100 thoughts on “Can You Guess How Much Sugar Is In These Foods? (GAME)

  1. My nan likes to put salt on a grapefruit I think it's a Southern thing honestly lol 😊 love my country folks though 😍😊☺

  2. Link, try some peanut butter after taking that anti-sugar thing. They have to sweeten peanut butter because it's extremely sour

  3. I was thinking about how wrong they were… and then when they started switching I was in complete agreement… and then Link asked us if they should change answers, so I sent my vibes of agreement through the screen lmao and we were correct!

  4. Putting sugar on strawberries and letting them sit in the fridge for a few hrs makes a great syrup to put over angel food cake. TYVM!

  5. I have an addiction to Sugar and Corn Syrup. This is the most influential show yet. Thanks for sharing the info so I can use it to beat the Cane. Sugar cane that is

  6. Blackberries(or other berries), milk, and sugar in a cup and mix it smashing some of the berries with a spoon. You’ll thank me. Also, try frozen peaches.

  7. Rhett is consistently one of the funniest people in my opinion, he is both sarcastic and quick-witted and he has the ability to make me laugh no matter what the context is.

  8. "We've had this conversation before." It's like the last episode of Seinfeld. That's what you get when you're friends for 35 years and then do 1600 video episodes together.

  9. I was going to say they need something that makes things taste sweeter, but then I realized that's what artificial sweeteners are.

  10. I put sugar on a strawberry when they're more tart. it depends on how ripe they are/if they're in season, and sometimes they're sweet enough to not need it, but a lot of times I need something to cut the tartness. Sometimes I'll use chocolate instead.

  11. Fresh cut strawberries with sugar on top was a common dessert (or afternoon treat instead of candy) my grandmother gave me, so it's very nostalgic. (As well as sugar on grapefruit). But I do now use Splenda instead.

  12. “Don’t look at the Ben & Jerry’s ingredients”
    “Oh I won’t”
    Immediately turns it toward himself and then gets the answer right

  13. I used to have a bowl of strawberries and take the small container of sugar beside the coffee maker and like spin the strawberry in the sugar.

  14. Now do an episode where you take the pill that makes things sweet and this pill that takes away sweetness and see what happens!

  15. When you put sugar on strawberries, it creates a syrup, and then you can put the strawberries and syrup on top of a slice of angel food cake.

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