Welcome to souped up recipes In my last video, I show you how to make egg
roll wrappers. Today we are using it to make fried egg rolls. This probably is the most popular appetizer
in Asian restaurants I can’t wait to share it with you 1 cup of shredded cabbage 1 cup of shredded carrot 1 cup of leek 1 cup of chives 1 cup of bean sprout for some extra crunchy I am also adding 1.5 cups of glass noodles I soaked them in warm water for 10 minutes This is how it looks like after 10 minutes You want to put it in paper towel to get rid of the excess water because we don’t want any liquid in our filling Take a scissor and cut it into short strips Because you don’t want to take a bite and pull out all the fillings That will be embarrassing For the meat, I am using ground pork and some shrimp. The shrimp just roughly cut into chunks Yes, I know I probably use shrimp and pork very often in my recipes. Well, shrimp and pork are widely used in Cantonese cuisine. Anyway, if you like you can use beef, chicken no probable. If you want this to be vegetarian you can add some tofu or skip the meat but adjust the seasoning amount in this recipe. Also, crack 2 eggs in for extra protein. Adding eggs will bring some moisture and hold everything together which is important to keep the egg roll tight
and full pack. Next is the seasoning 2.5 tbsp of soy sauce 2 tbsp of oyster sauce 1 tsp of black pepper 1 tsp of garlic powder 1 tsp of onion powder 2 tsp of sesame oil 1/4 tsp of salt or to taste Get you hands in there Mix everything together Don’t just roughly mix you want everything to be well combined Once it looks like this you are ready to wrap the egg rolls You can cook a small amount in a frying pan to see if you need to adjust the flavor Before we started rolling, scramble one egg We will use that to sew the egg roll I am using these homemade egg roll sheets Look how thin it is. If you want to know how to make that I will put the link in the description box so you can check it out You can also use these pre-packed ones I am pretty sure most of the Asian market will have it just go to the frozen department, you will find it Oh, one more thing you need to cover it with a slightly damp towel or else it will dry out quickly First, take a sheet Because it is homemade egg roll sheet so it is not a perfect square but it doesn’t matter For 6.5 inches size sheets, I use about 2 tbsp of filling Put it in the middle Form it into a long shape Lift the corner up and fold it to the middle Pull it back a little bit to make sure it is tightly packed Then fold two sides. Keep rolling it. Then sew the egg roll like that. You can make a lot at a time and then freeze it When ever you want to eat them again take it out; don’t need to defrost just directly fry them for 8-10 minutes. I am using soybean oil We are going to heat it up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit Let’s go in one by one Don’t crowd the pot, just put in 8 or 10 pieces Fry this until golden brown It will take about 8 minutes Once you can feel the surface is hard and crispy The color looks nice You can take it out Put it on the paper towel to get rid of the oil. Normally, in China, we serve egg rolls with garlic chili sauce You can easily buy it online Actually the sauce I am going to share it is a Thai style fresh spring roll sauce It is not traditional dipping sauce in GZ But I discover that it tastes 100 times better So here it is 2 tsp of sugar 1 tbsp of hot water Because you want to make sure the sugar is dissolved 1 tbsp of fish sauce 1 tbsp of lime juice 1 clove of grated garlic 2 small hot chilies Mix it up, and the sauce is done. Look at these lovely egg rolls Who can say no to that

100 thoughts on “BETTER THAN TAKEOUT AND EASY – Chinese Egg Roll [炸春卷]

  1. Great video! Buen provecho! I can't wait to make these. Blessings and thank you for creating and sharing. I appreciate you 🤗

  2. Shit recipe. First of all, cabbage is going to release a lot of water, so you need to cook and squeeze all the water out. Nobody in their right mind would make spring rolls with raw ingredients. You probably got recipe from lumpia or Vietnamese where they make spring rolls with raw ingredients…. difference is that THEY DO NOT USE CABBAGE traditionally because cabbage is from northern hemisphere.

  3. Hello, I am getting ready to try this recipe and I notice the 1st list says 1 cup of cabbage but in the instructions it says 2. Please clarify?

  4. I love this recipe… the only thing I did different was I separated the wet ingredients from the dry and mixed them separately and then together, this way it wouldn't clump up..

  5. I saute garlic onion pork shrimp, before mixing all the vegetables and seasonings. Egg roll wrappers cook fast and can easily burn while the ingredients inside of the rolls are still uncook..

  6. Hello new to your channel. I made your fried rice last week my family loved it. I can’t wait to try this one😋.

  7. Hello from the UK…I have tried many of your recipes most of them are pretty easy. Which is great..
    And most of them remind me of my home in Singapore.. than you ..

  8. Wow! I need to try this. Thank you for this blog. Lots of veggies with meat and shrimp. It’s healthier and I reckon taste as good. Simple and yet not so expensive.

  9. You said it’s better than the take out place you can’t presume because it offends God because it might be better and it might not you don’t know

  10. U r kiddin me, right? That 's "Brik" or "Malsouka", a traditionnal tunisian and north-african dish. It's actually kinda of appetizer, especially in religious occasions : to break the feast in Ramadan. Haha. I think it's fun and wierd to have a common tradition with an a country geographically that far situated.. The traditional presentation here, is rolls or triangles or half circles.. The initial ''malsou9a paper'' is circular that s why you can make all these shapes … Usually, the filling for rolls is viscos and little compact..the others have more eggs in it.. The half circulars usually contain a full egg with some thon and has to get in and out of the oil fast and the egg inside is a little running

  11. Great video. I noticed 10 rolls in oil cooking, but only 6 in video at the end. Humm. Me thinks the chef is eating them😍🥰😛

  12. I have never made egg rolls but never tried. My Korean neighbor brings us some every so often. After watching this I'm gonna do it.

  13. I keep thinking the episode from "Sex and the City" when Miranda goes to fight with a overly happy chinese takeout hostess 😂

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