Chicken with Orzo in a light Tomato sauce (Chicken Youvetsi) Dimitras Dishes episode 6

hi everyone and welcome to dimitra's dishes today we're going to be making chicken cuvette see so it's a really simple one pot dish to make it goes from a stovetop to oven to table literally in just a very little amount of time you just need some few and basic ingredients some chicken you can use a whole chicken cut up about 3 and a half pounds or so it could be a little smaller that's fine I have some boneless skinless thighs that I had that I had on hand so I'm just gonna use that 4 cups of chicken stock if you have your own in the freezer that's fine water would be fine vegetable stock I have chicken stock so I'm going to use that and onion 2 cloves of garlic olive oil black pepper a little bit of oregano salt then I say garlic 2 garlic cloves a stick of cinnamon a bay leaf cloves crushed red crush dried red peppers a pound of orzo and crushed tomatoes so I like to buy any canned tomatoes that I find so like if there are whole canned tomatoes whole can and peeled tomatoes on sale I'll buy those it really doesn't matter you don't have to look for crushed Tomatoes because the blender does that for you you don't really have to I don't know when I go shopping and I look in that tomato aisle I just I just can't see anything there's too much in there so I just pick up whatever I can get my hands on it and I come home and I just blend it when I want to use it in my dishes we're gonna need just a tablespoon of tomato paste usually you don't use lots of tomato paste in recipes and a little can can go a long way so whatever I use from the tomato paste can I put in my recipe and the rest I freeze and I always have a whole bunch of tomato paste in my freezer it freeze as well so I'm just going to use a tablespoon of that I'm going to begin by chopping my onion so I chop my onion a very very easy I guess a very easy method to chop my onion I'm not a professionally trained chef so even though I do know how to chop onions the way they do I just find that this way is easier you're less likely to chop your fingers while you're chopping the onion and you get pretty equally sized cut onion pieces every time you do this so I just slice one slice at a time and I just go down with my knife and I chop it okay so I love using these cast iron enamel coated pans they cook really evenly they cook quickly and they're really pretty so you don't even need to transfer whatever you're making in them into another dish because they come in all really nice colors and they're so nice and you can just put them right on the table okay so I'm gonna put my onions in here with some olive oil and I'm gonna begin cooking them over medium medium-high heat until they're nice soft and get a little bit of a golden brown color and I'm gonna cook them of course with some olive oil extra virgin olive oil always olive oil is really healthy for you so I like to use use it liberally I'm not not worried about using a lot of olive oil but if you can definitely control it the onions add enough moisture that you can definitely cut the fat so I'm going to put this on my stovetop turn the fire on high until they start cooking that I'm gonna lower it have them cook for about 10 minutes after it it starts cooking on high heat I'm gonna lower the flame to like a medium-high heat let them cook until they're nice and golden and in the meantime I'm gonna chop up my garlic because that's gonna go in next and it doesn't need to be chopped really really finely minced or anything like that it's gonna be cooked long enough that it's gonna soften up and it's gonna taste really nice I know when it's in a raw dish you should definitely mince it and slice it very very finely because a giant bite of raw garlic is not as pleasant as bite of garlic is alright so the onions are pretty much done cooking they're gonna continue to cook with the garlic and the garlic is just gonna take about less than five minutes to get nice and soft and golden one thing you never want to do is over cook garlic and get it to like a brown state so this is what the onions look like they're nice and translucent and they got a little bit golden and I'm gonna add the garlic in and let it do the same but garlic cooks faster so I'm just gonna cook it for about three to five minutes on medium low heat then I'm just gonna add the chicken in and it's just really two three more steps and it goes straight in the oven so you Betty is a really popular classic Greek dish it's commonly made with lamb a lot of the times in Greece just because they use lamb much more than we do here in America it tastes really good too you could definitely substitute lamb because substitute beef or the chicken beef lamb or chicken you could substitute any one of those chicken cooks faster so it's my go-to protein for this meal this dish I love making chicken you bet see it cooks so fast and it's really really good the only ingredient that I forgot to tell you about is Parmesan cheese and we're gonna add that in the end traditionally we put gif file or theity in which is similar to Parmesan cheese if on earth it is a sheep's milk cheese and it's very very common in Greece so as soon as my garlic is done cooking I'm gonna add my chicken in let it just Brown a little bit with the onions and the garlic and then after that I'm gonna add all the rest of the ingredients and bring it to a boil and put it in the oven all right so the garlic and onions are both cooked and let me let you see what it looks like they've gotten a little bit more golden with just a touch of brown just a little bit you don't want it to get more Brown than that and at this point I'm gonna add my chicken that I've already washed and patted dry I love using boneless cuts of meat you know the bones do add a lot of flavor but when you're in a hurry and you want to make a quick like this one if you have fullness chicken on hand it just cooks that much faster so I'm just gonna let this brown just a little bit and I don't want to let it cook too much because it doesn't have bone it's gonna cook faster so I really don't want it to shred and fall apart it's gonna also bake in the oven and that's where it's gonna really release most of the flavor so I'm just going to let it brown just a little bit on each side and get some of the flavor from the onion and the garlic let me get my spices ready okay I'm gonna put a little bit of pepper my spices I'm gonna put about a tablespoon of my tomato paste and as well that looks like about a tablespoon about two cups of our crush pureed tomatoes that's about two cups and then out of the four cups of our chicken stock I'm gonna use one cup now and I'm gonna reserve the other three for when I add my orzo and the orzo is gonna go in after the chicken is done baking in the oven for the last 10 15 minutes we're gonna put in the orzo and it's gonna need some liquid so it's gonna get the liquid from the chicken stock that's gonna add lots and lots of flavor it's about a cup I'm gonna let this come to a boil as soon as it comes to a boil I've already preheated my oven to 375 degrees I'm gonna put the pot in so my pot can go into my pot can go in with the lid the lid is ovenproof if you're not if you don't have one of these a pots and you're cooking it up and just a baking pan or a baking dish just cover with aluminum foil and put it in the oven so as soon as this comes to a boil I'm gonna stick it in the oven cover it and let it cook for about 40 minutes 45 minutes until the chicken is completely cooked then I'm gonna check on it take my chicken out put my orzo in with the reserved chicken stock and then it's just in about 10-15 minutes more it'll be ready so in under an hour you have a really really delicious dish that you can make any time of the day okay so I'm gonna warm up my chicken stock because my chicken should be coming out of the oven in about another minute or two and if I were to put this room-temperature chicken stock or cold chicken stock into the pot it would just prolong the check the cooking time in the oven everything should be nice and hot that way when this goes into the pot and back in the oven it will continue cooking and the meal will be ready faster let's check and see if the chicken is cooked it should be really tender yep it's completely cooked I'm just going to take it out and put it in here and its release even more juices so it's gonna have a nice sauce for the pasta to continue to cook in there with if you could just smell this it smells so good so as I'm taking out the chicken I'll also take out the cinnamon stick and the bay leaf and I'm just gonna take it out we don't need to bite into this this is not it's just in there for flavor definitely don't want to bite into a cinnamon stick or a clove so if you see them in there just take them out right now they've already released their flavor and it's already in the sauce so they're ready to get out of this now there's the bay leaf I'm going to leave my chicken on the side covered it's completely cooked I will add my orzo a teaspoon and a half of sea salt and then mix it all together and my stock is nice and hot it's come to a simmer you want to pour my stock in here okay so I'm going to give it a nice stir it's ready to go back into the oven I'm going to cover it once again cover it with the pots cover or luminance oil whatever you have is great it's gonna go back into the oven 375 degrees is gonna cook for another 15 minutes and then I'm gonna take it out and it should be ready okay so my orzo is out of the oven I'm just gonna add it's cooked for 15 minutes I'm good I added my chicken and my parsley in here I'm gonna return to the oven and let it cook for just another 10 minutes until it all comes together and it'll be ready to serve okay so it just came out of the oven after I've added the chicken and the parsley now at this point you want to have a few ice cubes ready maybe four or five put them in and it's gonna stop the cooking process and it's gonna it's gonna really prevent the pasta from kind of gelatinizing and coming together and just being like one big glop of not so nice this I don't know so this also adds a little bit more sauce to it stops the cooking time and makes it look much much better if you take a look at this if you could just smell it it smells so good I showed you how simple and easy it is to make look at that I'm gonna put it in the plate now so so good this is delicious if it's hard for you to find orzo pasta where you live your supermarket just doesn't carry it you can definitely substitute your favorite pasta go ahead and put elbow pasta you could even put CD whatever you like I'm going to spring I'm gonna put a little bit more black pepper because I like my food a little spicy sprinkle some Parmesan cheese cuz cheese makes everything better and why not put a little more green in this a little sprig of parsley just like that look at it go on the website get your get the recipe for this make it make it for your family make it for your friends you're gonna love it you're gonna be they're gonna you're gonna be a superstar in your house my website is

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  1. Planning to cook this for a week night dinner tomorrow. I have not found Orzo pasta here so will use something else.

  2. This was kind of difficult.but overall this definitely made me a king in my house.this dish also taste delicious with lamb.thank you so much.

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