Chicken Fried Rice Recipe – Easy To Make Chicken Fried Rice – Chinese Recipe For Kids Tiffin Box

So today we’re going to make a simple chicken fried rice which is something that all kids love and is very kind on the mothers because it comes together in a jiffy. So come let’s see how to make “Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin” Let’s start with the recipe, I’m going to
put my pan on heat first and then a little bit of vegetable oil in the pan. Now to this I’m going to first add a
little bit of ginger, some garlic and the most important flavoring in this dish is celery stalks, finely chopped, lots of them. Give all of this a quick mix and now to this I’m going to add the remaining vegetables. So I’m going to start with some baby corn and some mixed bell peppers that have been finely chopped. You’re going to add the whites of the spring onions and saute those as well. and while this is happening I’m going to very quickly beat one egg with a little bit of salt and pepper in it. and now I’m going to add the egg to the
pan and quickly stir. You want to scramble the eggs. Now we have to work really fast so I’m gonna add some shredded chicken and Kissan sweet and spicy sauce about 3 tablespoons of it, to give it that punch and balance. and then I’m going to add some soy sauce. and I’m gonna tip all the rice in, this is
steamed rice it’s not been salted or anything. Finally I’m just going to add the greens of spring onions for a nice pop of color. and now it’s time to fill the box. and along with this I’m going to pack
some cashew nuts and some lovely juicy freshly cut kiwi fruit.

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