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Hi everyone today I am starting this vlog because we are going to give him a surprise we are going to the sky club and he doesn’t know that if we’re going on a scooty, so he’ll know but I’ll tell him to vlog this we are telling him that we are going to watch a movie But actually, we are going to the Sky restaurant yeah, he’ll vlog that and he’ll tell that we are going to CC and all to watch a movie but It will be fun I guess and so it’s like I have a gift for him. I will show you his gift okay And also, like I’m doing this for a memory like imagine After like 30 years we both are like watching this together It’ll be fun. We’ll be happy to see this. So yeah yes, so we are ready. she is reminding me of his gift and he is continuously asking us why you guys are like getting so much ready? and why are you guys doing so much and all but itna toh banta hai ! Now we said him that we have to click photos and all that’s why we are like getting ready and all so but I think he knows like, I think deep down it’s like Somewhere. He knows that Let’s see So hello guys. Namaste to you all. And so now I’ve picked up the vlog. you might have seen our journey till here Like ohh we reached. Hey you guys, I have picked up the vlog It’s quite windy out here. I don’t know if you can hear me or not This is that like I had no clue that we are coming here and I didi and Mom really told me that they were going to the city center and then I thought I really thought we were going to see the center “kind of”. No, I had no clue that We are coming to Sky. I thought somewhere else. So it’s it’s it’s quite a surprise Yeah, this place is so nice. Soo nice. Later i”ll show you what we ordered and all. It’s a beautiful surprise. thank you The story is I guess three days ago a parcel came into our house and then like I had no clue like What was it like who ordered it? I did not know and then like did of a sudden she ran to the door and she opened the door and she took the parcel And then she’d not let me see it like she did not even let me see it. Where was it from? It was online shopping something but then like what was the product? Where was it? Who was it for? She did not let me see it so at first, I thought like she ordered Some of her friends or like something She does that quite a lot. But then what happened was I was quite nagging her and that time and then I was talking wish mom. and the like No didi was telling warm that I’m nagging her and then mom told Like, “oh he knows we are you acting” so like that kind of give it that made me feel suspicious that oh my god It might be for me because my birth is coming and that point before that point I did not even know that did not come into my mind that my birthday coming and that gift is maybe for me so and then i was suspicious and then i talked with Sonora, of course didi talks with sinora so much. So like she might have told her i thought like that that she might have discussed with us. So like I asked her and then she smiled you know that that smile when You’re talking about something and see knows but see the acting as if she does not know So that’s what gave it away and then i was sure that was for me but I kind of played with it and then and then I knew it like They are gonna plan something like on this day, on my birthday, They are gonna take like we are gonna go somewhere and then all of the sudden when I came back from school Mom told let’s go for a movie today and I was like Okay why not like I did not have tuition today heyy here they come. should we sit inside or outside WOW, How’s the view? daami I’m sorry Where do you want to sit? here or here? no no sit here only And then they were telling me like we will go for a movie and then we saw the show times and all and then like Until the last moment until we crossed city centre she was just telling that we will go to CIty Center it was so uncomfortable. so weird she was sitting on one corner of the room and checking door continuously fearing siddhu might come she was sitting on the floor and making video But then what happened? But the siddhu was not there. he already left i was wondering what is she doing. she was making a video siddhu was not there in the house but she was telling me “close the door siddhu will come”. They gave me a surprise a very beautiful and very good surprise but then but then it was kind of like poorly managed like you could not keep the secret especially mom whenever I talk about my birthday she was going on laughing always smiling And with this smile. always this smile How can someone not know with this smile no but deep down i always thought you knew. No, I did not know abou sky but then I knew like something is up and we’re going somewhere Okay, so she was we were searching was showtimes and i was so sure that we’re going for the movie and then what happened was we mom was coming in auto and me and didi were coming on scooty and then like at darjeeling more i asked her, should we go left or right and then she told we’ll go right and I thought oh my god is she really taking me to city center? are we really going to pizza hut And then I was like kind of making my mood. as soon as we reached city center, the Uttoryan gate Didi told me that I have some work in Matigara. So let’s go to matigara first and then we’ll come back again I started thinking What’s their in matigara? where are we going? surely not city center, they can’t be like this cruel to me You know, and she always wanted to come to sky she always told like either on your birthday or on my birthday we will go to skkky so I kind of knew like Okay, we are going to skkky After that, we came to this building. then ta it was so obvious but then still whats the gift I’m curious this is Virgin Pina Colada and this is Pink Lady so guys guess who finally decided to come. its Miss Sinora Pradhan Hi hi i am sinora pradhan i am his friend, the birth day boy’s friend for today all i want to say is happy birthday Siddharth and May god bless you have all the joy and Enjoy Are you jealous? so we’ve left sky now and then like living I’ve come here to drop her and then I’ll be again going back and picking up my mom and didi then we’ll be going home It’s already 10 o’clock right now And then like it’s we’re done for the day and I’ll edit the video today only and maybe I’ll post the vlog tomorrow So bye So, guys, we have reached home now and then like i have changed clothes the experience was very nice So to tell about skkky it was a very good restaurant The ambience was really good The outside seats were very cool You know with the breeze and then like the the view of Siliguri, it was really really good I guess like if you go there go there at evening so that you can see the whole city in lights Inside too was also very calm and composed and it was like really good ambiance Live music was also good And then talking about food was also very tasty. Yeah, it was like one of the best i have tasted in Siliguri. Yeah about the food Momo was ok. We tried chicken momo with *Swaasdasncjksbhcjbashcb* *Swaasdasncjksbhcjbashcb* sauce and then we try prawn fried rice it was Really tasty. Yeah, and what was that chicken bharta that was the best one These guys over here they tell “baigun” and then we tell Bhanta. it was like bhanta bharta it was tasting and then my mom liked it, especially mom felt It was the best thing over there and like we also liked it very much we ordered chicken chili three ordered potato chili and then Chicken chili was nice. Yeah Coming to the mocktails part. I did not see any alcoholic drinks I did not see any alcoholic drinks but mocktails, they were really good Adam’s applaid Yeah, even with the pink lady it was written Vanilla ice cream but I guess it was, vanilla ice cream was mixed not on the top pina colada and then this thing Adam’s applaid it was very like kind Of the same taste was like only the color was different and then like when we ordered this thing pink lady Pink lady was good. And then what else to did we ordered? that virgin mojito. virgin mojito was really good Masala coke. Ooh, it was nice. It was nice concept. Yeah, I felt masala was a bit too much there And the whole experience overall experience was amazing, I guess you should you guys should also try it Means the waiters there and the quality of service was really good. It’s a really nice place to dine I Prefer evening. If you go there go there in evening . so I get that’s it for the vlog Keep on keep watching our videos. It was really, thank you for the surprise. it as really amazing surprise amazing experience, so Guys, yeah, that’s it for the vlog See you guys in the next one Good. Bye. Goodnight. Peace

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