Central world Bangkok, Thai street food Night Market – Famous Pad Thai dish #livelovethailand

good evening fellas welcome back again
into another vlog from Live Love Thailand today we are at Central world
there is a night market going on food and small Bazaar so this night market is
next to central world so let’s check it out together
well at the beginning of the market we have Night Bazaar going on and the rest
of the market is about food so let’s go inside and eat something and
explore the price and the quality so I just ordered a pad Thai with Chicken little bit
spicy because too much spicy is killing this is the most famous dish in Thailand check this out guys
delicious spicy juicy with chicken you can have it also with seafood so you see your dish is being
prepared in front of you with fresh made ingredients meanwhile you have other lot of choices
if you want to eat here as I said this night market is not open
every day it’s just next to central wold if you want to try Thai dishes not so
cheap but good and premium well good one the dish is big the portion of chickens
are big comparing to the Pad Thai that you eat on the street so Lets Try it
see how it is Tastes when you come to Thailand you have to
try this famous dish Pad Thai with chicken or seafood well actually guys that Pad Thai was so
spicy so we need an urgent cold drink yep what what do you think if we try Shaved
coconut what is this coconut Cold! it’s Cold
Yeh Cold ! Shaved coconut I guess okay thank you thank you well as the lady Said from
Shanghai that it’s more tasty than regular coconut this is a shaved coconut
I recommend when you come to Thailand to try it it’s 100 Baht as I said you pay
double for everything here since it’s near center world and everything is
expensive but premium quality it’s not a big market but you have
almost everything as I said the prices are not so cheap
like other night markets but worth it to try because the quality of the food is
premium you have here dumplings seven pieces 100 Baht
12 pieces 120 Baht seems tasty the market is not that much big but you
have almost everything as you see premium quality so guys that is the end of our vlog I
hope you enjoyed it we tried Pad Thai and a shaved coconut
after it was so spicy that’s why we needed a fresh Thing to drink after I hope you enjoyed this spicy and fresh
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11 thoughts on “Central world Bangkok, Thai street food Night Market – Famous Pad Thai dish #livelovethailand

  1. Very tasty looking food in that market! A little bit more expensive than normal but still cheap by western standards. Thanks for sharing the video dude!

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