I’m so hungry! What about you? I’m also really hungry. I heard that there’s this restaurant nearby called “Xu Fam Yummy Yummy” Oh I think I’ve heard of that too, let me search it up real quick Oh lol it’s right there *points* Oh wow, let’s go Ok Welcome! Come on in! How very rude! Sorry! I didn’t see you there! Please sit Thanks SMACKK What do you guys want to drink? We have water, tea, coke, and more Uhhh I want water What would you like? I want green tea I will go fetch your drinks. I’ll be back in a few minutes OH They want water and tea Ok, what type of tea? What do they want to eat? They haven’t ordered yet But they want green tea Bruhh why are they so slow at ordering But I will prepare the tea now Here is your water and your tea Thanks…. Yo yo yo can we order now? Of course!!!!!! Are y’all vegetarian? No Ok Can I please have a salad, a bo cai soup Braised beef and a slice of cake? And with those dishes, please add less oil, salt, sugar, garlic, garlic 2.0, and soy sauce Uhhh lol can you guys also add less garlic 3.0 and garlic 4.0 too? BTW I only use chopsticks, no forks and spoons please Mmm I would like a jiu cai with scramble eggs with less salt; I like mild flavors Uhhh don’t add too much oil either I also want chicken soup with qing cai I would like to recommend our special dish… White Rice Lol ok then, we’ll take two bowls This is your White Rice This is all of your other stuff Thanks… Why is this so oily? We did not add oil to it, so what you are perceiving as oil is not oil Bruh I literally said to not add sugar, garlic, salt, soy sauce, and a bunch of other things So why are all these things in my food!?!?!?! I would like to talk to your boss Ok, I will go get my boss What’s the problem here? What ingredients were used to make this dish? It’s made out of grass ofc Why is there a mosquito in this dish? Lol that’s not a mosquito but a special Szechuan spice But I asked for mild flavoring Oh…. But our menu said that the dish is spicy … Can we pay now? Of course! I’ll pay No you paid last time, so it’s my turn to pay ok then I’m never coming back to this restaurant Good idea SLAM

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