Bubbies Falafel Sandwich with Chef Lauren Kershner

Hi everybody, my name is Lauren Kerhsner.
I’m a private chef and caterer based out of Sonoma, California. I specialize in a
lot of vegan, vegetarian food using local seasonal ingredients. Today I’m using
Bubbies KIsher Dill Pickles for my Lebanese-style falafel sandwich.
I chose Bubbies because it’s a fermented salt brine pickle and there’s
no sugar in it and it’s vegan and this dish will be a vegan dish. The first step
in this dish is to make the falafel mixture so I’m going to add some
garbanzo beans, herbs, some vegetables, and spices and get it nice and pureed and
then we’re going to form them into little balls and fry them til they are golden brown. If
your falafel is a little too dry you can add a little bit of cold water you want
to stick together nice. It’s almost there. We’re going to start forming the falafel
balls and then we’ll get them in the hot oil. Alright next we’re going to
fry the falafel balls in some mild canola oil about 375 degrees. We’re going
to get the balls nice and golden brown. So, now that the falafel balls are fried
we’re going to start assembling the pita sandwich. I already have some hummus
prepared here. It’s very simple. You can buy some at the store. it’s really just
garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil, then I’m going to cut
some tomatoes, some baby gem lettuce ,and of course our Bubbies Pickles. The first
thing we’re going to do is toast the pita till is nice and warm and soft and
then I like to put some hummus first and our sliced Bubbies Pickles,
two slices of tomato, some nice baby gem lettuce, about three falafel balls and
then a lot of tahini sauce. Tahini sauce is really easy to make at home.
It’s just tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. There are lots of variations of falafel
sandwiches. Lebanon and Israel and throughout the Middle East. You can do
pomegranate molasses tzatziki which is a cucumber yogurt sauce, or you can just put
cucumbers in there or raw onion. My favorite is the the Lebanese street food
style with just lettuce, tomato, and lots of pickles.
Thank you for joining me in my kitchen today. If you’d like to learn more about
these pickles and some of their other fantasic products, visit bubbies.com. To see what I
am up to the kitchen and some of my latest recipes follow me at @goodgraciouseats.

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