28 thoughts on “BIZARRE FOODS HD – JAMAICA

  1. This pussy …what the fuck you talking about..eating from the sewer..fucking spreading false and very disrespectful bulshit about our food. In Jamaica we have the most tastefull dishes and culinary delights ever. This video is coming down. And btw the way.. Go suck yu mumma..battyboy.

  2. MOST OF JAMAICAN CRABS ARE NOT CAUGHT FROM SEWERS!!! Great feature otherwise… Too bad you missed Ms Enith (St Mary), Boston Jerk in Portland and Gloria's in Port Royal 😀.

  3. Whoiii … real Jamaican food at its finest! I love it! Wish I had some now !!!!! 😭🤦🏾‍♂️smh

  4. Many of these local foods and fruits can be found along the chain of islands. Some may be known by different names e.g. the blue draws known as "konki" in Barbados and "pehmee" in St. Lucia (note that I may have the spelling incorrect). The ingredient mix may vary. The "fooga" (again, I may have the spelling incorrect) known as "kareila" or "cohcomkoolee" is another.

  5. I find this guy kinda disrespectful, acts like a stereotypical tourist who has never travelled outside his own country before. When you visit another country keep the insults to yourself.

  6. This is a good production, but I object to the "crab from the sewage commentary". Jamaicans would stone you to death for selling such a crab.

  7. Ur guide is pommy! You should have got a real jamican woman that sounds jamican. You forgot about the Chinese sausage that's cooked on the rice that's one of my favorite

  8. 58 seconds in and I'm in my feelings. Sir nuh tell nuh lie pon wi. We nah eat nothing from outta nuh sewers kmt

  9. Apart from the sewer part I love this video….highlights so much I love about our little island.

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