Buttermilk syrup cooking with kids

hi I’m Jade from Jonesin For taste and this
is Torrance Jones my daughter and we’re going to show you today how to make
buttermilk syrup I have a pan here heating up and we’re going to put in 1/2
cup of butter so torrance put in 1/2 cup of butter yeah that’s a whole so one
stick is 1/2 cup there we go okay stir that around it’s
hot so we’re gonna melt butter and then we’re going to add a half cup of sugar
so I measure out that 1/2 cup of sugar while torrance is stirring the butter and
having it melt all right here we go now we’re gonna add this half cup of sugar
okay stir that in torrance so now we’re going to add buttermilk and vanilla so I
have a 1/2 cup of buttermilk we’re gonna add that in okay stir that up Torrance and about a teaspoon of vanilla I’m just
gonna eyeball it that’s it all right so mix mix mix we want it to
start boiling just a little and I can see the bubbles so we’re going to turn
this off and then torrance I’m gonna have you help me we’re gonna move this
over to the hot pad you want to have a hot pad waiting because now we’re gonna
add the baking soda this is kind of the fun part for kids so Torrance grab a
half teaspoon of baking soda when you add it to an acid like
buttermilk it’s going to expand a lot half teaspoon no the smaller one that’s a half tablespoon all right so 1/2 teaspoon that’s good okay so I’m
gonna stir while you add that torrance cuz it gets all foamy it gets really
really big so you want to make sure you do this in a big pot don’t try and do it
in a small pot I usually do a double recipe in this pot but it
continues to foam for quite a bit if you’ve ever added like baking soda to
vinegar you’ll know what I’m talking about then it gets really really big and
then that’s it super easy super fast okay and then what I’m gonna do is I
like to keep it in a mason jar so you can kind of see how it’s all foamy that
foam will reduce torrance will you go grab a rag I’m making a mess
you’ll want to serve this warm maybe not piping hot but warm all right that’s it
super easy high five torrance you really like the buttermilk syrup don’t you when grandma makes it you don’t remember oh Torrance you are the worst

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