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hey chef big noodles and oh we are back in cooking a simulator because I got an email from the developer said they'd made a lot of changes and updates to the game so hopefully I'll do a little bit better and and not just burn the place down and frustrations Wow okay there we go I I was expecting at the burn more we I'm setting the whole oh wait it's spreading I think it's actually spreading but no promises but I will try my best to not get frustrated all right here we go and it looks about the same to me so skip preparation things what wait wait no wait I need a prep thing wait dad so you're okay well whatever right order is up okay so we'll start it oh no it's already counting this is so ok salmon fillet season with 5 grams of salt 5 grams of ever Ida pan sunflower oil ok I've did that okay that I need I need salmon I need fish I need fish any fish where the salmon okay let's get this let's put it let's put it down but why would you know okay Marty getting frustrated okay so now we need pepper and salt pepper and salt pepper and salt but where's the yeah oh wait okay there we go all right so five grams here we go here we go all right rotate rotate rotate and well this is this is not how do you shake it I don't know how to know give it back guys and getting ready to just do this things upside down and it still won't like drop a nice phone oh yeah there we go okay two three four five and okay yeah so just get rid of that now I just need pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper wait why can't okay now I just put it over that ah one two wait I missed wait put the cutting board has on one two three four five okay throw it or get rid of it okay now what else did we needed so I got that I got that season with add to a pan sunflower oil 10 milliliters and salmon fillet where's pan I need a pan I need a pan this on a pan where the pans where are they there's plates I'll wait there there there there there I got it I got it hear me now come here bring it here for your here okay put it down cool let's turn that on set the right one oh no okay yeah I got the right one cool all right we got anything sunflower oil is just sunflower oil yep it is okay so we're gonna put no you know I wait where do I buy stuff I can't remember wanted to take more bring a container no one I just oh yeah okay pick liquids sunflower oil buy buy it buy it boyo okay here we go okay now you guys might think if you've watched the last one you'll understand wait what oh geez really oh gosh okay three you'll understand why I'm going quickly because time disappears do it it's a little bit much but it's fine right okay so we'll take the salmon and we'll go ahead and put it in here let's cook it is it yeah oh good good good good okay next I click fry for 60 seconds on each side I didn't set a timer where's the timer timer timer timer one minute how do i how do I be one minute one one what what what why would okay 50 seconds at this point okay II start timer okay right okay we got it read this here we go here we go a fry from 60 seconds transfer on a plate serve hot okay wait wait what there's potatoes included this oh geez add water to a pot okay I'm gonna grab the plate hold on here we go the plate down no hmm hold on hold on put it down which it just says how do you oh okay where's the pot pot I saw a pot I saw a pot before how much time oh geez 20 seconds okay pot there it is okay big pot yeah we need a big one can I have it thank you I got to boil some potatoes here put it down there from this thing on where's how do I do know I got put water in it first wait uh come on there can okay no wait wait not right now no no wait dad no jeez okay hold on I got to flip this thing wait I need it I need a spatula hold on okay I've done this before once come on hold on there okay now hold my goodness with you okay so now I just have to flip it flip it hey I got it okay so okay Josh okay wait wait set up timer it's doing another let's do 50 seconds again started okay let's get this pick it up get some water oh come on okay wait enric context okay what rotate faucet okay cool because we want to use cold water and left handle there we go wait how do i how do i yeah that's it good enough and put it down I'll put it on that one cuz that one's on okay that's that's how much what else did we need we need salt or anything salt 20 grams potato 300 rounds with no I threw this distance all 20 grams right there we go add all right 20 grams quickly quickly 2 3 we're running out of time boom boom and aha ok now ok wait where's my spatula it's dirty they won't know right okay but I'm gonna wait a few more seconds because I did only do 50 50 seconds and it means for a minute so there we go looks good okay now wait how do I I want to oh there enter contacts okay hold to rotate come on hold on there we go there all right cool now oh my goodness I don't wait how long do I need this timer anymore I think it shut off in a mcpoyle for 120 seconds the fish is gonna be cold now okay okay so wait this thing's on wait I added the salt but you only need 300 grams potatoes how many how many potatoes we got that's a lemon a potato so two potatoes so I'm just gonna throw them one at a time that did not come on how do you oh oh that sounds like something else falling into a toilet boom okay we're good potato 300 grams wait where's the salt I don't know maybe that's what the down no dah no oh wait wait wait okay so let's think about this what what is this oh these are okay shards we need to make this hold on this to set up timer we're gonna set this for like a minute thirty so wwq no oh no no no no no egg nope okay sure that's fine go it started get started okay cool next order are you serious wait these are another screen for that or okay so take trout 200 grams season with pepper trout we have trout roe trout okay cool alright let's get it over here stick it on the cutting board season with black pepper thyme and dill black pepper here okay okay so 5 grams 1 2 3 4 5 and rid of it and then time five grams of dill five grams time okay which we're running out of I might add okay there it was five awesome one two three four five okay see it's just easier to throw it cuz like dropping out okay and and that was pick it up I missed oh cheese five go place on a baking tray bake for 90 seconds okay baking yeah okay let's bring it over here put it down pick up fish oh my hands are clean are you kidding me not right now okay wait okay you are you and then okay wait okay Bob potato haha okay wait can I just wait can I just do this let's just do this this seems like the right thing to do here we'll just was this wait rotate left so if I just do wait if I Prout hold on just brought the stuff yeah and then move it over this and then I could put the potatoes down right it's one two haha yes alright I think I did it no no stay on okay let's go really slow okay all right order up we can't put it down there okay take a photo oh look at that okay there we go all right beautiful alright okay so um sir dish okay guys let's see guys that is by far the best I've ever done and guest is pleased oh my goodness I got a tip even I geez I'm honored okay wait I'm wasting time here okay next okay we need to put this in the okay we need to open this thing open it here we go put this in here alright put it there cool close it let's turn it on and what was it 90 seconds so let's do 80 okay I don't get the hang of this so a minute twenty eight there we go and then what are we well lemon quarters cut a lemon into quarters okay I can do that I can do I think I can do that give me a lemon and I need a knife we only got one okay so enter context okay and okay so wait oh it's just a quarter it so have it and then quarter it boom now look at those skills wait what Mike what is okay well I mean now you know why you only have one hand because I cut it off look at that it's so good look at that wait seventeen oh no way didn't it say that the lemon had to be in well it's not perfect okay garnish with parsley leaves fresh oak let's get those if you have a spy that parses leaves fresh by I think I forgot that the last time I made something so I'm gonna just put that there okay now I need a plate well I'm gonna do a square plate okay so we get 17 seconds place on a baking tray Oh sees a horseradish transfer to a plate okay put that there I need horseradish I don't think we have that either spices or Spanish buy it okay okay wait we've got a problem again I think okay I knew it I knew it shush so now can I grab this or is it it's not hot wait no wait no ohh elated no give me the fish no it's on the floor how did okay wait um here can I come here give me this how was I all right I got it I got it I got it here we go here we go okay put it on there to rotate okay it's a little I mean yeah then I need to shut this water for some reason I've got oh my goodness guys I've wait why won't it shut off uh I don't know I don't know how to turn it off now great okay so put what was it how much five grams okay here we go so one two three four five and three and then we'll take all of these like that's a lot of lemon for one fish yeah okay two three four oh my goodness guys we got this on time do I think here we go yup okay pick up container okay walk slow knock anything off this looks good pretty good all right order up who is one minute 17 wait earth did it yes oh my goodness four and a half stars what's I got a $6 tip dude what could this flavor perfect technique temperature everything okay so the games better or maybe I'm a better chef okay wait why light while I'm waiting for that not not Mary now hold on I need it I do white how do I do this I'm fun – oh we got a new order tomato soup we've tried this before this did not work very well okay add it to a pot chicken broth 700 milliliters give me a pot I'm not dirty pot okay I'm cool so that's already on perfect okay wait 700 milliliters of chicken broth which we have somewhere in here isn't yeah okay so 700 milliliters cool wait so tilt the bottle what is that how okay 700 milliliters okay okay look not quite oh okay a little much sounds gross ah so 12 grams 12 12 12 12 grams 12 gram nope that's dill oh I should keep better track of them no that's time okay put that there I'm gonna just buy some salt because I don't know where it is salt buy it okay so how much was it it was 20 right 12 12 grams 12 grams and 6 grams okay so here we go and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 all right and then is it pepper no I need cayenne pepper and pepper that's horseradish this is pepper right yep okay so 12 more grams of this okay one there perfect and then I need cayenne pepper this particular yep and we wells this go all right what is going on out there guys that's like literally in the game that's not like my house oh I put in too much cayenne pepper I was always was with six it's okay it should be wait okay so 960 grams of tomatoes and it says like something about if you want more bring a container because I think we need a lot of this this a big container it one big pot okay cool so what do we need can I know we need tomatoes one two three or five six just let's get a bunch of them okay and we'll put it here now how many did we needed 960 and how much one tomatoes 120 so we needed eight so let's and what are we supposed to do with it oh we're supposed to stick them in Oh what is going on it's distracting okay so I'm gonna put this here and then I'm gonna transfer one two six seven and it's alright and you don't that anymore okay then we need an onion 120 grams which I think it's just a single onion perfect and we just drop it in we got to chop it or anything how did I screw this up so bad like it doesn't make sense okay and then okay so that's everything boil for 60 seconds and then blend okay cool so let's boil for 60 seconds oh okay oh wait it was already boiling so what do we do like it was already boiling so I do I boil it for another minute because the tomatoes are gonna get well we have to have the onions be cooked right so okay wait what's next was that a blend blend blend blend blend do we have to shut off oh here's the blender okay so blender is there do we need to shut off the stove we probably should okay uh soup is red I don't know what that means tomato is not cooked yet think that's what we're going for is for that to be all the way at the end and then tomato or the onion all the way at the end to the tomatoes are gonna cook before the onions especially because there's one tomato in there that just is not even in the water but okay fine what do we got okay we're almost done almost done Oh tomato's getting overcooked a little bit okay kill it kill it kill it okay let's blend wait why okay there we go okay oh my goodness I just wait move down there we go all right get it really blend it up yeah all right lift it up okay nope okay nope get it out of here oh my goodness shush okay so now let's add sour cream and then okay add sour cream we have back a hundred fifty okay cool let's tilt so hundred oh my oh geez that came out quickly okay and then or the liquid 300 millimeters milliliters into a deep plate give me a bowl right here we have tea sir where are the bowls but oh maybe here is this aha deep plates basin but it's like really wait why not a bowl okay it says a deep plate I don't want to get this wrong all right oh come on dude okay wait let me just shut these doors like if you touched the doors if like you crash into them and break the plate I'm gonna put on the okay no get this out of here I gotta have this movie flat okay okay so rotate left this is gonna burn my hand okay let's see oh okay one how much it was 300 right oh look that come on oh wait no wait no wait there's not enough soup no I thought I was a oh wait there is there's a good 391 okay they got a little extra okay okay here we go order up okay here we go I got 18 seconds left it's got to be timely and it tastes good yes I'm so much better at this you get enough cooking points to unlock a new recipe use an app on your laptop to do it once you finish we're closing down for the night no more new orders I survived today look at this total meals served three average meal rating of four stars highest restaurant rank I don't know if I got it traveling kilometer yo wait what do i unlock anything I want wait I've got weight do 20 points to unlock new recipes 20 so you have to unlock them whoa whoa I want how do maybe oh oh oh I've got bread points these are the recipe points so I can unlock borscht I can unlock that's the only thing I can unlock oh wait I don't really want that so uh you know I think I need to clean the kitchen guys and you know there are ways to clean the kitchen that are fun because I do need to clean up but yeah I'm gonna do what is that red thing that what is that is that the salt oh that's here yeah so there are ways to clean the kitchen I'm gonna use well wait but it's just a phase no I'll clean it up I'll uh Oh actually hold on but there how do you this is why does it there we go okay did I spilled up here can I put the mop you know what wait you those things still on okay that's a fire hazard oh hang on oh did we try this before okay this is only we have let's try this I don't know that I tried this before can I put this in here no what else can I put in here well so there's that that doesn't sound good what uh oh look they give us lots of gas canisters now I think if I put I think if I was if I I think that I put it in well actually put in here too right although cuz it says Oh fire extinguisher right we have those oh yeah we do wait I don't I'm trying to pick it up okay here we go I got it did we put one in here before I don't know that we did let's let's try it anyway I would think it would blow up this did not work at all can we just shush on this and you can you know now it's stuck get that stupid thing out no wait wait I got it no ow yeah there we go yeah alright wait let me mop up my mess I do need to clean hold on and oh okay yep yep yep there we go nothing happened here alright well look the wall Oh – clean the wall does it see okay once a depressing um what guys you know what I think that uh we had a very successful day here except for the planning part of course we can go ahead and well I did my job I cleaned during the entire cleaning phase if you guys want to see me play some more of this because I'm actually not bad at it let me know by clicking the like button also if you're new here subscribe for more videos like this and I'll see you guys again soon thanks for watching and of course you lime

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  1. Yay! Love these vids! Plz make more and thank u so much for blessing us with your amazing videos ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Œ

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  3. First time watching your channel and I think your funny but you edit way to much every second you have the camera changing of your voice changing but other then that loved the video


  5. I'm sorry man but this is cringe, come on you're original with that animated face but that's where originality ends because so many dead memes/pop-up ads. Come on you can be funny without stealing other video content. We love in a world were just being loud is funny.

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