BFFs Bake A Cake Without A Recipe

I'm just curious how many eggs you guys put in we put 16 eggs hi I'm RIA I'm a PST producer today to BFS buttering each other baking a cake without recipe and we will find out which makes better cake I can bake better than I can cook which i think is saying something I don't even know where to begin this is ridiculous I don't understand why we don't have recipes I am awful at baking I'm awful at cooking actually I burn eggs when I make them but I don't give up and I think that's what's gonna save us today I'm not so strong in baking I never made anything from scratch I know how to bake blonde let's see what happens afterwards we a he's gonna come down here and she's gonna taste to see who made the best cake or whoever actually makes a cake we're gonna start with butter and sugar oh wait I don't want to speak I need I'm gonna whisper this entire video I'm at the mouth okay we're not copying you but if you got good ideas I have some tips for baking simple cake first flour make sure you shift the flour so cake become even be smooth I'm gonna do like a cup and like like almost a cup and butter drink about a room temperature and it's often the butter I don't need this butter at room temperature put it between your thighs the warmest places in your body this is the part I'm not sure about do you think that's enough I think it's a lot about oh you can't go wrong with butter my friend can we just show that they literally just full-on melted the entire thing is that why you're not supposed to do no I made it I don't know sorry I'm so let's start we say it's melted butter for sugar make sure you are going to even it out so this it's perfectly 1 cup almost a cup of flour you don't have to do exact measurement whoever said there's a life are you doing what size is this it don't matter just put it in there tafakkur when you're making cake you want to separate dry ingredients and we're angry and mix butter and sugar well incorporated let's put some cream cheese in that mother okay I'm making a cheesecake we're putting everything delicious in our kakeland yeah and we have this secret Latino ingredient which is some order I'm autumn okay I just bite into that cream cheese let's put that in there okay and I'll mix it in here look at this we're gonna make that happen yeah yeah another day yeah nice and chunky and the wet ingredients those are eggs one egg two eggs let's put one more egg just in case will you cook about what you see yeah you got to look at it gonna whisk yeah I'm gonna do it like the other thing you have to do it vanilla if you don't have major misper I sometimes use a cap okay let's just do a lot of vanilla because I like vanilla I like vanilla too I always put the cap when I make my little milk yeah this is my ingredients so I'm moving on to dry ingredients I have flour and also I'm going to add baking powder just make sure you let all this so you have exact one teaspoon good I take a cheap two tablespoons are you making a pudding over there oh damn right it I don't know we have to hate her we doing great next uh this is the competition you said it's gonna be here's an assault just a pinch of salt kind of gives uh brings up like nice sweet flavor from the cake what's that what's quite so – fell in the you always put softly oh that's how you make Mahara t-star yeah I believe you my friend so my dry ingredients is ready so I'm going to adding two ingredients and you want to do kind of slowly let's just do that much and then I'll add more I think that's a lot of flour you it's all about the science of the baking like once it hits the oven is it gonna rise or fall and make sure everything is well incorporated doesn't have any like chunk of flour you know I think this is a good texture of cake butter it's not runny it's not too stiff kind of look like a pancake batter you know we're gonna do we're gonna put evaporated milk your Latinos especially Caribbeans we like putting evaporated milk and condensed milk and everything we do am i right though yeah that's right open this I think oh that wasn't the condenser that was a bat pretty much gonna be delicious mad delicious can't go wrong with sugar this batter is ready to go so cake pan make sure grease the pan because it doesn't come off if you don't do it and also don't overfill it because we added baking powder if you put too much butter it's gonna overflow make sure the butter it's coming to side of the mold so yummy you people usually put it all the way to the top no no no about half like this looks fine and then I think over here a little bit we are like here is too shallow let's put chocolate chips in this now we're going simple we're not gonna complicate this anymore I'm gonna put some chocolate chips and I'm crushing up Oreos you know I mean put all the other wheels in there are you sure but we're gonna put some in the pan and then put it in the middle and then put the rest on top okay we'll do that to matter fact we're gonna put coconut soup that's right this is gonna be a vanilla coconut cake that sounds good right you guys are taking forever love takes forever that's why we call you the cream cheese is not milk let's put the Oreos on top Oh Oreos in the oven interesting I think this is a dope idea bake this cake 350 for 30 to 40 minutes make sure pan a cake like this halfway through so cake it's evenly baked best of luck please make delicious one because I'm eating all right I think we're ready we're gonna put our stuff in the oven let's put us then there's my friend salut cheers better like that's right put all like cakes we're gonna leave it in here for 30 minutes and let's see what happens see who's the real winner oh these are our cake you guys actually looks pretty good good alright so I'm going to take it on to decorate time to decorate I'm scared I'm scared okay there's something at all I just saw you were not telling us we were bullies I'm gonna put those that let you hear you say we need a little spatula thing here's this beautiful here's a like a wedding cake yeah yeah it looks like a little wedding from pavilions will put the selectors Latinos we love this alleging look at Gotti have little hands that's cake making a little hand that's right look at them little things are you hating no way in the same thing man yeah spread it okay this could just be the top of the cake I know I know it's so pretty it's not though we're making a layered cake it'll be like a simpler than when she gets into it it'll be a surprise oh my god this is gonna be so good we're not gonna put any icing because we're professionals that makes no sense I think at the end of the day that's you're treating that as icing I think she's gonna love us oh we got so many things in there that people love all at once so I feel like we did awesome yeah I feel like I would buy this cake at a bakery yes I think we don't we all have the basics here which is their edible they're sweet they're gonna be good I think it's gonna come down to some like technicals I think so too and I think the important thing is that we had a really good time making this right yeah ours has something that they're don't have and that's yeah we dance a lot we laughing lines we're gonna dance when we win three two one beautiful well the triggers make it reserved recipe the secret ingredient secret ingredients called just by visual I will give both of them pan out of yeah it's beautiful okay so I'm gonna start with this I feel like this is something you can find at the store like pastry shop who do you think made that one um this it's probably jazz and lazy and this one is also pretty though it's I like the condensed milk and I see Oreo and that's very cool I'm gonna begin you like it I like it has cookie cream chocolate chip coconut and two eggs yeah nice texture and it's not like I don't like dense dry cake it's very moist yeah it's delicious Olympian jazz one it's like evenly baked it's perfectly balanced I can feel the nervousness – oh wow oh wow it's so early it's melting a mouse who doesn't like that it's not over each week the thing I was afraid about I see frosting frosting it's not my favorite thing but um it's now over III I think cake / it's not sugary so it kind of balances out it kind of have a after taste kind of like powdery [Laughter] I think what I like about this is like more surprises in a cake like crunch and coconut and moist and this is well baked the cake I cannot believe you guys did it with a recipe but I feel like this has more fun go thank you guys for watching and we still have a whole lot of

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  2. Uhhhh anyone thinking that this is just like the try guy’s video???? Just saying the format is exactly the same

  3. The chef said half way through turn the cake….every baker will tell you not to do that! It causes your cake to drop and be dense in the centre. Do not open the oven till the time is done to test.

  4. When he said “ almost a cup of flour you don’t have to take the right measurements” I knew they were gonna win like tbh I don’t think any latino uses the right measurements but we always winning because we aren’t afraid of flavors 😋❤️

  5. Cute video! Jazmyne looked a little sad so I’m sending lots of love to you jazmyne!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  6. The first thing i thought when I saw the video, is "is that Jennifer Aniston" turns out i was wrong😕😕😕

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