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  1. One thing that is a fact and always has been in this world is, when you can not be corrupted and will not back down and comply to the status quote that is running this country. Plus you have all the ammunition you need to show the lies and the corruptions that are responsible for the destructions in a society. Driving the prices up on everything cost of living food you name it and the only way you can keep everything going a float is, to force the taxpayers to pay the tab. Based off the fact the 99% is no longer making any money worth a damn to do anything with no more. It is obviously now that we know who are the causes of this and Michael Rupert exposed pretty much a lot of that. So therefore of course they had to kill him and threaten anybody else who dare try to go public with what actually happen. And make it look like a suicide. Don't ever in your got damn mind think that you can ever take on the rich and powerful elite. They call the shots and they are holding all the cards and all the keys. They are more powerful then you possibly can ever imagine now. And they do not care if they plunge this world into a second hell hole of a new mid evil dark ages. That's why in the end when the revolution does kick off, do you like Michael Rupert said have land and be living off the land. Because we all do not have no say so or choice in this matter now. Either that can be accepted as a fact of life for our generation or, we can just be in denial if that's what you choose because it's easier to accept.

  2. wow listened to this guy on the joe rogan podcast, checked out his movie, just found out hes dead!!! holy shit thats crazy…
    this guy had a tough life, but he is smart and knows exactly whats up.
    humans r fucking insane literally, and theirs nothing we can do. overpopulation no doubt is the reason for every problem in the world.
    I find life frustrating and sometimes think how fucked this planet is, based on money and temporary pleasure…. we're not evolving.. anyway, i think thats the reason y he committed suicide.. just fed up with the stupidity of humans who run this planet. no hope for the human race.

  3. We have to stop eating like this…grow your own. Build community gardens, there is tons of information on youtube about container planting, planting with water, planting without water, hydoponics….etc etc…get off this oil wagon to hell.

  4. Growing your own food or growing local crops for local markets speaks of several issues: that you are taking responsibility for your own life and the contents you put into your body, AND it is your peaceful resistance to the unsustainable system that exists only for profit. As a society, a species that must live in harmony on this planet in order to survive, and when we turn a blind eye to it all and believe we are invincible and can carry on the way we are, we will be the first to disappear.

  5. @Philosophicalize Hehe, So how to prevent ppl from only playing Farmville on Facebook, on there PC's ,which are powered by oil/gas, and is entirely made out of oil..

  6. @Philosophicalize you will survive in your 'tribe' …he discusses this at the end of the collapse documentairy


  8. If we keep believing in these lies we might as well trust everything the govt tells us. The reason oil is used is because there is nothing that is more efficient …. Efficient . The cost of doing these processes would triple when seeking an alternate fuel source. If the world
    Wasn't in debt to itself it would be a food
    Idea, but I don't think so tim.

  9. @drummerforreal1 Yeah u tell `em dog! Climat change, global warming, natural disasters, bla bla. All just a bunch of illuminati lies!

  10. I watched this movie last night on Netflix and it scared me more than a horror movie. lol but I'm good now.

  11. Big changes are coming no matter what we do. Change will not be smooth or easy. Prepare as best you can. Here is a great way to prepare with food supplies for the inevitable price hikes and shortages we are soon to see. obg.myefoods.com

  12. people.. how about we skip the whole five (deny, anger, bargain, depress, accept) phase and just try to figure out what energy source we can replace petroleum and natural gas. (We have coal that can be used for the next 3thousands years but of course carbon emission is the problem).

    I'm just sick of hearing all the tears and cries about how we're all doomed. How about we all just shut the fuck up and dig our heads into books, try to figure out what we will do from now.

  13. @crewscecrews Every major city will die for sure, but like Mr. Ruppert said, small communities with knowledge can be sustained very easy.
    If the reasonable people just make an effort, I`m pretty sure there wont be any corpses left to rot. They will be buried 🙂

  14. @TabithaAndujarBryson Tab, it doesn't take that much to realize what's going on, beginning with good instinct and supplementing with extensive reading. Most are oblivious by choice and through social engineering, not ignorance. Almost every human brain contains some 100 trillion-with-a-T synapses and can figure out the little-bo-peep conspiracy if s/he wants to; most don't. I'm glad you're aware. It is a mammoth problem with which primarily you and your agegroup will have to deal.

  15. swervin40:
    Air and travel – Spend just 10% of the US "defense" budget on public transit improvements (it is decades behind the rest of the world).
    Mail delivery – Can stay as it is. The "cut backs" don't need to be for small businesses. It's the one-person-per-vehicle at rush hour that can be cut back.
    Hungry people don't need gas – they need food.
    You don't need 300 million electric cars and you don't need to give up on humanity because of the paranoid panic of this so called "journalist".

  16. @drummerforreal1 it doesn't matter if its biotic or abiotic. The point is all drilled wells follow a bell curve. This means for every well on the planet, it might not run out of oil…but at some point it the net return for oil is just stupid to continiu. The major discoveries have already been found. All thats left to discover is the hard to get oil. Not to mention oil demand is rising. This will mean the amount we can extract out of the ground will collide with the demand for it.

  17. Not exactly intelligent. Your governments make a tremendous amount of money taxing gas at the pump. The only reason we are so dependent on oil is because the oil companies and the car companies really like it that way. If oil were to become so expensive that no one could afford it, we would just have to cut back – that's all. No more driving to the store for bottled water. No more drive thrus. Smaller cars, more electric cars, locally grown produce instead of imported. This guy works for BP.

  18. Well, not really. You don't have to make fertilizer from natural gas. You don't have to use nearly as much petroleum as we do now. A huge portion of the petroleum economy is artificial. This is why the oil companies are doing their best to keep things as they are. When the cost of oil goes up too high, the only people crying will be those who drive gas guzzling, North American made SUZs. This guys is definitely not doing fact based conspiracy. He is a sensationalist and a liar.

  19. alright to everyone asking where you can buy the dvd, you can buy it strait from amazon or on itunes, strait up.

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