Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Food Review: Baghdad Market: Sterling Heights Michigan: Iraqi Cuisine

ok ladies and gentlemen finally the man you've been waiting to see we'll just call him for right now the doctor and I am with him here in beautiful Sterling Heights Michigan and we're gonna try he's gonna try a chicken shawarma sandwich from Baghdad market I was a shoulder sandwich real quick on the inside if I could just show him that I can sandwich the pickles it's got some onions in there some Tomatoes looks pretty good smells good ok take like somebody shouted butt and see what you think you think about a doctor did you get some of the chicken so what do you think explain the flavors I mean the the pickles the chicken the bread is pretty good it's really good have you ever had a chicken shawarma sandwich it tastes like that do you taste a little bit of curry in there maybe a little bit of turn out a few chicken shawarma sandwiches but pretty good this is pretty good what what's what's how would you explain how is it different than that wasn't you've had first off there's Brandon's like a special kind of bread is this a moon bread and it's really soft and it goes well with the meat right and it's it's just got a lot of meat in there tomatoes are good a huge amount of food for $3.99 and it's really flavorful with the garlic sauce is really good what do you think about ya gonna take another bite out of it I'll ask the doc what he thinks about this the garlic sauce the pickles the chicken shawarma meat and spices is it how would you describe it it's really good all right I just got a little bite of the up tour she oh she which is like a pickled cabbage what makes it different than the other store more sandwiches that you've had like what sets it apart definitely the portion size is really good on this portion is really good it's just done really well and its really yeah it's between 1 and 10 I probably have to give it i frank given us all at night what's better than this is there in your opinion in sterling in Michigan where would be where could I get a better chicken shawarma than this because you said it's good but it's not the best you've ever had am i right there's another place called Alma wall just Sterling Heights that place is really good and you say that's better than this speak for much because they've only had their shawarma sandwich once I would say they're probably tightest place okay yeah that's good all the places here pretty good this is good just a portion size okay well thank you for giving me the recommendation doc and and give those four fingers and give them a big

24 thoughts on “Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Food Review: Baghdad Market: Sterling Heights Michigan: Iraqi Cuisine

  1. Elbow is Shawarma obsessed. The Doc looks middle eastern. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way, but no self respecting doctor would want or have the time to be on YouTube.

  2. He knows a lot about arabic food for a so called italian….. I mean how did he know the name of the exact bread…….

  3. If this supposed Dr. can't see that Marshall is sickest fuck on YouTube he needs to find different career 😂

  4. For a "Dr" he's not very smart is he? Remember Norm,if he really was watching for 3 yrs he seen what happened to him. Great friend you are scumbag,ditching Rosie after everything she has done for you,such a USER.Hopefully Rosie will see the type of "friend" you really are. Good luck "Doc" you were warned.

  5. There is a lot of people that like you its just they get run over by all the trolls and you can't see there comment's

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