Billy & Jack’s Vegetarian BBQ Recipes: Better for Your Health, Your Pocket, and the Planet

(soft chime music) – Hello everyone, we’re Billy and Jack and we’re outside in this
beautiful weather today because we’ve been
challenged by This World Can to create a vegetarian barbecue. – We’re gonna show you that veg can be just as delicious as meat on the barbie. – And at half the price. – And better for your health. – Mate the barbie’s on, let’s get cracking we’ve got a lot to do. – First things first,
we’re going to be doing an amazing peanut butter
and butter bean burger with a big old kick of
chilli in there as well. So, we’ve got some
beautiful butter beans here, peanut butter and egg
as well, very important, chilies, got a bit of smoked paprika, and we’ve got some flour
as well and an onion. And we’re basically gonna chuck all that into the food processor and you’re done. (rumbling, grinding) Obviously not the world’s
best food processor. – And while you’re doing
that mate, I’m going to create a three cabbage slaw. So, it’s going to be white
cabbage, red cabbage, and a little bit of sauerkraut, with that just a few chopped chives. And then the dressing which
is a simple three vinegar, equal parts malt, white wine, red wine. – Right, now we’re gonna
shape these patties so they can get ready to go on the grill. Dust that in a little bit of flour to stop it sticking to your hands. That is a banging little peanut butter and butter bean burger. If you can’t keep up don’t worry, all the recipes and
ingredients for everything we’ve done today is on the link below. Okay, now we’re gonna do
some grilled mushrooms on some flat breads with a
charred spring onion pesto. I’m gonna get these bad
boys on the barbecue. – [Billy] Char them up. – Boom, now we’re gonna make our pesto. Pine nuts, a squeeze of lemon juice, we’ve got some parsley
here, just add that in and we’re gonna put some
salad leaves in this as well. Now we’ve got some
beautiful watercress leaves here and they’re gonna really give a nice peppery finish to the pesto. (crinkling, crackling) Just gonna get those in there. A bit of oil. Chuck a garlic in there. All right, let’s look at these bad boys. – [Billy] Get a dab on – [Jack] Look at those! Trim off the roots there,
trim off the top bits there, chuck those into our pesto. (rumbling, grinding) Okay, get loads of oil for
these, it soaks in and salt. – Right, now we’ve got
some banging sides to come. – So, we’re gonna start off
with some ♫ sweet potato. – You’re favourite and I love it too. – How easy is this? Foil. – Go on. – (swishing, raspberry) A sweet potato, oil, wrap. – So this next side is a
beer can roasted cauliflower. – Oh! – Just get your head around that. It’s roasted in a beer can, so we’ve got a lovely little beer here. – Oof, Chelsea blonde? – You can have half of it as well, ’cause you only need half.
– Ooh. – Stick the cauliflower in the top, a bit of butter, foil over the top, in the barbecue, let it roast away and it is delicious. And we’re also gonna be doing. – We’re gonna do a charred broccoli salad with a really beautiful tahini dressing. So you can just slice
that all the way through. Lots of lovely oil, and then. – And while you were doing that, I’m just. – Sorry mate, I’ll just lean across there. – I’m just crafting the
root of the cauliflower, just to go on top of the beer. And we go straight on
with the cauliflower, there he goes. – (laughing) Look at that! – Just to help it roast off, always add a little bit of butter. Cover him up, come on
then mate, barbecue time. Here we go.
– Sweet potato. – These are gonna go
literally, pop them away. – [Jack] Oh, look at that. Woo hoo, beer can cauliflower, which we’re just gonna
put off the heat there. Aren’t we? And then we’re gonna get
the broccoli on as well. So, it’s easy as this, boom. – How long do you reckon?
– Sizzling away. Five minutes.
– Five minutes, tops. Mate, I’m really loving this challenge. I mean, how many barbecues in the country are gonna have broccoli
and a cauliflower on them? – And obviously you know
like not only does this stuff taste amazing, but it’s cheaper and it’s better for the environment. – And the UK seasons as well, we have some of the best veg available in this country and it needs to be eaten and it is great on a barbecue. – [Jack] These are looking great now, ooh. – So, everything is off the barbecue now and it’s smelling delicious. All we’ve got to do is assemble it. – [Jack] So, I’m just
cutting all the beautifully kind of burned caramelised
florets off the broccoli. We’re gonna mix that
with some salad leaves, chuck some leaves in there. We’ve got some oranges in here as well. – [Billy] A bit of zing, yeah, I love it. – And then finally, we’ve got
our beautiful tahini dressing, just gonna drizzle that all over there. – That looks great. We’ve got our lovely cauliflower, put it in this bowl and
then with the actual beer that it was being cooked on,
I just quickly knocked up a bit of a cheese sauce. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want
cauliflower without cheese. – Ah, and we’ve got our potatoes and these were roasting in the coals.
– They’re lovely. – That’s absolutely perfect. – Looks like a bit of coal
and so you get the knife out and then, boom, bright orange. – We’ll put a little
bit of chilli on there. – [Jack] It goes really
well with the sweetness of the potato. Feta. – Just literally plated this flat bread with the three lovely
roasted mushrooms on it. – The smell coming off that
pesto’s just incredible. So, I’ve got chilli mayonnaise, apply that to the bottom. Gonna put a few salad
leaves on there as well. Bean burger is gonna go on top. A little touch of slaw,
beautiful colour there. And then on top there, like that. Guys, this is a vegetarian barbecue and I for one am not
missing any meat here. This looks fantastic. – Mate, this is sensational and we challenge you to go out there and see what you can do
with the humble vegetable on a barbecue. (slow, jazzy music)

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