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hi my name is Sonya this is my son Raymond today I’m here to cook one of my favorite Cuban dishes because Oh ray is going to leave the kitchen while I cook when he comes back he’s not going to have one dish he’s going to have three identical dishes in front of him then he will have to pick which one I made let’s hope he picks right josh is on out first up we’re gonna make our rice I have my rinsed rice I like using the rice cooker only because I can be starting the other dish at the same time and our water is in a pinch of salt and I like to put a little bit of oil it’s about two cups here so it’s gonna take anywhere about 15-20 minutes and now we’re gonna put this aside and we’re going to start might be cutter you we’re gonna start with our ground beef this is a scaled-down version of what I cook at home I always like to make just a little extra in case you have that extra gas coming or you want to save it for your next day to make other dishes that you can make with the picadillo we can make some empanadas you can also make some very famous Papa rellena then we’re going to go ahead and add some onions then also bell peppers Cuban style pinch of salt just a tad of pepper not too much a little bit of oregano Kwame no the majority of the Cuban dishes are not spicy we just like to put in enough flavors but not spicy so now we’re going to go ahead and add our garlic a little bit of the tomato paste and tomato sauce a lot of people don’t like the olives but it is a tradition I almost forgot raisins this just gives it that little sweet kick lastly I’m adding the sauce Oni there are different kind of sauce owners out there this one has a little extra ingredient to help you color the meat a little bit as well from start to finish takes anywhere from about 25 minutes to half an hour it’s a favorite dish it’s something that’s quick and easy my grandmother rest her soul it was one of her favorite dishes so that’s one of the main reasons we we take pride in doing this one in our house because she was the one that taught us how to cook this everything looks wonderful we’re just gonna top it off and we’re gonna start our bonitos mother ooh let’s see we’re gonna pick out the most riped I’m just gonna peel here as you can see they’re very right we’re gonna be cutting it at a long angle when you get them at the markets they come anywhere from hunter green to as you see here when they turn very Brown those are the most ripe I’m gonna slide right in be very very careful of course you know your oil is extremely extremely hot you just want to cook them till they get just a little bit Brown on the sides less than a minute on each side loving my parents they’re cooking the love that they put into the food it was just you know something wonderful if I were in my son’s shoes and my mom were cooking absolutely I would know in a heartbeat which one would be hers so we have our three dishes here let’s plate up I normally would like to put a little bit more but because Raymond has to taste two other dishes we’re gonna just give him a little taste here we’ll give him three I know he likes them and here’s our dish picadillo white rice and sweet plantains hopefully he picks mine hi my name is Raymond Arroyo jr. I am Sonya son her favorite son her only Son but still her favorite I hope I get it right because I wouldn’t be able to live it down myself if I don’t get it right let’s just put this into perspective okay I didn’t come in my car so if I get this wrong I’m probably gonna sit in the trunk if you guys and girls are watching right for me yeah time to eat let’s eat [Music] number one it looks pretty good if you’re Cuban you know like this over the seagull flavors good the Platanos tastes familiar but it’s different at the same time the rice though I don’t know that really doesn’t taste like my mom’s rice I just don’t know the seasoning on the picadillo is a lot different than how my mother really makes it you never know once I try the other plates I will be sure damn this looks really good this one actually has raisins in it I like it I don’t ones that have raisins in it if you don’t like raisins and your freak idea you should really try it it’s so good it’ll sit – here you go you rested in bad the picadillo is just amazing the seasoning isn’t as thick as the first plate I mean it’s really balanced it’s not too salty the flattened also they look amazing it’s not too burnt though I’d kind of like it a little dark but this is really nice the rice is not bad either I’m a big rice guy I like rice so number two it was really good number one was good number three is it meant to be let’s see well this looks a lot different the Platanos are a darker because it looks good oh my god it has potatoes and it actually doesn’t have olives it’s good but it’s just the seasoning it’s just a little bit too much on this one the brother knows are good I love that there’s potatoes I love potatoes it helps balance out the food it helps balance out the flavor out of these three dishes I’m stuck between one and two because visually they’re both similar to my mom’s but I know how my mom cooks it’s got to be number two and if I’m wrong this might be the last time all of you see me Mom I picked number two the plantains were made exactly what you make him you don’t put them too dark you don’t put it too light but I could be wrong but please tell me if I got her well well this one oh no way it’s this guy I’m sweating right here I am um oh please get this right you got it right thank God so I can sit next to you on the ride home I gotta ride so all those years of eating with her but it worked for something so eat your food let your mom gives you look she only has to deal with me the rest of her life so this is just one stage of me surviving you

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  1. 1:45 ngl, i actually thought she said "i almost broke up, raisins" as in like her husband/boyfriend didn't/doesn't like raisins so, yeah… 😅😅

  2. My mum is amazing at cooking but over the years it seems like she doesn’t care anymore like she’s not bothered to do it or it’s raw and she stops seasoning her food. That’s why I cook for myself now

  3. I like how she pronounces the main dish and I just like her in general. She seems like someone you’d want to sit and eat with or just have a chat with.

  4. I'm Cuban and my family has been making picadillo for forty years. I don't think there's a chance in hell I could be fooled by the taste of restaurant picadillo vs my mother's. Also, unrelated, but I love serving it with some black beans and sauce with peppers and onions on the white rice.

    Oh and if you don't like the olives… you basically don't like picadillo! It's one of the strongest flavors in it!

  5. She's so down-to-earth and comfortable in front of the camera. Absolutely lovely! More videos of her cooking!!!

  6. Your Mom is the best!! My Cuban friends and I always get the Plantains in the reduced section when they are BLACK! Best flavor. And it is not proper Picadillo if it does not have raisins in it .

  7. Wouldn't be able to pass this test.  I love my mom to death but cooking was never her forte.  No two dishes were ever the same whether it was a burger, fried chicken, potato and egg tacos, spaghetti etc.  The burger from today would taste nothing like the burger from last week even if she used the same ingredients.  I've come to appreciate the adventure of the situation, but yeah, would've failed this test hard.

  8. My friend made picadillo once and i fell in love with it. Stuff is addicting. He made it for a holiday potluck along with black beans and rice and it was probably the first thing to run out. His had raisins and olives, and I can't imagine it without.

  9. this is one of the only good buzzfeed videos ive seen. the people are genuinely nice and funny without being annoying… really enjoyed this video.

  10. One time my mom gave me some food, and I asked her if she made it. She tricked me and said yes, which confused me because it didn’t taste like her cooking. I said, “oh, it doesn’t taste like you made it.” She was shocked, and told me that her friend actually made it.

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