Competitive Eater DESTROYS Regular People | People vs. Food

44 thoughts on “Competitive Eater DESTROYS Regular People | People vs. Food

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  2. You all are saying they should’ve brought Matt Stonie. Everyone would know who he is and the entire point of the video is for them to not know that Mary is a competitive eater. 🤷‍♀️

  3. Why tf is there so much hate in this comment section. She's a competitive eater and this is an eating competition. She used her hands and dipped it in the water because it was faster. This is what competitive eating is what, what did you expect when clicking this?! And so what if she's not matt stonie. She's still a competitive eater and she still destroyed the competition. Why are people so quick to just throw hate for no good reason.

  4. why yall hating on her just leave her alone seriously she is a competitive eater that's the way she competes n eat so just watch the video n leave her alone

  5. People who say it is disgusting, it really isn't. People just think fancy eating is the thing.., and this is competition not who ate it the best way, but who rather ate it all. So stop being little baby's and just enjoy the video.

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