Chef'Special – Into The Future

yeah time flies you buzz around me rain clouds you know they found me Thunder sound an underground oh I just wanna hide away but I just don't get it why there's no time like the present I'm guessing are these questions they don't never seem to change but I'm not trying to stay the same we changed nowadays we just making these rearrangements maybe make them any modifications please take it easy don't be too crazy you chew cuz I know tomorrow Jerusha do they still upset me what I can't be but it could have been what I have seen evidently no they put bad dreams prophetic romantic I don't remember they come at me no matter what every moment I laid on my body and head fuck up the president run from the past I let my bestest to cherish all of my lessons hard to remember their cards in my hand then don't talk to me ever so Hall as the president concert November on red I'm ready for the years on board pretty for the inevitable so let on my boat hold it future it's future cuz I know tomorrow driving time the future collide you sure [Applause] [Applause]

35 thoughts on “Chef'Special – Into The Future

  1. I think about little big planet when i hear the soundtrack whaha 😂😄 the parts when he's not singing

  2. I saw him at the festival of freedom in Zwolle, The Netherlands, last year and I already loved his music, but when I saw his performance, I was sold to the man. What an artist.

  3. Hoorde hem vandaag op de radio en zij meteen zet het volume hoger en heb alles mee gezongen/gerapt wat is dit toch een lekker nummer ❤️

  4. Why they dint end the video with him laying in the sand because everything was a dream , but overal it’s a great song 😀

  5. Bro dit moet meer views hebben gek ik hoorde dit op de radio en ik dacht al meteen van NIEUW LIEVELINGS LIEDJE

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