20 thoughts on “Colorado Experience: The Stanley Hotel

  1. “aNyOnE hErE fRoM sHaNe” For fuck’s sake. Drop out of school now if you’ve said some bullshit like that. Across the street for attention, but all you Shane kids out there remember, down the road for results!

  2. When we lived in Boulder, we would go to Estes Park. I've stayed at the Stanley several times, but never had anything but a good nights sleep. It is a beautiful place.

  3. I moved to Colorado last year and it was conveniently right after Shane’s video came out I was like wow

  4. I ate breakfast there in the summer of 1970. I was not able to tour it that day. They had a Stanley steamer car on the first floor. (I do not know if it is still there.)

  5. I enjoy seeing beautiful sprawling hotels, and I enjoy a good horror story. So, for me, Kubrick's film "The Shining" is a fantastic treat to savor. And it must be quite lovely to visit this hotel– the place that served as a muse for Stephen King.

  6. I believe this place has the Amityville Horror effect, If you expect a place to be haunted then your mind will develop thoughts & noises into that mindset, No such thing as ghosts, Not to mention it generates $$$$$$. (Sorry to say)

  7. Interesting fact. When Jim Carrey was filming the movie "Dumb and Dumber", he decided to stay at the Stanley Hotel and requested to stay in room 217. Three hours after he went to sleep, Jim ran out of the room, left the hotel and swore never to go back. He'll never tell anybody why.

  8. Ive spent a lot of time here at the stanley and absoluty loved it. Was able to go into places they just don't let tourists or anyone besides workers there

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