British Movie Theater Snacks Taste Test Ft. Sorted Food

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel clacking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Who you talkin’ about? This is when we read a comment, we don’t know if it’s about me or Link, [Together]- And we guess. – Let’s hear it. – Okay, Andrej Nikolov says, “Blank is so awesome! Blank is very lucky to have
a best friend like him.” Whoa! Okay! – All right it seem like- – So it’s either gonna be, Rhett then Link or Link then Rhett. See? Two- – One of us is awesome and is lucky to have had, friends with you
– Right – The other one’s lucky to- – I mean I’m not gonna guess that, I mean, whoever guesses- You know what Link? I’m gonna guess that “Link is so awesome! Rhett is very lucky he
has him as a best friend.” You can’t do that now
cause I did it first. – I think I think you’re still, marginally awesome. But I guess I’ll guess me too. (laughter) Who is it? Rhett is so awesome? – And he’s, you know what, he’s so thoughtful. He’s also so thoughtful. – I am very lucky to have you as a friend. – Yeah! – It doesn’t mean that I’m not awesome. – Yeah, you’re awesome to have me as a best friend. – Speaking of awesome, let’s bring in the boys from SORTEDfood. – It’s Mike, Ben and James! – All right. (applauding) – Hey guys. – Hello. – How you doing? – Welcome back to the, to the land- – Scoot on in. – Down over. – So we make sure-
everybody’s in camera here. – There we go, we got it. Looking good, okay. – Cozy. – So uh, yeah. I like your… I like your ensembles. – Thanks. – Ah thank you. – Our palette. – Well the way, I’m noticing your collars. – Yeah? – Like I noticed- – You’ve all got collars-
– Is this a, a British thing. – No I mean today it
seems that way because we don’t have any collars today. – We talked a lot about this this morning. (laugher) – Yours is just, tasteful, I wouldn’t say expected but I would say, I’m comfortable with it. Yours peaks my interest a little bit, because it’s, this is a knit shirt, with buttons all the way up the front, it’s got a bowling, shirt kind of a vibe. – It doesn’t really know what it is. – But it’s, but it’s not a bowling
shirt because it’s knit, and then it’s got a, it’s got… – Calligraphy. – It’s got calligraphy! – And I like that. And then we, over here… – I’m just gonna say, it’s a very special day, however, we’ve been in the US for a while and it’s the last shirt I had. (laughter) – No I, – I mean – I like it, it’s such a- – No, you’re like, Sporty Spice. – I just like Sporty Spice. (laughter drowns out speakers) – But he can do a handstand, if you ask him. – Ah, some days I can. – Well, it’s kinda like a study in collars you know? – Right! – Yeah. – It’s like collars, three ways. – It’s like a history of the evolution of the British shirt. – Etiquette, welcome to etiquette.
– Yeah, look at us losers. – Wow yeah! – We’re collarless. – I mean, I think it’s like, this is like a trip towards America in casualty. Not casualty
(laughter) Casualness, like, you got like, you got a NASA t-shirt, which is like still like, I’m still kinda trying then you’re like, cameo! You know? – If you want hydrating, you can have some of that, water over there. – Yes please.
– Really think about that, this is the evolution of a shirt guys. The more I think about it, the more crazy it is. – Well, you’re not even wearing one. – (laughter) Exactly see? Shirtless. – All right, subscribe to SORTEDfood. – Yeah do that first.
– Get that out of the way. – Yeah yeah yeah, in case we forget to say that.
– It’s on YouTube. Look at how much fun we have with them. – So many collars. – So you guys brought some, some snacks, from your homeland and- – Are these movie theater snacks? Or just snacks? – These are movie theater snacks. – Good good, we’re staying on topic. – And they can be had any time. I would eat Maltesers, at any point. They are ideal for-
– Let’s start with those, tell us about it. – This is just a little- – Show it to the people. – This is a delicious light bite. Of honeycomb, covered in chocolate. It’s very simple.
– Is it, is it fake honeycomb? Or they-
– Have you never had Maltesers? – I’ve never heard, seen
or thought of buying. – We have a breed of dog, that’s the same thing. That I enjoy, I eat regularly. – [Rhett] Oh! Look at that! – [Link] They’re not really, hacking up honeycombs, they’re manufacturing them.
– Look at this! Link. Wait! – They have a good dispensing. – I would love to know how it-
– Look at that! – [Rhett] I got two in a row! – [Link] There’s a hole. – Easy dispense for the, the movie theater. So you’re not gonna spill ’em everywhere, one at a time. – And you’re just gonna
make a lot of noise. (rattling)
– The whole time. – Yeah. – We call those a “Whopper”. (laughter) – Whopper. – Yeah, it tastes just like a- not the Burger King Whopper, but the Whopper.
– Oh. – You just served us, a Whopper. – Oh, so these are just- – This is just a re brand is it? – Malted Milk Balls is what we call them. – [James] That’s disappointing. – I’m sure we liberated it from you guys and just called it something else. (laughter)
– I feel like you guys did malt bet than we do. – Oh really? I’ll take that compliment. – It’s old school. – Okay what else you got? – I like it though. – I’m gonna, I’m gonna come back to these.
– You’re gonna taste it? – Huh? – You’re gonna taste it? – No. Not at all. – So these are Revels. These are the quintessential, British candy, because, they contain six, different varieties of candy. At least one of them is disgusting. (laughter)
So- – Oh it’s like a game. – Absolutely…
– Well they’re not meant to be disgusting.
– It’s very British and, we can’t even make a candy
that we can completely enjoy. (laughter) – We have to remind ourselves that, life’s not that great, so you know, you get an orange creme, used to exist in these, I don’t know whether the same thing exist, in the ones here. – So let’s see if we can, can you identify? It’s not deliberately disgusting, it’s just, everyone has a favorite. – It’s like chocolate roulette, and one of them, is a Malteser. – Oh really! Mixing it up! – Cross pollinating. Right. – Interesting thing is that,
– I know you’ve got a lot of- (muttering)
– Could you just, give me one of each? – No, I’m giving you all of those. – Now what does it make you think of Link, when you see Revels? You thinking the same thing I’m thinking? You think about Revels Tractor? – Yeah. – We went to school with a family named, Revels. And,
– That’s their last name. They had a tractor place called, Revels Tractor. – Oh, I dropped that one. – Ah, see, whether it bounces or not, we’ll give you a clue
as to what it could be. – Yeah, that stuff. – This one is, is a disk shape, I’m gonna eat that. – It actually doesn’t bounce at all look, is that a mal- is that a Maltese? – That’s an orange, I got an orange one. – Orange creme. – Did you like that? – Yeah! – That’s my worst flavor, that’s my worst nightmare. – Really? – What’s wrong with you? – Okay, this one is just chocolate. – Yup. – Classic. – Chocolate disk. – And then this one probably has a raisin in it. – Maybe that one was-
– Yeah, that’s the raisinet. – Identified it, before even cracking it. – Yeah, I like to eat kinda like a gerbil. (laughter) – You have a nibble over there. – You know the cross section don’t you? – That’s another, that’s another, raisinet. – I got a raisinet. (background laughter) – It’s good.
– What’s a raisinet? Is it just a little raisin? – It’s a raisin covered in chocolate. It’s a female raisin. (muttering) – That’s great, that’s toffee. – That good. – Yeah. – Toffee? – It’s like, it’s supposed to be a toffee in the UK. – There’s actually not a lot of- they’re all different, but they all kinda taste very similar. Cause that chocolate is pretty strong. – Well, our chocolate differs to your guys, doesn’t it? Ours is really sweet in comparison, like when we come over
and have a Hersheys, it feels like, ours is a lot sweeter like, a lot more milky, our milk chocolate. – You think it’s too bitter. – Um.
– Is it too bitter? – Yeah, no, I don’t know, maybe, I’m not sure. It’s just very different. – Well that orange thing is nasty. – You’re right about that. – And what’s our, what’s our third one here? – These are Wine Gums. So these are my favorite. – Wine Gums? – Wine Gums. They’re the one’s that,
– I’ve heard of these. – [Ben] They’ve been around a long time, and it’s, their just classic. Five different flavors, each one named after a different wine. Each shaped like a, different bottle or shape. – [Rhett] Can you get drunk off of them? – [Ben] Non-alcoholic, but as a kid, you can eat them, feeling grown up. – Oh. – What you mean named
after a different wine? I don’t know this. – Named after a different wine? – Teach me. – Each one’s got like a wine on it. – Not all Brits knows these things. – Burgundy! – Oh!
– Take a Burgundy – Look at that! You just learned something
about your own country! – I’ve, I’ve just been, you know.
– Fortified wine, Port. – See we would outlaw this, in our country. – You can’t teach the
kids to drink the wine. – That’s true.
– This wouldn’t be allowed- – Or to smoke the cigarettes, or chew the tobacco. – Drinking’s a huge part of our culture. To get through the weather, so we have to teach them early. If you’re gonna survive in this country, with this rain, you’re gonna get on the wine early. – Also a good bang for your buck. – These are good. – You chew ’em, they get stuck in your teeth, they’re there for the whole film. – You know what we have? We have the non wine version of these, and they’re called Dots. – They’re exactly the same. – That is a rebrand. – Very, very similar
– [James] We, we’ve literally taken just, things that are named
differently but tastes the same. – They’re not nearly as fun, and I don’t think they taste as good, I don’t think they’re the same. – You’re just falling for, the allure.
– Do you have a favorite flavor? – It’s the champagne. Now we’ve got something for you guys. – Oh, excellent.
– We’ve got a, a signature, American snack, which is really a snack from Mexico. – Right.
(laughter) – Cause, that’s how we roll. Josh, bring this in, and do the honors. – [Josh] So here, we have- – Have you guys met Josh? – Hey! – We talk on the internet sometimes. (chuckling) – We do. – These are called Toasty Locos, or Dorilocos, if it’s made of Doritos, but they’re made with all kinds of chips, started in Mexico, really popular in LA now. You get them at ice cream trucks and street vendors. On top of the chips we have, chamoy which is a pickled
apricot in chili sauce, we have valentino hot sauce, jicama, mango, cucumber,
pickled pork skin, some have, cacahuate japoneses or
Japanese peanuts of course, Tamarind candy called, pulparindo, and then some pickled
pig skin and gummy bears. – Hey hey, – What’s up? – I know you do food and they do food, but you need to chill out a little. – I was trying to impress them! – I’m feeling really inadequate right now. – Just relax man! – I’m trying to put our
brand on the table man, this is what we’re doing here.
– Hey yeah, it’s like, “I’ll praise you later,” but just here, I’m like, “Hey, let’s just…” – You’re welcome and also I apologize. – Play it cool Josh. – Grab a bag guys. – I think you got the-
– I’m intrigued by the, pickled pork. – Me too! – [Mike] What’s this? I’m not taking someone’s?
– [Link] Yeah take that. No take that. – Wow that’s weighting. – Sorry, my mic’s falling off. – I got Ruffles man. – It’s kind of- – Ruffles got ridges. – Grab that.
– Thanks. – I kinda don’t know where to start. – Wow
– Wow – I think you just, you know. You just grab, oh it’s kinda soggy.
– Oh, you use the chips to, scoop everything up right?
– There’s forks. With gummy and hots- – [Josh] The forks aren’t meant to be used. – They’re not meant to be used? – [Josh] It was a test. – I’m, silly. Silly forks
– Ah, good. – Cheers? – Cheers.
– This is really good. – I don’t know what happened in your bag
– It’s fun. – I’m not sure what I’m eating. – No, and it’s really confusing, in a wonderful way. – Yeah, very, it’s fun, it’s cataclysmic… It’s spicy! You got some spice?
– You gonna get the cucumber in there as well. Cools you down – I don’t like cucumber though. – I don’t have cucumber in mine. – Oh! – You don’t take these
into the cinema though, come on.
– What is that?! – You don’t take these to movies. – No, I think Josh missed that note, that it needed to be for a movie theater. – [Josh] I take whatever I
want into the movies man. – You’re just showing off now. – I wanna know what
that Japanese peanut is. Is that what… Is that what this is I think? – Tell you what, the sauce on that is delicious
– It looks like ibuprofen. Did you just throw an
ibuprofen in this thing? – That’s a peanut? – [Josh] No, it’s like a kind of, round, almost like a Jordan almond, it’s kinda got a beige color on it. – But what is this? – A Tylenol – [Josh] Oh, that’s a
little Tamarind candy covered in chili. – Tamarind candy. – There’s the Japanese peanuts, you want those? – Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah. – I feel like you need to take
in a wet wipe in with you. If you’re on the back bench
in the cinema with wet wipes, people are gonna be suspect but, I think if you got a dish like this, you’re gonna need them. – You guys had to get on a plane today? – Yeah
– Mhm – Good. – This is all, mixing down in here. – You have to eat every last bit of that. – My whole body is just hot right now. I’m sweating hard. – I’ve got a window seat. (laughter) – So in recent, or upcoming episodes, you guys are in, New Orleans and Portland? – Yeah, we’ve been basically, traveling around the US. And by three traveling rules. We’re trying to reinvent the way that, people travel and eat.
– Okay. – And so we have three rules, number one, we can only go to places and eat things, that have been recommended by our viewers.
– Love it. – [Mike] So, you’re forced into going, all over the place and, places that you never choose. Number two is say “yes.” – We’ve ended up in some crazy situations, just by saying yes, no matter where you end up.
– Alligator hunting, all of that stuff so.
– Generally it’s good. – And number three is, pass it on, so, we’re normally trying to find
some people who’re doing, really cool things with food, to help their communities. We then, pay them a visit and talk to them. – Nice. Welcome here and thanks for hanging out. – Thank you, no thanks for having us. – You can actually take that on the plane. – Yeah. – Yeah? – Everyone will thank you. – The security won’t question it at all? (relaxed upbeat music)
– No no, no. You gotta put it in clear plastic wrap (laughter) And everything will be okay. – [Rhett] Do a blind
taste test in your sleep! With our Mythical Sleep Masks, available now at,

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  1. Guys, you’ve had Maltesers, Revels, and Wine Gums before, someone sent y’all a box of British candy. It’s been a while, but it happened.

  2. my fave fact about the UK for americans? that we can drink alcohol in our own homes from the age of 5. i had champagne at christmas at 5 years old. its normal 🙂

  3. I hope the person who designed and sent the masks to Rhett and Link are getting a cut of the proceeds from the sale of the masks, Just saying.

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  5. Also with Revels…i love all of the flavours (including the orange ones MIKE!!) but if you get a coffee and orange one in succession that's not a good flavour combination 🤢

  6. Okay how do Americans survive without Revels, MALTESERS?! and WiNe GuMs! please tell me you Americans because i DO NOT get it.

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