Cooking Jumbo Perch Lakeside (Catch & Cook)

I wanted this trip to be all about new experiences going on the East Coast trip is something I've always wanted to do now let's see where it takes us my wallets gone the series is going great yesterday was an amazing day we killed it in Toronto we caught some fish somebody must have stolen my wallet it's gone I don't know what I'm gonna do but we caught some amazing fish yesterday and today we're doing a little bit of catching cook we fished Lake Ontario yesterday which is a huge body of water it's a great lake now we're going to like a smaller body of water but it's still freakin huge Lake Simcoe you guys didn't know this there's some huge smallmouth bass and Lake Simcoe as well as some tasty tasty fish which that's actually going after we're gonna catch the tasty fish first can I do a shore lunch and then go after some big smallmouth in the afternoon rock festival so that's the plan I've never seen bigger I might kill him if he could just keep interrupting me during this whole series you know we were fried those what rock are you okay they're good but this isn't more your chest well yesterday we fished Toronto today we're fishing Lake Simcoe this is known for absolutely giant bass I've caught my biggest bass ever out of here last fall but today we're not going after bass like I said we're going after perch the only issue is it is a holiday weekend it's super windy there's a lot of boats out here so it's the conditions aren't prime we're still going to triangle after these fish we've got some prototype lures are gonna try we got the boat in the water are you ready was a little different than last time we were just talking about the weather nice it's so nice out and yeah we just gotta get away from the wind that's the biggest issue you guys know wind causes bad audio and it's hard to fishing but uh I think we got this what do you think I heard uncle Bobby Uncle Bobby I love you thank you very much you for everything you do for me the old dinner bell an ice fishing spoon we're gonna use it for perch see what happens perché little bit small but to perch let's start it put them in we could go starving AAP alright so we're out here right now umm we're fishing a reef the wind's blowing this way on the reef so we're gonna kind of try and face off this way because these fish should just be right off it and I'm throwing a little dinner bell spoon taro stone at seven millimeter with a little prototype plastic on there and we're just using you know ice fishing gear for these perch it's pretty hard to catch them sometimes in the summer they kind of move around and move around reese's what taro said but you said he's caught some big ones here so that's kind of what we're doing we want to catch four to seven fish we just want to kind of have a little afternoon snack out here taro is missing a fish every two seconds right now Oh on on he lost fish oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah look at that so that right there is the beautiful perch where after that's a really nice one honestly and I was just dragging the spoon I'm just out there kind of bouncing all the Sun just boom and the key is you know with that the Tongass and that taro is using you kind of catch some smaller fish with the spoon it kind of weeds out the smaller fish and right there is a beautiful perch yummy yummy tummy in my belly so I'm gonna throw this perch right in here boom we got one the hardest part about this fishing is just feeling the jig and a spoon on the bottom you know the dinner bill is a very light spoon so it's just you gotta let it flutter let it get down there and then boom that one hit it he's using the tungsten jig which is probably a little bit easier to feel because it's a big heavy jig but the little fish can eat that as well cuz it's so compact the spoons bigger but it weighs less if that makes any sense it's a big fish bait it's just hard to feel it down there so we're after about five of those jumbo perch a jumbo perch is probably anything over 12 inches and in the summer it's actually pretty tough to catch a big perch out here so you got to kind of weed through some small fish and that's what we're doing perch yum yummy in my tummy this is a big perch but it's a giant I got your spoon that's why I felt so heavy sorry man I got your line in the fish you can't be aware of spoons of it it's not that big but it fought like crazy a chunky what do you think yes almost there team we've been out here for what 20 minutes not even not even not even just wham wham wham man we grind it in today just like okay where we left off is where it says it's so good so oh good perch perch I love my pan fish you're up oh I don't know I don't think so never know though it's a good one they're just eating this bait we keep that one that's like a 10 inch or no are we getting cocky or no we're very cocky remember yesterday I don't know should we keep it I don't know no okay well let it go already three they're just eating this bait it's so good a little tungsten it knifes right down doesn't a little pro type frost bait bite is so easy to drag and feel and this range system Oh delightful little guy it's better for me to be vertical on these fish because I could like actually feel it like that one I would just slowly working my rod tip you swish her all the way in thirty feet of water right now so they're coming up and just the spoon is about two feet from the bottom golden purchase on my favorite fish neat they just taste so damn good so what do you usually release fish over like 14 inches or what is what do you release yeah so if you catch one about 40 you want to release it but that that 12 that 12 to 14 inch range is perfect to eat Terrell sucked up that's a perfect either there what do you think I want to say p11 well look this is a perfect eater like those the ones I kind of like to keep it's worth filleting and it's not like a super tank that you want to release perfect either get the net to be that big they were dropping off at the surface it's a big one I ain't playing oh that is the biggest one of the day taro just caught it on a little seven millimeter jig right there look at that thing crazy yeah so we got we got three now yep three good ones we've got three good ones our goal is to get for at least four to six good fish so we're to keep fishing that fish come a little deeper no moving around yeah we were just moving around taro is beating my butt with that jig that's the only jig I brought we only have one jigging the boat so don't don't lose it please don't lose it dad I want some perch for dinner dad I was trying to only catch big fish with my spoon and that that theory just went right out the door we just caught a little baby but now we're kind of just drifting these spoons out the back he's still throwing the seven millimeter we caught those those three really nice fish right away and you know we set a cap we wanted four to six when you set a cap it's always the hardest to get that final and fourth fish you've lost some big fish yeah Terrell's also lost some good ones it turns out that we have no clue on account we actually had four jumbo perch in the lab oh we thought we had three we actually had four so we just spent the last 20 minutes trying to catch our fourth fish from only had it in the live well we are so thankful though that we got out here and caught those fish right away because the bite just completely turned off out of nowhere like we literally smashed them we smash them in the first 20 minutes and then boom done finito bite so we're gonna do now is a little beach right by the ramp where we launch we're gonna go there and do a little cooking for you guys I brought my Shore lunchbox and I'm gonna go over a few things I got a new addition in the shore lunchbox as well as a great recipe that we're about to eat oh wow that is easy Wow look at that ready three two one boom butane Zen how's it going guys welcome to shore we did an awesome catching cookout there and we were gonna keep fishing out there but the wind we kind of got blown off the spot as well as it doesn't really matter cooking is one of my favorite things to do and I was sold this morning I have something called a jet boil this is like $100 it's like $100 contraption it's got a lighter there it goes on the bottom of this it's it's it's pretty sweet okay fine it's $100 and there was another piece I had to buy to use it to use the pan so it was like $100 for another piece like that thing is just so expensive so we went to the store we bought this little propane grill this was $32 Canadian so that's like $25 u.s. so we decided I don't know this could be cool look at this fits in this little case it's made by Martin I have no clue anything about grills or anything about this stuff but I do love to do some camping in this series is about to get crazy with the camping so Terrell is grabbing the perch right now and we're gonna test out this little lighter we've kind of pulled off into the back area because of the wind and we're in this little marina we're gonna see what happens let's see how does it start set it it's easy as that this thing is weird we've got four fish here the reason why we have four is because we don't need to waste them these fish are freaking big plenty big and they're beautiful jumbo perch and all I'm gonna do is filet them just like you would any normal fish I'm gonna fillet in a second because this guy is heap I don't know maybe it's the border maybe it's the knife until I try one side the brutal brutal I missed I missed this area I missed that area so like a butchery just butchery I've honestly never filleted purse that much my god we don't have big perch in Chicago by me I mean if you fish Lake Michigan but I'm used to blue gills crappie some walleyes but let's see it here we go I can tell this guy comment below and you be the judge and who can feel a better me or Parekh I look like I'd be worse but you know what I think I'm better boom one okay my next cuts like this to just all behind the two pins this fit in this ring and the diagonal I do done then I come from here I go about an inch down on this side of the fin an inch down boom boom bum bum bum bum bum bum bum right about here there's no more rib cage I'll go right to boom right to the day I don't cut off this hell show you why then what I do it makes it easier when you fill you the other side makes it cleaner if you do the other side now so you have an edge it's weird if you cut off one fillet and then you have to work with it it's all floppy this keeps the body together so you have more feel it keeps it together so it's easier to play each side then I go down open it up I just run around the rib cage it's a one-shot done kind of deal Steff cutting through you could cut through and take it all the later I just like getting it done in one shot one piece method boom finish off here boom I keep together here so I have an edge get my knife on an angle and I can just pull it it's kind of hard we'll get a Pyrrhic the benefit of doubt here the board is very slippery and not sticking oh yeah I can see why not perfect but definitely I can already see it's gonna be better it's hard but a little bit better little bit better I think which is fine so a lot of people on YouTube have been making the Franks red hot you know it's such a typical recipe lately and it's so good you know no I'm not I'm not dissing Flair right now or anything but today we're gonna do kind of a classic what I call classic two-toned beer-battered perch now what I'm doing here is I'm just cracking some beautiful fresh eggs from the local gas station here and putting them into my bag my bag here the worst thing you can do is have shells but now I'm doing a 2 a 2 stepper here so first step is egg actually that's not the first step but the first step to do it is crack your eggs and throw them into a bag and then you're gonna scramble it up I love ziplock bags and I'm cooking on the shores it's just so easy and so clean there we go since we have a dozen eggs we are going to use all dozen because I mean why not you ever scrambled eggs like that scrambled eggs look at that you get that that was good your batter so this is your one-two punch we're gonna take a fly right here this is a beautiful perch filet we're gonna dip it in the beer batter there just get it coated nothing first just first step is that then you're gonna take it go back into the air go into the egg dip it in the egg bring it out and then you're gonna go back into this so kind of like a double one-two punch there that way you get a nice fluffy batter on there then once that's on there you're gonna put it on your plate there and we're just gonna do that to every single one of these fillets beer batter egg beer-batter again Master P must be why don't we try babe oil that's original no I'm gonna cook it in vape all when we try it no beeps a big team here in China don't vape kids vaping is not good for you don't make no vaping this channel is a no cooking and vaping oil channel did you know that so what oh wow that oil is already hot look at that you guys ready for this oil C and up right now we're just testing with a little bit of water on there you kind of want to sizzle it that way you can get a good crisp on those fish and we double double breaded the fish just a little bit of egg a little bit something different this is more of a classic I would call it and what's going on you don't have a fork to flip it so we could use chopsticks no it's not that dirty it's just ward off the ground where those juice everywhere but what is goose poop is this heat hey chewed-up why not you're just a dirty human he's just dirty so we're gonna let him do his chopstick method I'm gonna use my knife here and keep everything sanitary yeah we will once you cook it off you get up spider at goulash pretty weird for the Michael Jordan in the fish game unreal there's our first fish you want to try it you want to be first yeah okay yep here goes sticks mama who took the least you all saw this unbelievable does it actually good so good 150 degrees inside of that holy cow beautiful so the odd thing that I added to my shore lunch thing when you I didn't have before with a little Martin burner usually I'm always cooking char lunch with like a fire or something and this this burner was $30 Canadian and it's awesome like this is just so simple I love just these little tinfoil things or like a doubt not even like 20 cents at a grocery store you throw your fish in there when you're done and here we go this is a first test of Simcoe Lake perch this is Canadian oh my god I love deep-fried it's so classic this is so classic like I could taste the classic fish fry on the shores of Canada like right here but instead we're in a busy marina and we're frying fish up like a bunch of hobos but it's still awesome it's still funny hmm I was going out with my buddy Carol so amazed at how nice this was like this burner boom folds up in here into my Shore lunch box pans cleaned up into there some extra butane and we're picking up all our garbage make sure you pick up all your garbage you guys are gonna do something like this where you cook some fish on the shoreline just clean yourself up clean your stuff up clean yourself up clean your stuff up and get ready especially when you're cooking on private property and sleeping there in a tent hopefully you guys enjoyed kind of the second part of the Canadian trip so far first thing we did was fish Toronto second thing we did was fish Simcoe for some big perch I'm not gonna tell you guys what's next but it's gonna be epic we've got some stuff to do tonight and that's all I'm gonna say we will catch you guys tomorrow I heard uncle Bobby's

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  1. You botched that batter looool. It's called beer batter for a reason. Its supposed to be a wet batter you add a beer to it and dunk your fish lol. Great video tho.

  2. AP – Your Awesome!! Talking into the camera – comes natural to you. Keep encouraging positive activities; cleaning up after yourselves, avoid vaping.. we hear you. Stay Marvelous!

  3. You should go to Moffits beach it’s in speculator the lakes name is lake Pleasant you can catch lake trout all different types of fish it’s up in the Adirondacks and it’s also in New York State

  4. hey man i was your guide the other day, ive been watching your vids ever since and they are really enjoyable to watch, keep up the good work! -your raft guide Sam

  5. I love perch. Me and 4 of my buddies go out on lake erie with 4 prong spreaders with minnows as bait. We will catch our 30 limit each. Yellow perch are delicious. Fish on brother.

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