Chef Bee is sharing the flavor of love

– I just like feeding people, everybody. And I wage war with a fork. Have anybody in here ever been hungry? Can I get a show of hands? Have you ever been given a vegetable that you didn’t know what to do with? (audience laughs) Okay, well I’m your girl. I make vegetables behave like meat. It’s what I do. I’m here today because I wanna tell you about food access, food injustices, and how we solve that
problem with being mobile. We have a truck, we have a trailer, but we can’t utilize either one because in Michigan, they
want $3000 for insurance that I can’t afford. I’m a mom of ten, and finally
got my own little business, and we too small for that. So rather than fight the system,
we do it a different way. We simply give veganism to the people and make it accessible. And again, like I told
y’all at the beginning, I take a vegetable and
make it turn into chicken like (snaps fingers) that. (audience laughs) What I do is wage war with a fork, and how do I do that? We prepare meals twice a week for those that are less fortunate. You can catch us at the
Rosa Parks Transit Center on Wednesdays. You can catch us at the
State Fair Transit Center on Saturdays. If you would like to join us
that would be very helpful, you can follow me on
Facebook at @sistersonaroll. I am there, I am who you see. You can read my background,
get all that information that I’m really nervous
to tell y’all today. But what I really want
to share with y’all is if everybody take a
little bit that they have and put it together, it will
feed a whole lot of people. And I want to show the system that if I can do it as a mother, I’m about to cry, if I can do it as a mother of ten, surely these big corporations can do it. Y’know what I’m saying? So (growls) (audience laughs) Without a truck, without a trailer. Straight from the hip,
surrounded by friends like you that I don’t see. They encourage me, they keep me focused. The Good Food Policy people, got me up here telling a story, y’all. I am awed, but I’m in good company. I hate speaking, I really do. I feel like I’m gonna pass
out, but I’m still gonna push because if I don’t tell the
story, won’t nobody hear. And where I am, there
are no grocery stores, there’s nothing fresh that
we could grab ahold of, if we don’t have it in the house you’re just gonna have to make do. So that’s why I wage war with a fork. That’s why I make veganism accessible because a lot of people
don’t know what to do with those vegetables that
they get from the pantry, so they end up on my porch. And there’s a young
guy in our neighborhood that can’t stand my husband, but he always speaks to me. And if they hungry, they leave
a little rag on the porch, and if it’s more than one person
they leave a knot of rags, and then I know to fix a big pan of something that they can eat. And I encourage each and
every one of you today to simply think and consider somebody who could not consider themselves. And what we offer when we
say we wage war with a fork is we feed ’em freedom. We feed ’em free from fees, we give ’em hope for a better tomorrow, and we simply give ’em the flavor of love. If you look in your seat, there is a card that says “Sisters on a Roll.” If you are the fortunate
recipient of the number four, please look on your cards now, you are entitled to lunch on me. So have a look and see if your
card says the number four. Check it out, check it out. Somebody got it, it’s on there. Aw, look at y’all looking, I like that, I like that a lot! Yeah, y’all making this easy for me, yes! – [Audience Member] Four! – Who got it, who got it? – [Audience Member] Four! – Yes! (applauds) Yes! That’s what I’m talking about, please see me after I come off stage, I’ve got lunch just for you! – [Audience Member] Thank you. – Thank you, it has been my pleasure. (audience applauds)

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