 30 minutes away less than if I put my foot down which of course I don't they'd see a reminds you've evolved wait 50 it's actually the airfield max is in Stansted sir space so you have to take off keep under 1500 and quickly turn away otherwise you'll fly straight into Stansted availabilities awesome last month the plane in a busy month was booked no more than 50 percent and a lot of the veil belts he was in the weekdays when I fly next month I think there's only three bookings – the guys don't even fly it just rich own shares in plane and never fly it how does that work it's built for slow driving but yeah sure wait that's why as a three litre v6 diesel in it because it's dead slow yeah devil dude see whenever whenever I get a fine in the air that's that's on you just try seasoning today's lesson is short but the skill you'll learn will determine whether you get tips or have to wrestle the guest some money well I'm happy to wrestle them learn the basics of how to season food yeah throw the group don't even fly it target the salt container notice the number on the label it shows how much spice is left in the container okay now you don't get air finds it was a joke look down there's a container of salt on the council notice how much spice is left now pick it up so I get the salmon user container to enter sprinkle mode aim for the phillotson user content until you see the seasoned fish with 3 grams of salt that was easy gets a lot harder but the products is to cut the products into pieces better practice your aim then okay that was like the quickest ever tutorial advanced buying I've shown you previously how to buy product some shelves however not everything can be found just lying around today you learn how to buy everything you need unmoor see the cardboard box I need you to walk up to it now let's I'll get the box okay this is the shop screen items are split into four categories and buy and default sorted alphabetically spices and liquids can only be bought here and they only come in larger amounts and be prepared to pay handsome if you have trouble keeping track of your tools and pots you can buy additional ones from the utensils tab be aware that quality doesn't come cheap now go to liquids avocado oil comes in the bottom of the menu determine the starting order I want you to select the right most tab Forex shown that should now be sorted according to their price descending if you haven't noticed prices are denoted on the far right in green or in red if you don't have sufficient funds I want you to select avocado oil from the list now buy a bottle once you buy an item you leave the shop now you only you can only buy one item at a time no trips with a container this time well done don't forget the lesson many items can be bought this way ok it's nice to see more flying videos also hope you do more to explain streaming last time was fantastic was it enjoyed a little piece of knowledge it was thanks tree yeah I want to get back from the holes if we can get this shown as plain then I'll definitely be up in the air a lot more and I want to find out if they'll let me fitter and under wing camera mount point what was the max take of kilograms boss they mean the max takeoff weights I think it was 1180 I believe wipe of Dolan think yeah it's close right okay new game cooking school sandbox mode welcome to the kitchen as you've already noticed the restaurant you're now employed in does not have the greatest rating your task is to restore it to its former glory and reach the highest level of prestige the last chef left the kitchen covered in sticky notes maybe they'll be of some news good luck do you want to follow the tutorial during the first day yeah hi I'm the manager of this place since it's your first day I'll show you the ropes before we start three important things you need to know in case you get lost oh my god one keybinding hints are always displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen – John the sheet or you can view the tasks in the bottom left corner of the screen 3 this tutorial also save between stages if you get lost or stuck you can always go back it looks like left owner left the place in the state yeah you're not kidding get the phone we need to call some professionals it's amazing we to get the gas cooker running ASAP follow the marker take the phone with you it's a cage prepare that thing we better hire someone that's fast while hovering over the cooker use the mouse wheel to select a company then left us okay right so depending on how much money we want to spend dictates how much it's going to cost us so three minutes 50 croutons it's not bad one half a time for 75 croutons that's better nice coop although these guys do it a lot cheaper look at that that's like half the price don't you repairs will you reckon let's go dodgy requires already to fix everything why won't they fix that oh they're busy we can't hire them they're busy well we'll get that we'll get this one done cheaper but the phone away you won't be in it anytime soon I hope now time to take a breather the place is empty we're going to do something about it first you need to find some utensils finally cardboard boxes over all the one and press to open utensils and buy a blender I like blenders aspire blender 251 op by a secondhand one or something that's way too much money it's not even any good look at it blender away hey what's wrong with this blender I'll blend as well it'll be faster what'd she say be faster if you moved the box or something I missed that was she what does she want us to do let's eat a pickup use a shop to buy equipment from the list Wow look at this like new buy a baking tray two big pots I use a shop to buy cotton from the list cutting board definitely the cutting board I put that right here we're gonna need a knife can you play dance and your break assumes 304 a knife how can a pan cost 125 and a knife cost 300 are you actually serious three it's all ago travel twinsies getting on these third ever go trouble 20 beat that with a knife is a pant we should put the pan on here for now and a spatula whose finds in all this don't stop saving see just put it or just put it that where's that timer set up timer yeah you should be able to hang the mothership what like oh yeah you can genius sharing a plane and a speedboat from Bull's I haven't got the show you might use the laptop you don't have any recipes apparently click on the recipe manager on the left click on the not own tab buy a recipe for baked trout by clicking the highlighted button you baked trout oh wait how do we buy this that cost nothing apparently let's see something easier no buts buy salmon and something salmon steak or something what did she say was that summer with asparagus maybe salmon steak and bob potatoes I needed to say again I don't know why she said well we don't have any they must've been that cuz that's the only one we call zero last one tomato soup classic I should do for now will improve our menu wants business gets rolling I agree I'm tempted to play the countdown music do you to do diddily diddily – ooh fantastic actually works right enter the shop view and buy salt come on handy man nice what are these labels say grill party every afternoon those were the days in case of an emergency possibly go wrong I will never put a fire extinguish it into the oven chamber oh boy that's costing money probably guy actually stopped the plug can you write anyway how do we get to the shop enter the shop buy salt click on the box assume spices salt by the listed spices right it's a dried dill black pepper and cayenne pepper like pepper cayenne pepper it's always supposed to store these dried horseradish I didn't even know it existed dried thyme we can have that I listed liquids chicken broth so workout we're gonna pour all these things because we need some organization here what I'm sifting falls in that middle bit how you supposed to get that back it's a spice rack what we have we have this don't worry we have this this race island up its regular guest what did she say right we'll need a trout's let's find the refrigerator shall we toss the seven croutons the paya trout season the trout with five grams of black pepper okay dried dill five grams don't put that down it's very precise cooking right but the trout's on the baking tray note you can use as many trays you can use many trays at the same time now leave it for 90 seconds that's a minute that'll do buy a lemon sour lemon lemon on the cutting board now what what do we do now cut the lemon into four pieces now it tells us what to do fishes roll well the fish is in the oven though so that looks burnt to me but it can't be hey Doc Holliday thank you for 26 months can it say thank you for a year HM the Queen we can now this from the iOS app it's about time keep it a good work trying to poison anyone though you know it's gonna happen by a plates oh boy would we buy a plate cookie transfer from the container five grams of horseradish wait lemon quartz isn't I'm used to this I do let's get a rating hey that's not bad if five star D do you know how much this game will be when it comes out I don't know quantum I don't know fame eight out of 30 with five started the guests paid 31 croutons for that and gave us a ten crouton tip 46 and the guest is complete is pleased genius fish and lemon we can do it after each day you were presented with some of the progress the restaurants mains goals to reach five-star fame rating as you can see there's are still a lot ahead of us yeah I'll say and please don't go bankrupt Oh expenses one two eight eight total income what – one two four seven oh my god the investment is real the level summary shows how much experience you've gained today experience points come primarily from serving dishes and doing daily quests once you get enough experience you'll automatically level up okay choose the perk Oh folks are very powerful unique abilities once every few levels you'll be given an option to choose one this choice can be post can't be postponed or undone so take your time and pick what you think's the most useful lot of perks he's trying and use only as much spice as you need I know because you have to buy it I like that aspects of the game if you break plates if you use too much spices like it's all coming out of your own pocket you get three additional skill points instead of unlocking a perk hmm steady hands hold down shift to freeze items in place while cutting that implies items move around fast feats hold on shift to walk faster on breakable plates plates will never break breakable bottles heatproof gloves pick up and carry hot ingredients in your hands long reach longer reach when picking up and putting our items refund in order to save your fame score refund and order to save your fame score that that could be very very useful because when we met if if we mess things up if we mess things up we can get a refund thermal vision learn the temperature of ingredients in a closed oven what lower score requirements to pass the food critics exams hmm busy day starts every day with two daily questions that have one that sounds very good that sounds like that's gonna get you some really cool stuff slow motion time slows down while cutting ingredients what's that's epic Simon Hanson once per day at one minute to all active orders time-rewinder once per day reset the timer of an active order see time rewind and refund they strike me as they're gonna be quite useful re-roll the order once per day replace an active order with a random one okay dish analyzer check the dishes score before serving it to the guest that almost negates almost negates that because with that one you can tell if you're about to serve something that's rubbish with that one if you serve something rubbish you can get the refund grant some magic wand that removes all stains and shards what oh boy what do you think guys there are far too many good items here bullet time for cocking all of it I like that one for getting more stuff I like refund for its ability to like unwind something that alight because you can tell if it's any good before you serve it get mum hands why would you want mum what you mean that although I think it's a toss-up between see do you think refund is better than dish analyzer because with this one you can make sure that you're not going to serve something rubbish anyway busy day sounds like something you're gonna just gonna get you more money that's for sure I think you would want something to optimize profits at first visit day will be useless and less experienced there is that I'm kind of thinking that if we keep messing things up busy day is not any good if you analyze and find it's rubbish what you're gonna do well you're gonna throw it away and not serve it this is what you're gonna do you're gonna lose money rather than Lee's Fame with this one see it says refund in order to save your fame school so that means you sell it to the customer they say this is rubbish and then you say we'll we'll give you a refund that means more money goes out of your pocket yeah hang on a minute that means money goes out of your pocket in orbital and they don't it doesn't reduce your fame score because you give them a refund they go all this dishes rubbish and you go okay as your refund so they pay to save your rating is what that is this one can can make sure that you don't serve something rubbish it's still going to cost you money but you don't serve it study hands nice cutting which means better serving I'd like to find out if that's a problem before we get that flesh Nicole thank you for twenty nine months Cameron welcome back a Greg yes I hope this game will teach us how to make toast properly doc holliday were 26 months did a Miss other people are a Cessna Pilot 170 welcome back be say with two years sub the best reamer on Twitch keep up the great work thank you be say but for two years mate railworks Foreman's hype Red Devil was 17 tamo Shanter with 41 can it do a barrel roll agador today's special flawed steak and fries citation max with 32 Quint amid 7 big time farm with 41 months whitey geeky welcome back frostbites a shiny new golden nut thank you for 2 years again cross by thick mccanna with 56th SD Stig 101 return to bits Thank You Stig thank you very much for the bit sir and Lord in Paris we did so I think we're up to date now with River man welcome back little man you think if the dishes aren't too hard in the start the analyser won't be used but steady hands will be useful all of the time don't you think though that would be better to find out if if like if your hands are really shaky then yes but if they're not I mean I didn't see a problem when we were cutting things I didn't really have an issue with it I mean that that could potentially be useful in the beginning yeah because when we're cutting things up or wasting time whereas with this every time we're cutting things up time slows down which gives us more time to because I'm not gonna be quick in the beginning of my dark holiday Paula hope you do well thank you very much for a thousand bits doc holliday thank you very much sir very kind support Thanks you have to be a price precise on certain dishes maybe later on go for unbreakable to save money breaking plates and wasting food or just not drop stuff I'm gonna go with this I'm gonna go with slowing time down skill points are used to unlock and upgrade skills with each skill with each level you're going to certain amounts of skill points spend them immediately or save them for later dish income boost and we're we go the score points available three guess pay ten thirty fifty percent more for the haulers without affecting the school that sounds like it could be useful you earn ten thirty six percent more cooking points from serve dishes that sounds useful your rewards from daily quests are ten thirty sixty percent larger so I'm guessing you put one skill points in you get 10% you put two skill points in you get 30% right up to a maximum of three am I looking forward to my trip to the States I'll be glad to get on that plane Network it's been a stupidly busy week for me I'll be glad to get on that point I've not even packed I'm not even joking cheaper kitchen decorations oh and tomorrow oh yeah actually I need to mention this tomorrow guys I need to stream from 1 till 6 p.m. and then I seriously need to go and pack so you're probably thinking is there gonna be no Sunday night trucking well what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do Sunday afternoon trucking instead so I'm gonna start streaming at 1:00 tomorrow and I'll be doing trucking and then you're going to finish it 6:00 and then I'm going to go and pack and tomorrow afternoon during Sunday afternoon trucking I will be announcing something something that happened this week which is quite significant for my youtube channel and really really cool so I want to tell you about that tomorrow so yeah tomorrow is going to be SAT rather than SNT Sunday afternoon trucking yeah it's something really cool that happened this week I'm going to tell you alta more about it but it's it's a really really big deal motley there is pure box actually yes and it stays on it do not open unless it's Sunday night trucking so I don't know if that I could probably open it at five o'clock tomorrow Paul got brought into the boss of YouTube yeah that's a how did you guess Doc Holliday thank you for turning up it's a cliffhanger stay tuned that's something like that it's so cold thank you in 1991 41 months one is cooking sim back to aren't going to be IRL I'd love to see what a school has a favorable dish no plans for that so-called no plans for that yeah I'll tell you I'll tell you some more often anyone is scroll TV channel on sky yeah right I don't see good for sky chain for star dishes no undo that earn some percent more fame points that could be good 20 percent more fame for one skill point that that sounds worth having to me liquids cost less products cost less buying and upgrading recipes cost less equipment repairs cheaper spices cost last guest tips are 20% larger equipment repairs are faster dhurpa sand gourmets have expectations lowered what sadder / I'll even Tuesday with my wife and daughter for a physics bar then to Miami and then to quite a room Mexico to see the in-laws you'll be away for 28 days I shall definitely see you the exponent that's it railworks I'm on love island mate that's what it is PC tech thank you for the boots fsx bowhype thank you very much sir thank you for the biddies Phil do four months Thank You Phil do dish tolerance increased generation of cleaning phase overtime dishes extended there are so many options here served time for dishes is extended that could be worth getting products need two times more to burn I'm getting that I'm so getting that what having that one now now things will take twice as long before they burned products lose their temperature to time slow equipment breaks down slower fine points where I guess paying more for the orders without affecting the school when you see that something that's going to boost our income and stuff can jean decorations are cheaper don't care about that fame points for a costing less spices cost less what was the one that said customers pay more money yeah the larger tips one was that gone don't lose your face there we go better tips we'll get that one as well so we've got more tips things take twice as long to burn you got to sort out the rental-car you don't know which company to pick friends I went with 60s SI xt60 if you're flying into Orlando they have a free shuttle bus that takes you to their pickup point ten minutes away and the prices are pretty reasonable like I got um I got a big like SUV similar to the SUV I've got now it's a big grand Jeep or something I can't remember and it's like forty dollars a day or something so they're pretty good value the dude-ness I watched all your my summer cars videos bought the Gammage used I bought a will and have become addicted I fully blame you I am so sorry dude nurse rip your life Mike thanks for your support thank you for the delivery maybe the general increase in payment for the final skill was that the one down here I was lose less fame serve time for dishes extended sure which one was it now was that a sub bomb I think it was so-called 1991 as gifted five subs thank you very much so called three new ones and two regimes if you just got gifting so please remember to thank so called thank you for your support sir guests pay more without affecting the scores do that day two I think the shoot's all understand if a day wandered now are you excited as I am remember everything you serve today will affect your reputation and wholly sub bomb from Doc Holliday let's do this make this the best restaurants in the city this is what we call the preparation phase the name should tell the story no orders yet but you can use anything in the kitchen to be firm for the day make sure to refer the ingredients you'll be using get ahead starts and some of the dishes is also a good idea as long as you know what you're doing you know what else it's also great opportunity to review the laptop Doc Holliday thank you very much for gifting 10 subs please remember to give Doc Holliday a thank you guys if you just got a sub from him it's very kind house can I save this because I know this is gonna be a oh my God look at that farming day too use the lamp thought let's pick up where we left off yesterday open the skill manager app using the left side menu wait what we just did all this we literally just did this this is a repetition of what we just did oh my god the sub bomb again who's this from Dana T you guys are unbelievable Dana T let's just drop ten subs holy moly you guys today what's going on thank you very much for dropping 10 subs on the on the community Dana T if you just got a sub it could have been from Doc Holliday and cover bin from Dana T you'll have to have a looking chat to see who gave it to you thank you so very much for your support guys and Cameron thank you for their tip mate two dollars twenty one tip no message Thank You Cameron oh no we're a long way off a new badge giddy basically that our sub count went up like that as we run into Christmas and then it Pete's and then after Christmas it comes back down again then it levels off that's normally how things go imp how you know sir yeah look you can reset all the skill points and spend them again in case you messed up last night err can you review already owned perks and on which levels you've been learning new ones time slows down more cutting you greens once you're done here you can exit a laptop yes that was the perk I took hence kid if I were you I'd check out the recipes will be serving today before you leave the recipes were serving today well it can't be anything but these three cuz that's all we can actually make anyway it's a motto soup not house chicken broth you know we can actually buy some stuff if my aircon is working splendidly I was flying this morning and even at 10 a.m. the morning it was 25 Celsius so we could buy some ingredients and put them in the fridge good and we like chicken broth and stuff all these things here we don't worry about tomatoes and onions do we have to chop them up this is gonna be a mess this is oh my god the doc holliday having dropped 10 subs has just dropped 20 subs this guy is insane thank you so very much doc holliday epic supports the twenty more subs in the nuthouse a bunch of new ones half of them and you half of them are Reis ups so some people have never been a sub in the nuthouse you've just got a sub thanks to Doc Holliday and if you want to know how to connect to the sub disk on server' just give it an hour and then ask a mod how you can get in you have to wait for it to show up in discord you

7 thoughts on “Cooking Simulator | 1st June 2019 | 1/6 | SquirrelPlus

  1. You really mean it, COOKING?
    No, not even this time "Thumb up."
    I have better things to do!
    J.C. Moes, (67) Lelystad the Netherlands.

  2. How have I not known about this channel? I have been a sub of your main for years! I was looking for a good quality cooking simulator video and I found it!

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