Chef Clash champion makes winning dish

Birmingham's top chefs recently went head-to-head in the chef competition using mystery ingredients this year's winner chef Devon folbaum from Fleming's Prime Steakhouse in vine bar she's here to cook up her winning dish we also want to welcome Corinne OVA dough the manager of the Birmingham farmers market who helped organize the event ladies thanks for coming in and making our studio smells so good everyone's kind of drooling out here this morning so Korean first of all tell us about the the chef question yeah annual stuff class event at the Birmingham farmers market I'm prepared this is why but if they do a savory dish and a Swedish we crown a winner so we had Seth Devin some Fleming's and Seth Lloyd Roberts from Adachi come out Oh congratulations to you this is a winning dish it is all right so what are you doing here okay so right here I have a Wagyu New York Strip which I decided I want obviously a mistake House and it needed to do a meat protein and then our mystery ingredient for the first round was one Charlie which is like Ancheta so I decided when I was there I was like all right I'm gonna cut it up and I'm gonna render it which is what I'm doing right now mm-hm and I brought these awesome Kerry Colbert from the market oh nice so I'm gonna toss these together really quick and and make a really awesome side dish and I drop mush Irish shiitake mushrooms with me again it's all outside so I had to bring some things looking but you came up with a great idea yeah so I started such and again I had two burners removed so while I was cooking the snake actually had things on this side of the grill as well Wow – and how much time did you have 40 minutes wouldn't start finish okay so I started sautéing shiitake mushrooms and added black garlic to it ooh black garlic now how is this different from black garlic is fermented for 21 days and it's aged for 28 days so it has a really mellow flavor and it almost tastes like molasses oh wow so it's a nice little savory aspect especially with shiitake mushrooms which have this great you know nondescript hmm awesome awesome flavor oh wow and this is the the finished product over here yeah waiting dish it feels like it needs a little a little crown or a little trophy I want to call and Keenan over here are a resident steak expert he's gonna he's gonna be the taste tester here this morning and Corrine while he's cutting into that tell us what else is going on at the farmers market sure the upcoming events our first one is our corn festival taking place on 11th that's a big day where we celebrate all things corn I've got an old-fashioned corn selling going on we also have you know a lot of funds like unique crafts for the kids to enjoy nice delicious delicious you get a two thumbs up from Kenan it's a great breakfast for you huh yes without a doubt in fact exactly right the gal that gave us this beautiful steak great flavor – thank you and chef tell us where you guys are where you guys are located we are located on old Woodward right off of Willits in Birmingham right and there you see the information for the Birmingham farmers market again open Sundays from 9:00 to 2:00 several events going on so congratulations again to you and thank you so much for being here and can't look you've got all of that and you know maybe with maybe other women vegetables yeah yeah Kevin's a nice guy maybe he'll save you a green bean or something Kevin

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