but the full version of cooking simulator we have banan's I got a banana banana banana banana yeah the full we have everything now look yellow bell peppers was that an orange Wow pick that up pick that up don't throw oranges on the floor put it back Wow what's that burger buns see they only have the top of burger buns though like I need a bottom burger bun I can just have like a top you can just have two tops that's not right eggplants one Wow I can't believe it we have eggplants alright I don't know why I'm just grabbing the phallic-shaped objects but since I am here's the cob of corn what else is alone whoo zucchini zucchini Chili Peppers we have now there's a lot wait let's see all the new meats Oh what is that we have milk now it's you and coconut milk Oh God blue CHEO gorgonzola goat cheese yes now that's a brick of goat cheese damn that's a big brick of goat cheese holy Sh bacon wow that's some small ass not American bacon chicken legs we finally have chicken legs and burger me I think we had we had burger me but it wasn't in the fridge radish mozzarella mmm I love some fresh mozzarella Wow Oh strawberries those other things huh Bob so excited there's so many new things we probably have new recipes to try look at all our new spices Wow I'm so excited I love this I've been loving the beta now we have the full version more herbs whoa whoa bay leaves have you honey all right put that up let's not make a mess let's not make a mess right away but yeah we have so many new good easier are we surviving a Kelly induced e.coli outbreak no you guys are gonna get ecoli you're gonna have lots of diarrhea you're gonna lose weight and then you're gonna thank me unless you're already skinny then probably you probably just died so I'm sorry to you guys all right well Oh lemons to apples amazing button mushrooms I couldn't ask for more Wow oh so good oh and thanks to play wait they gave me a key to this so all right let's wait what is all this stuff this has all updated – there's our order manager like look I told you guys more recipes were coming there's like a ton there's so many I mean some of these are like the same recipe but like you know see ratatouille but you know different ratatouille you know what are we gonna make look at all the pastas it's all giddy coli and become skinny legends like I wish honey mustard burger with french fries Oh chicken led with leg with caprese salad mmm look so I know when I make these fish they're not gonna look as good get a steaming bowl of e.coli outbreak oh my god you know let's start off with the chicken leg with caprese salad marinated we'll do the harder version let's do this wait restaurant info all right now you have more of this stuff wait decorations excuse me I can decorate my Oh lll-look that looks like there's mud I want I don't want to cook in mud hell no how about modern what's the hotel look like no no no that's that floor is awful horror okay then I guess you could you could switch between oh I like that one do that yeah look at this crusty ass countryside it's disgusting that's where you're gonna get the e.coli you don't know we're good we're good clothes whoa the upgrade dude it's looking good Taylor did look like the rats that I don't know I want to cook at that kitchen unless you're nasty all right all right well we have our mozzarella out we're gonna need that these falak safe objects away from me no no no play with those later you know what I mean bacon get off of the trash throw you away and goats cheese throw that block of Coates cheese away chili pepper we don't need you all right let's see here add to a bowl do I haven't have a bowl we have bowls now you guys they did not have bowls before I mean they did have Bowl they have basic bowls I guess that's they did I thought they meant like a cooking bowl I guess we'll just use this all right we need olive oil mmm hey Damien first time joining will welcome to the stream you're gonna have to drink olive oil to remain in the stream you know we're gonna have to Bent no I'm just kidding you're welcome you don't have to you don't have to slurp up this olive oil to stay in my live stream alright sweet bell pepper powder mmm there it is there it is dried garlic where B yeah there we go chats gape was used as a mixing bowl before that's disturbing what's next all right salt and black pepper yeah yeah yeah I wish I could grab more at the same time too lazy to do this we got our salt we got our pepper and olive oil dyes dude all by olive oil is so good to just dip some bread in it some parmesan huh huh all phallic foods Kelly cooks have been inside of her don't like expose my secret ingredients that's actually really rude of you pour the mixture over a chicken leg let's get her a chicken leg out and we're not washing the chicken leg you don't need to wash chicken if you wash chicken you're an idiot I hate you I hope you die dog choking I'm not gonna take it that far but like if I just walk my compliments to the chef the e.coli tartare was divine next time I'm looking forward to the Salmonella perm I would have tried at his evening but the brown sugar fish dessert just left me stuffed less than three where's my baking tray there we go like see if you take this chicken leg you wash it now you have some Mennella all over your sink like are you trying to make more work for yourself like I'm not trying to get salmonella sink that's why I just took my chicken to an acceptable degree 165 degrees then you're good then all the Salmonella is gone it's cooked out I'm like I'm sick of people yelling at me about not cleaning my chicken when they're just flat-out wrong the CDC says vaccinate the CDC says don't wash a fucking chicken so stop it stop it anti anti-vaxxers and chicken washers just stop all right all right three grams of sweet pepper powder sorry I need a little rant there oops well good it's on the table all right garlic three grams preach oh yeah all right salt three get three grams of black pepper – oh we doing three grams of everything Wow we're gonna pour this over our chicken leg okay that's not really what I wanted to do give me you go there and yeah all right let's do this pour it over the chicken leg dude I feel like I missed the chicken leg I got a little on like okay well alright pour it over the chicken line we're good we're good 180 grams of chicken leg yes yes yes all right bake 120 seconds way to offend chicken washer is good I hope they are if I did even better even better 120 seconds yo oh they're start there we go beautiful and then we also have our caprese salad we need tomato mozzarella we have 80 grams of mozzarella we're gonna need two mozzarella balls dude fresh mozzarella oh wow all right here we go let's chop them up it's just some attractive slices oh yes excuse me whoa whoa whoa excuse me stop that mozzarella thank you all right hold on mozzarella pieces are out of control yes beautiful Jessie thank you for the stars I appreciate it Kelly remember the time you told everyone on stream that you hoped we got salmonella how you said you'd attend our funerals and slap our dead bodies in our coffins and put the footage online I do I remember and so does chat well we are traumatized well I mean well you guys were yelling at me for not washing my chickens so what did you expect that I wasn't gonna defend myself I've all right to defend myself all right tomatoes where are you where are the tomatoes hiding there you are excuse me oh shit oh shit chickens and chickens done nobody panic nobody panic Oh God what hey where's my chicken at oh my fuck the chickens gone oh god it burns where's my chicken falling apart oh yeah that's some good-lookin chicken where are we doing I'm glad shut up stop on to plate oh no not the special floor ingredients stop stop I'm a chicken go where to my chicken go oh my god I mean my chicken please Oh No Oh God stop no one knows no one needs to know no one saw this I swear my chicken it the chicken is broken how did that fall Oh God all right no no no okay that's that's definitely not what I wanted to do this chickens being difficult and my my marinade is still only a little on its top chicken just stay there for now please he's my god we need another Bowl all right we already have a bowl we'll just use this one again because we don't really care about cross-contamination all right honey I mean they're all going into the same thing anyway so it's like it's not even a big deal it's actually not honey or you have some honey on the floor oh wait I changed my floor I no longer have honey on the floor it's good to know that if you make a mess if you change the floor you're clean it'll clean up a little trick right there all right 15 milliliters all right we're good we're good balsamic vinegar I'm here bad boy I'm a little bad well Samak all right ten milliliters oh all right we're good Olive Oyl IRA got you um excuse me are you kidding me oh my god has splashed my mozzarella ball the slices my mother Ella how dare you goddamnit alright mmm ten I can't believe this Oh God oh my god I was on such a roll until I was it and please like honey does not be coming out this easily go fuck yourself alright um Oh Laurie we got that seven and seven on the pepper one two three four five six seven you're calling Gordon Ramsay to shut you down Oh we'll see we'll see about that we'll see what happens to you tomorrow it's gonna be a very devastating accident your family's gonna hear about Oh joking oh my god do you cooking gets intense in this kitchen and if you're not ready then get the fuck out all right pour the mixture over the products right well I never cut my tomato so about that mm-hmm that's not the proper way I should have cut this tomato but we're gonna pretend that that didn't just happen okay honey okay honey whatever just chop it up no just grab all this actually you know what got there there we go that's easier splash it all in there let it absorb Kaleigh going to kill us with her chicken from the floor you're too funny Kelly hilarious say thank you Kevin I appreciate it no the floor gives it more flavor uh okay splash that around a bit whoop very good very good uh you and you it looks good serve cool garnish with basil leaf alright let's splash this all right we need two chicken chicken and then what made us make this look that was not what I wanted to do wish I could just see this alright that does not look good though oh my word all right take the chicken right take the chicken we just put the chicken down over there how many of you would eat this all of you would so don't act like you would not okay now basil and we need 9 grams of it close the story because I always if I leave this door open I end up hitting raise the basil one two three I guess you do use B wait yes yes I can math boom I would eat the shit out of this you guys are liars actual liars it's been on the floor okay you guys have never ate something off the floor alright I probably wouldn't eat something wet off the floor oh my God look at this chickens be whole alright oh my god it's beautiful it's art it's wonderful everyone's wanting to eat this Chef Cal chef Cal with another winner thank you five stars excuse me guests is please what are your complaints mmm technique you didn't like my tomato technique okay not enough okay because the oven like slurped up my marinating marination okay fuck you you don't understand anything people are so difficult out here they're never happy with anything bottles will never break well that's no fun Oh two fries items oh yes yes yes okay you know we'll just start with that all right well that went really well actually I think chicken wasn't wash so that's why you don't wash your chicken I will not go on another chicken washing rant who washes their chicken is banned alright or something new actually a lot of these are new let's do the honey mustard burger with french fries honey mustard burger all right even though they still just have burger tops which like how are you gonna not have bottoms shout out to the bottoms in chat because you do not have representation in this game we simply only have burger tops who the hell washes chicken exactly okay I should have used my webcam because I'm doing the fucking Italian fucking hand gesture when I'm cooking and yelling at people about chicken it's infuriating alright one slice of tomato onion and cheddar cheddar got a nice block there uh hold up hold up clean oh yeah love a good sponge cancel the game cuz you're a bottom I know I'm sorry need a slice of tomato whoa oh can you believe it even though that's a totally wrong way to cut a tomato I do not freeze bread unless I have extra bread guide baked burger buns for 80 seconds we could be doing that right now right there their onion mmm onion mmm burgers no well that's gonna be thick that's thick for a burger but what can you do what can you do all right cheddar cheddar and got right our buns are toasty very good very good no some cheddar slices that will do that's pretty thick okay it's by all my vegetables totally contaminating everything but you guys just say you want to ecoli so just Kelly cook meat without washing her hands I do wash my hands when I handle meet all kinds of meat wait how many three grams okay I should get to this before I put it on but we're gonna pretend that I did fifty seconds each have you guys been counting oh god I've not counted okay with so many things you have to make the honey mustard eco lies your favorite ice cream flavor why don't you only eating this oven open work on it well it's open get my ass cheeks toasty all right mustard where's the mustard where's the mustard mustard barbecue where's the mustard mustard ketchup mustard Oh oh my god I want to squirt it let me squirt how do I squirt No oh you don't get a squirt you have to rotate and go like this oh man we got a wiener do we have wieners on this game wait hold up hold up that's a big hold up all right put this fire buns cuz it's done white vinegar but what about black vinegar wine oh wait all right got it right there we also need olive oil we've got that honey we've got that wait a minute we do not have any more honey because I got angry and threw it on the ground um device more honey you need a wiener Kelly yes I mean I would like a wiener for this game I don't know if that's gonna be like DLC wiener DLC cuz you can make some really cool hotdogs you could change the game when it comes to hot dogs salt pepper we've got that drizzle over the burger meat oh right right cuz it's a honey mustard burger okay we didn't might melt the only thing about this game is you really can't melt the cheese like on a burger I want my cheese like melted on the burger man no burger bottoms huh oh man that's like that takes at least like in terms of the game out of 10 that takes off like five points for no burger bottoms no actually I love this game it's so fun it's so silly but enjoyable all right I guess we'll mix this we'll mix this that's not a bowl where's the bowl all right basic Bowl whoa I mean W in the chat if you need a wiener you guys acting like why would we not we have burgers by when we want wieners right mustard 1010 grams whoa I mean milliliters mustard real really squirts how hard oh good good good good wait vinegar five well six see everyone needs wieners in chat we like a hard squirt wait all right salt and black one two three four not the correct spices no we need to mix it doesn't tell you to mix but I would feel more comfortable mixing this not a lot of knives mmm a plastic bowl see I knew it I knew they have bowls for you to mix with oh no this is more like I'm gonna grab a bunch of shit Bowl but this kitchen is a mess I start I don't look at your fucking life and say that to you so I would like if you respect my kitchen like I respect you mix it up throw that away we turn that off because I want to hear it all day all right and then we pour this on the burger oh my god french fries who are these people I guess you need french fries with every burger but okay that's not what I wanted to do that's not what I was going for a throwback to the pregnant challenge when someone always took out owners I still laugh about it till this day and rainbows Lowell dude so you always take out a demeanor later they can't hurt them phone heart heart green hearts heart green heart thank you for the green hearts oh no I can't get to my burger okay got it got it don't worry we got it oh god please I just want to pour this on the burger oh my god all right whatever just like take the burger rub it on the floor where the honey mustard is just like just put it all in there put our toasty burger bunny it's live it's it's dead this is not a burger bottom see it wants it to top but it doesn't top it's oh wait what if we can special order burger bottoms we have waited wait we always had wieners in this game well we don't have burger buns I mean um hotdog buns or you know oh my god I'm so excited uh we have so many things I'll never have to cook in real life ever again I can just roleplay here and I'll be so skinny until I'm a skeleton it's gonna be great you guys alright let me flip this bitch because this is unacceptable no I want to in the center actually I don't want it in the center wait yeah do you I do want it in the center ah yeah very good that's a rough wiener I mean yes yes it is it has herpes no my food doesn't have herpes all right and that's really interesting coming from you Jesse when all chats exposed you for actually having herpes all right look this is marinated in the honey mustard long enough very good oh my god our burger book our burger doesn't fit our bond oh I hate that when your burger is too big for your butt are you well either away really but it's a little bit better when the burgers too big for the bun but when your buns are too big for your burgers like I hate that I actually hit that right cheese snack so it melts okay you think you're funny you think you're funny fucking cheese fucking cheese thank you cheese the onions gonna do the same thing isn't it oh yeah this is unacceptable that's double unacceptable please I just want it to be perfect oh no I'll just stir it on just throw it on they can make their own shit where's the book where's the top I don't give a shit about their french fries go suck a dick here's your fucking meal this looks like those frozen microwave breakfast sandwiches Kelly arguing with videogame food okay you know yes yes I am because the burger was not the proper size I can make my own food oh yeah bit yeah big Cod that's new shrimp salad if I ordered a burger or you know what why don't you guys order some food forget the recipes why don't you guys order some food well this is the running oh my god this is too intense for me shrimp salad chocolate soup I don't think we have chocolate actually we have raspberry oh my gosh little reserved mmm make like a fruit salad with some goat cheese that would be delish we really don't have like a lettuce or spinach I don't think so we have like our salads are very basic we don't make a fruit salad give me this bowl all right pear I don't think you add carrots to fruit salads but we're going to two pears two apples lemon no orange yeah yeah yeah yeah what's wrong with the oranges have you ever seen an up healed orange honey oops have you ever seen a peeled orange because that's what they look like that's what peeled oranges look like yeah it's disturbing I mean I'm not a fan of how oranges look when they're peeled either they like have these big gaping assholes it's disgusting I stick my finger in them and I'm like Oh gross now let's blend um honestly we couldn't use the food processor but I don't think so I don't we have so much stuff in here let me get my blender out of steak we're not adding a steak to our fruit smoothie oh yes that's looking really good honestly it would probably be red though because of the beats I really would oh let's put eggplant in there too I don't know why but you know no one is anyone doing that let's be the first out of tomato yeah you're right you're right movin how about an onion from the nightshade family Oh and garlic that's that scar looks good for you shake your stick some good garlic all right now the problem here how what happened to my oven what do you mean like what what's going on here I don't know what happened we don't have cups you actually don't have any cups all right I'll just make book we're gonna pretend this is a big cup and you guys all grab a straw and then you cannot you can all drink from it it'll be like you know those cutesy who we're gonna share a milkshake on our day and it's gonna be so cute but except in in this case it's just a bunch of people I just broke my TV okay oh Jesus there we go yes okay really that's it I spilled the rest of it oh hell no other than that like this was not my fault I don't even know what these shit stains are I guess maybe when I was twerking Oh shitting all over it but other than that like I actually I did nothing wrong holy shit all right HML knock new menu skip prep I don't think we need to prep let's see might be the firt okay it's a mate Oh soup see yeah this the only problem with starting a new game is I have to do all the basic recipes first which the tomato soups pretty quick and easy it's really not that bad pour it in oh wow that point a lot faster than I ever expected okay that's definitely not what I wanted to do tell you why it's hard to control okay salt 12 pepper 12 all right these are one-time wait how many I put in no no no no no onions and one onion onions go a long way you really really diary is your favorite food my dog ate some goose diarrhea today on our walk I just I was like why you're gonna get parasites please how dare you I boil before I blend okay I guess I guess for 60 seconds I saw some cute baby geese though I recorded them I'll add a hop load of lag soon of my baby geese and I saw some swine's it was a good day of bird-watching and dog walking are we need a deep plate oh do you play it let me get a few deep plates out actually though I don't want to will keep the kitchen clean this time where's my mop oh god where's my mom actually this is this is like done just stop before you yeah it's me – fucking soup wait no ma oh I thought 150 not bad at all 300 milliliters oh whoa god fucking dammit dude why I hate it I was trying to be so gentle no I guess complaints perfect-perfect wrong amount of product shut up you got extra tomatoes should chew shut up complain about extra soup who are you you dick wide actual jerk no I ain't got too much Lube I don't complain when they give me extra food what a dickwad all right we're gonna make a few of these cuz we need we need all the trout we can get really really do alright and then black pepper a shoe it's okay just because I have a disability where I can't say soup how dare you guys how dare you all right let's bake these bad boys tests indicated that you have no disability stop using it as a crutch so I will look at me mopping keeping things nice and tidy yeah look at this floor wait let me change my floor I don't have to unlock damn it's a market you have to unlock everything in the main mode sandbox everything son locked but you know it's your typical sandbox mode all right onto the plate garnish with parsley parsley leaves look at this beautiful trout sage right plate transfer onto the plate yes yes he is trout lemon how many lemons they want this morning that's a lot of lemons do they really want that much lemon okay oh no that's a very clean garbage can no one saw it no one knows oh my fuckin stop no one tell this customer that this happened if anyone snitches you know what happens to snitches I'd say don't warn you they don't need to know they're not even gonna notice they're gonna think the little brown specks are pepper they're not gonna know the difference might be a little grittier than normal what hey maybe they'll be like oh it's a fish it's got some sand in it all right you know sometimes I eat crab legs and you get that little grittiness and you're like oh damn this this has some some sand in it and it's fine there you go happy eating Wow basically a perfect square there please where's the sunflower oil hey Shelly can I call you Shelly anyways Shelly I have a bone to pick with you no clearly we have a disagreement on what cooking is and that's okay but washio damn chicken no iteration and please enjoy this free basket gasps big green apple red apple green apple red apple oh my god eradicate all people who wash our chicken apple green apple wrap please rat rat rat shrimp it should be a felony to wash your chicken you're spreading salmonella dude straight up parents are like washing their chicken and then the child comes in to wash their hands they get salmonella and die who are you and why are you on this earth wait hold up what am i doing see now you got me frustrated and I'm turning I'm flipping my salmon too soon because you people are trying you're just trying to spread this misinformation about washing chicken and it's wrong is wrong stop salmon play please thank you you'd rather die than eat my food okay sunflower oil is good in salads cabbage and cucumbers wrong olive oils where it's at olive oil master oil no no god damn it ah there we go actually perfect 60 seconds on that side why is my salmon will have you know that her whole family has washed chicken for generations the one time her mother didn't wash chicken it slipped from her hands and she tripped on it end of my TED talk wrong f the fish family hope they all fall into a pit and get eaten by a pit monster fixtures different stars alright I guess we need salt in our potato pot and now we're gonna boil a bunch of potatoes I don't have all day to be boiling potatoes so let's get some extras ready put their boiled potato they're satisfied it looks uh not that much better though all right we're good there you go the perfect meal and all right we got three stars on that one no how dare you corner Gordon is fine with Kelly not cleaning your chicken yeah well I get a new perk definitely want steady hands yeah all right upgrade your skills guests pay time 30 percent 50 more for their orders without affecting the score you earn more cooking points from served I think I want that so that I can UM work more fame points either cooking points or fame points although that up right now I could have done both I'm so ready really borscht my borscht art excuse me carrot how dare you parsley okay yeah that's great oh yeah thank you for the stars I appreciate it Kelly borscht is the food of My People Kelly you better do me proud no I spit in your borscht one minute I don't have that kind of time in my life Eastern Europeans rise up no stop I don't trust Eastern Europe knowledge okay all these chicken washers like are so like they're unable to admit when they're wrong and they're spreading disease like the probably we're all gonna die from some outbreak of disease and it's gonna be because of people Ali once their chicken spit in it oh all right there we go beautiful wait Boyle yeah yeah yeah wait when do i blend excuse me all right that's pretty good not bad not bad enough delish good score on that one cuz I killed it oh yeah what three and a half thousand four that was actually a four too much carrot I put the right amount of care you dumb bitch we've got our boiled potatoes done they're in the oven retaining their hotness from the day before our totally totally non-issue whoo it wow what a flip what a flip people Kelly's secret ingredients or boogers yes it is and you like those why is my salmon moldy damn oh well don't like it all right um whoa whoa whoa that's portion we are tomato soup Oh No Oh God why I'm releasing a forty three minute video all be ready for your career to be ending up hashtag don't leave on remembers lollipop oh no oh my god died every once in a while I have like a really intense sneeze normally my sneezes are like everyone's well it's like that we're like an actual demon is escaping me I can't wash the oven I tried guys let me try again I'll show you I cannot I wish I tried it it doesn't let me think you got dirt on me I dare you to try me sister I am an upstanding citizen of chat and I will cancel you have I let apply this matter hashtag frozen bread hashtag you totally tooted and you know it green apple no I did a poll you guys always bring flame chair farts on me and it's nice a squeaky chair god I would never fart on livestream all right food critic hit me borscht we have that ready Oh God 300 milliliters oh my word now that was a good pour that was a very good pour um that just slipped my pork chop without my consent no no work it so hard here God where's my mop you know we'll clean at the end of the day when during the cleaning phase all right uh were you guys counting her 80 seconds oh I was supposed to season them baked potatoes well I mean maybe people don't need as much salt as they think they need that's it nothing no garnish my gosh just look much better with the garnish but I won't I won't change it two stars why heating mistake sly salmon fillet unwanted what are you talking about I there was none of that there's no salmon fillet on your pork chop dish you liar oh my god food critic is here oh my god nobody everyone be on your best behavior okay oh of course they want salmon fillet and of course they do we only needs 10 milliliters of this oh my god I hate my life total reaction but it's a food critic no I've done no I just oh we did it alright sound play salmon fillet nobody freaked out grab a simple 8 don't do anything weird with the sand play oh my god I don't need dill I'm gonna do I need salt and pepper 1 2 3 4 5 good ok no we're good fry for 60 seconds each side and then the boiled potatoes they can have old boiled potatoes oh no my boiled and baked mixed crap Kelly I also fastened a butt plug on my yoga ball to hold up oh you're all right in my book I don't do that oh my god I am flip it oh I didn't even turn this on oh my god your salmon isn't cook yeah I know good call good call old boiled potatoes wait what is it they need 20 Aldona salt I really should make new boiled potatoes I have four minutes oh my god oh my god flip flip flip we have an emergency flavor oh my word oh my god what is going on I think I'll have some flower oil in there oh no I don't oh my god I'm choking I've actually ruined food critics meal what yeah okay all right I made quite a mess today it's like a lot of potatoes definitely doesn't seem like you need that much out of plate Oh what I had the correct amount of salt for my boiled potatoes you liar Wow our dish to meet the food critics needs they are piece of garbage actual piece of garbage I worked my ass off on that meal there a lot I put the correct amount of salt – I can't clean my mop is haunted I cannot believe it I actually cannot sketchy-ass food critic paid off by the chat to give me a bad review that's what happened I know how you guys are that's something you would do Wow dude what's happening Fame points

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