hey Andrew we fell for the trap if it's a beautiful trap are you mad welcome to another Shanghai episode of Fung grows food so you guys there's no more street food in Shanghai they took it away but one of the byproducts of that is that there are some very high quality good food courts so what we are going to right now is the most diverse high quality and super budget food court in all of Shanghai it is the real food court on nanjing lu one thing I really like about this food court it's a super diverse and it's very symbolic of Shanghai it has French food it has Japanese food it has Shanghainese food it is unlikely that food courts in other cities of China would have this international diversity our food court let's go right you guys so we have just arrived at the food court we have some decisions to make we're not going to be able to go everywhere it's crazy right now you know what's poppin right now and we eat this at 6:00 to 6:00 sometimes it's Molotov it's a hot pot thing where you get to choose your ingredients choose-your-own-adventure and then they throw it in a pot all right to me in terms of what I have not seen at the ones in you know America the purple things they have a lot of fish cakes here their selection of fish balls are off the charts we just got to get a shot of the sausages that's it they are reliving David those old Reynolds wraps commercials where they were like oh you can cook anything in Reynolds Wrap this is a foil commercial right here this is actually fascinating to me because obviously in America you wouldn't be allowed to do this Jesus dish itself is kind of like on some version of a seafood boil Malang type thing I mean it's not too different than the other ones but just the format with the foil mind-blowing the case you guys didn't know Chinese people love anything considered hot pot actually these are dry hot pots it's the imagine hot pot with the soup removed and replaced with oil aren't you guys I just received my Shanghai local classics I'm super excited to try this just go David you know it's only right that in Shanghai we open up with some Shanghainese classes we're gonna eat the Shaolin vows eight authentic Chinese Shaolin bow has a tiny bit of juice in it but not that much yeah you can actually see the meat through the skin some boys that are almost like monteux's to shout about it get a char oh boy whose pork and shrimp one take it back for you gusty almost tastes more like a shoe mine mmm does they have the same honey she'll mind the Shanghainese shell mine is very different there's another thing called a Tong Bao it has way more juice that tastes almost like the shoe my the mom dad me wow those are not by all points for nostalgia fried pork chop it can a top high boot but dip it in this then we have a townie n'gou as our carb it almost feels like the whole communities in here what is this it is a fried rice cake aren't you really working book John out a fan on the right state has a cool texture crispy and chewy but the fried pork chop was actually pretty good what I like about this food court knows that the people here it actually has a lot of international flavors here at the food court but there's actually not that many international people it seems like a lot of these people might be local Shanghainese people who live in the area shanghai egg rolls that rules after all are authentic but the thing that determines the authenticity is about the filling David we've eaten a decent amount of northern Chinese food as far as we know do they eat egg rolls in the north I've never seen one you got the juice busting out of the side look at I really like the wrapping on the Shanghai egg roll but the filling to me it's just cool she likes it because there's pork cabbage and mushroom in it and then the outside was a little bit chewy it's actually to me one of my more favorite egg rolls that I've had you know this is probably the most classic che ghani's dish because they don't even serve this in other provinces common angle stir-fried rice cakes I don't expect anonymous flavor you think they're like the Chinese pesto so the rice cake is like pasta and then the veggies are kind of like the pesto sauce I mean this is good I'm keep eating this don't need too much man because we have the very fresh Yang's dumplings aka the most famous chain of them all we dance is sort of like the in and out option Jin Bao yeah and everybody tells you like oh you got to get yang can you go is it the best I don't know we'll find out Wow mm geez I was it's got a very particular characteristic to it sort of like arugula flavor I like this one a lot because I like vegetables in my dumpling are light because the skin wasn't over this bride now comparing it to Ken King food court now ham bro the skin is thinner which I in George Boleyn guys another sijin bow let's see what flavor this is it's shrimp I'm pouring the vinegar into my Shin Jin Bao right here I personally like the Shepherd's one a little bit better I'm personally not used to eating shrimp with the fried shell that's not my favorite like the combo this is going to be the Yang's dumpling the og one this is the one that sells out before everything else you drink all that soup fried top here look at that that's the best one man Yang's are the best just get the yin yang special again somebody would have thought my two favorite things from this where the egg roll and Yang's engine balance for me I know what you're gonna say if it had a little bit more juice Wow the pork and shrimp shot will bow right here they're non-traditional like I said this is the real shuttle about so it's not not actually as juicy as you think hey wow you didn't have to but you did eating food from this restaurant it was called really good steamed foods sudden house on time steamed chicken tofu wrap Wow doctor moves with him I loved anything wrapped in tofu yo this dish was mochi delicious long there's meat inside of this soup was really good the bra ha the bras that broth could your any regular sickness ailment you have okay man that was a sweeper dish I was really really good because you know what is it didn't look like I had that much flavor and not only that it didn't look like you would serve something that was that like restaurant like full court the garlic broccoli veggie dish fried cabbage and vermicelli with the chili peppers oh wow Wow good rule none of the food that really good steamed food actually you look like it had that much flavor but it does yo I'm a really big fan in this millet congee though those grains to sweet congee it's really good and you know what the best part is it tastes like it's good for digestion there's no young kids in tho yo yo go with your grandparents here go love it at least this side of the food court here David we have two smoothies we have the strawberry banana yogurt smoothie in a pouch this is a avocado pear smoothie well that's really good wow that's not too sweet just got me off guard wow I don't know is way better than campaign level okay these were three dollars each that kinking they're a dollar seventy five obviously you're in a ball 206 Xiao Lu mouths was about 425 which is still cheaper than America the shin Jin Bao less than three dollars for six so it's about 50 cents per piece pretty fair price the metal skewer is different dong wrote on you know originally from influences from the Middle East it is sort of worked its way almost into the Chinese food encyclopedia in terms of modern food culture yeah this is actually a really high-quality one man they're not gonna let you open up in the mall if you ain't bringing the quality as we wrap up these are actually all the spots that we're gonna try in the old Shanghai section these are foods that have existed for hundreds of years maybe the kids aren't eating this food at home necessarily but that they do get that experience in I was like you're eating with grandma or grandpa like a big community cafeteria a big nice community cafeteria with a Gucci store up top alright guys that wraps it up for a Shanghai section of the food court crawl in Shanghai and guess what fifty feet away we got to go to the other side let's go school section would you say that it's foods that have been invented in the past 20 years not all of them but a lot of them they're gonna take new formats like obviously Chinese people be eating bun let's put some of these buns actually in I've never even seen salted egg yolk and pork flake never heard of it black sticky rice and thick mashed taro buns sticky rice golden pudding durian bread [Applause] black sticky rice purple potato button starry custard bun durian cheese and scallion pancake so we got it we got a pic like for look how matcha this spot is and ER we fell for the trap if it's a beautiful trap are you mad we were going to attempt to see if the macho saucer tastes different when it's inside half of a honeydew I'm gonna get the piece that's close to the honeydew really good matcha ice cream man I think that the reason they wouldn't do this in the States people would think it was too much of a give me no I was gonna say I could see it at the night market what aesthetics were rating that maybe a 10 out of 10 yeah taste-wise it's probably not worth it yes we're at the cool Quay spot walkway the first time I had it was in Chengdu but apparently it could be originally from hugging no this is hot as hell I'm gonna try to rip it really fast boombox you have notice and room very very few people are ordering for plays do you think booth do you think it's because in Shanghai they wouldn't go for this inland type of food I think it seems kind of like a fair food something that you walk around and eat and I gotta be honest I think they could put more meat in it and make it a little bit more substantial that's my only criticism all right everybody as you can see this food court is getting crazy it's very busy and there is actually even more food than I had imagined man some of the lines for some stuff we weren't even gonna be able to get to it I think it's fitting to finish at the Japanese section because if they do one international cuisine very well in Shanghai it's actually Japanese food yes Japanese food is really really good out here and this sushi bar looks amazing they have it seared salmon sushi that is not regular I mean this guy's making it fresh I think it's real how monstrous this is man how often do you just see just grilled pineapple like this on a debating on what cut of the meat we should get grill because they do have lunch specials but I feel like if we're not gonna get a lot we might as well get the highest grade that's true it's pretty interesting it goes all the way from 36 squad for 100 grams over 160 I thought it was only 168 but it's only per 100 grams and most steaks they said are 300 grams weight you can't get a small amount no they just serve it by the state right right here for our last round we have seared salmon sushi we have some mixed Japanese skewers with a humungous prawn and pineapple and scallops and then we got some Angus fresh Angus beef steak he's a grilled salmon it has some teriyaki sauce I believe swiped on top it's delicious loved it comes of being more raw or cooked it's a really weird mix because you get the burnt nests of the cooked side but most of its raw I would say it's 40 60 60 percent raw 40 percent cooked this prawn is humongous look at this and going in prawn skewer juicy not dried salty shrimpy pretty good there's a pineapple it's just raw really sweet pineapple that was delicious it was a great palate cleanser and if you guys know about lunch steak in Japan they typically weigh it out and they serve it in a very non-traditional fashion this is the angus combo 68 wire this is $10 you're gonna watch them cook this right in front Wow I thought they overcooked it but it wasn't and it's actually got a ton of flavor better or worse than pepper lunch it's got more flavor than pepper lunch but that's not I've been kind of cut of meat okay okay let me flip the camera give me the cameraman more peppery than pepper lunch I have a durian cheese bow this smells so much like durian and it's so fluffy dragon fruit yeah watch this before it this tastes so much like durian this was cool it didn't burst with flavor I'm really interested about the durian run arm it wasn't bad it was really well done the bun fluffiness level 10 out of 10 roll for me my major takeaway is that Shanghai really is an international place there's no way that they can have this many international booths without there being like a desire from the locals to eat all these different foods from different countries and you know it's actual Shanghainese because as you can see there's apparently not a lot of foreigners here so this is not a expat mall this is a Shanghainese mall I'm happy to see it I mean I'm not gonna lie twelve years ago I did a study abroad in Shanghai there was nothing like this that existed to come back twelve years later do I miss the jovial you know folks the atmosphere of outdoors eating for sure but you know this is the way society moves there's progression and sometimes you miss the old things but you like the new things and to see this I gotta tell you they take a lot of food that is normally sold on the side of the street they clean it up and like you said they sell it below a Gucci store I was really glad that they were able to kind of bring the authentic flavors even in a mall I think sometimes when you eaten them all you tend to think that some authenticity or some kind of grittiness disappear it's like even pizza in the mall likes to borrow yeah you don't think that that's gonna tell you so you never legit you never think anything in the mall is authentic that's the fact you never believe that but it is and it's tasty and it's good and it's still affordable it may be a little bit more expensive than the street of course and it should be but you have all the options here aren't you guys thank you so much for watching that food court crawl through the real food court here in Shanghai like I said we just wanted to see the new street culture or at least what has come up in place of it I think this place is also right across the street from a historic landmark Dingaan temple so if you guys come here you can check out both make sure you give this video a thumbs up turn on your notifications so you don't miss a video and please let us know what other food court you would like to see us out around China again this is David this is Andrew Justin's behind the camera and so next time we out please is this where all the people overseas are getting the Balenciaga from you don't just you don't just see a Balenciaga store

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  8. 20 years ago, PJ O’Rourke wrote a book called ‘Eat the Rich’. It had a chapter on Shanghai as an example of the new (then) Chinese economic model. It is scary just how accurate his predications about Shanghai and China as a whole were, even if many were tongue in cheek jokes. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in modern Shanghai.

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