Cooking Papa Matt’s Egg Rice (Eng-subbed)

Today’s dish is super simple Let’s make egg rice and this is for myself preheat the pan first olive oil oops, the pan is overheated too hot you’re going to use soy sauce later so just little bit of salt here prepare some rice this way, you can place rice on a plate nicely actually I messed up the fried egg a bit but today’s dish is not the fried egg, it’s egg rice, so let’s just keep going put the eggs on top of white rice sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, dried parsely tada, it’s done matt lee’s egg rice! it’s perfect combination of flavors let me break it you don’t have to mix it all let me try it it’s so good guys when you don’t have many things in your fridge, if you have eggs and rice, you can make this and enjoy thank you for watching, see you !

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