Chwee Kueh [水粿; Steamed Rice Cakes] **

KT Makes Chwee Kueh (水粿) Steamed rice cakes with preserved radish topping. RICE FLOUR WHEAT STARCH CORNFLOUR SALT CORN OIL WATER Mix with a whisk . . . till totally even. HOT WATER Mix evenly again. Cook over gentle heat, till thick enough to coat the pot thinly. WATER Stir till the batter is cool. This is the consistency of the batter. Bring the water in the steamer to a boil. Place the moulds in the steamer. Fill almost to the brim. Cover and . . . Steam over rapidly boiling water. There should be a slight depression . . . in the middle of the kueh. PRESERVED RADISH WATER Stir to loosen the salt on the radish. After draining, rinse again. Poor quality radish is mushy & not fragrant. Get a good one if you want good chwee kueh. Drain as much water as possible. GARLIC Roughly chop the garlic. BLACK SOYA SAUCE Mix after the black soya sauce is added, till totally even. CORN OIL Fry over medium-high heat till . . . the garlic is golden brown. Reduce the heat to low. SUGAR Stir till the sugar melts. Turn off the heat. Unmould the kueh with a skewer. Top each kueh with radish. Add some sambal for a spicy kick.

63 thoughts on “Chwee Kueh [水粿; Steamed Rice Cakes] **

  1. And it would be great if you could put the ingredient list and the measurements in the about section so it is easier to do the shopping and laying out of the ingredients. watching the whole video repeatedly takes more time.

  2. Hello KT'
    just finished making my first batch ….& with your clear instructions & video…. they turned out very well.
    The Kids will have that for breakfast and I'm sure they'd love it…. I just ate 3 myself for supper …hee2 
    Thanks so much.

  3. I have to log in and like your video, it's a great recipe. I have tried it and it turned out amazing!!!  Thanks a lot!

  4. Anyone tried with corn starch? Instead of corn flour? I only realise they are different when I start researching this recipe… Now I'm not sure I have corn flour or starch at home..

  5. This cooking video is useless. How are we suppose to know how to make Kue tutu when you are not giving us the recipe?

  6. I agree too
    if want us to see your video then should tell us the receipe
    use what type of flour
    how much needed to make chwee kueh
    just music n pour here n there
    who know what are you pouring ?

  7. I noticed that you put in 3 different powders. Are they talcum with magnesium and sulphur? Come on….if you really want to teach and share, do so sincerely. What a shame! !!#@#@

  8. If you idiots would click on the info/description box, the recipe is linked there. How about you read and figure things out first before attacking someone posting free recipes and videos. Here, I'll make it easier for you:

  9. Come on guys.. there is nothing wrong with this video. Simple ingredients. And the ingredients are all there in the video. Or are you illiterate? Thank you for sharing Chwee Kueh recipe @KitchenTigress KT

  10. Thank You KT for sharing this.

    To those who are still unable to figure out the recipe, try this, point your mouse anywhere on the video, at the bottom right you will see a settings icon, click on in and select tick under "Annotations"

    In addition, if you rather see the whole instructions, please read the INFO section, there is a link to the recipe and the whole recipe is there for you.

  11. not mention what are the ingredients but just show the step, is very difficult for leting us to learn the recipe.

  12. Viewers expect to see instructions alongside the video sequences – not at another place. The correct way, I supposed, would be to super impose your instructions on the video and then use your blog to give more detailed explanations. But the chwee kueh looks mouth watering. Thanks

  13. you must be an angel if you read all the messages without your cool. Ppl just dont look more closely at the screen to locate the recipe. They only wait for it to to pop up after video…n then complain….Omg

  14. Can you please add the ingredients and their measurements with the directions so we know how to make this recipe? Thank you.

  15. Thanks for the step by step vid, KT. I followed the recipe and steps thoroughly but failed. The top center is mushy like watery gluey unlike yours even after 1 hour steaming time. Sad

  16. 你这个视频是在表演,不是教材,因为只有你自己知道份量,还是留下自己带走吧……

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