Best Korean Chicken Wings Recipe

Chef Buck here and today we’re gonna cook
up some delicious Korean style chicken wings we’re gonna be using go-to
jangling sauce this is what’s gonna make it Korean and this is pretty easy to
find you know I got this at just a regular big-box grocery store you can
find it all over the place but you got to be careful when you’re buying this
stuff so make sure and look at the ingredients because there’s just a lot
of a semi-decent gochujang sauces out there you know this here the number-one
ingredient is chili pepper flakes you’re gonna want to have like some soy in
there some sweet rice if you’re checking the ingredients and the number one
ingredient is water or sugar you know pass on it and if you don’t find
gochujang sauce you know just use barbecue sauce that could it be as
Korean but we’re also gonna be putting rice wine vinegar in here
soy sauce sesame oil so even if you’re just using regular barbecue sauce it’s
still gonna have that you know Asian attitude because of these other
ingredients that we’re gonna put them in all right so the first thing we’re gonna
do is throw our sauce together which is super duper simple to do so let’s get
our soy sauce here boom we’re gonna put in about a quarter cup you know we’re
just gonna eyeball these ingredients because it’s a sauce you know sauce is
you know you got to be artistic with your sauce you know I have the recipe
I’ll bring down below you can go over to and print it out
take a peek at it you know but you know follow your heart disease ingredient you
know if you’re in the ballpark you’re still seeing the game but it does help
to have an idea what the proportions are and you know the proportions you know
but proportion isn’t everything you could be a little bit out of proportion
and you’re still all right so we’re gonna put a little bit of rice wine
vinegar in here boom boom boom how about half as much no no no see look at that
all I can put a little bit more to show you how I open to interpretation and
then we’re gonna do a dish – obsess me you all now you know
don’t be as crazy if it says me well little does a long way so that looks
like about a teaspoon no no now we’ll throw our gochujang sauce in here boom
boom boom it’s like a paste look at this here I’m gonna lick the
spoon watch this here cuz it’s hot you know it’s a pepper sauce but I’m not
dying you know I’m not gonna combust alrighty now I got some garlic here this
is minced up SuperDuper minced up since we’re putting this stuff in a sauce you
really want to mince it well same with the ginger you know I really wish I had
my mortar and pestle you know then I would grind it up and make it into a
paste but as fine as you can chop it up and then we’ll go ahead and give it a
whisk get it nice and mixed together and we’re not gonna put any other seasonings
in here cuz there’s plenty you don’t need the black pepper in here cuz this
is a red pepper sauce there’s plenty of pepper in here you can add some salt if
you want but you don’t really need salt I mean there’s plenty of salt in the soy
sauce I’m using low-sodium soy sauce and there’s still plenty of salt in here
there’s gonna be salt in your gochujang sauce you know so this thing’s already
salted up whisk whisk whisk whisk whisk now we’ll just leave that along now if
you wanted to you could make this ahead of time and you could go ahead and throw
your chicken in here and let it marinate and will it have more flavor that way of
course it will but it’s still gonna be very flavorful the way I’m doing it I’m
doing that at the last minute cuz I I mean I kind of plan my meals ahead I
know what I’m gonna make but then I don’t know when I’m gonna make it so you
don’t have to make this a day ahead you don’t have to make this hours ahead
we’re making it right now and it’s gonna be very flavorful we’re gonna be very
happy we’re gonna be very happy I got my chicken wings here and these here all
together you know you got your drum mat you got your flat and you got your tip
the last time I bought a batch of these you know the drumette
and the flat was already separated and we didn’t even have a damn wing tip but
you know this is the best buy right now so this is what I got so what we want to
do is we want to go ahead and process this
so we’re gonna go ahead and separate the chip huh cuz the tip no no what I’m
gonna do with this here this is just skin and bone oh but you eat that skin we don’t need this here I’m gonna save
the tips go and use it to make a bra and you can see it’s very easy to do this
here so if you buy your wings you know just like this here if it Best Buy it’s
all together you got a process event home then do it you know as long as
you’ve got a decent knife it’s not a problem
you just find that joint in between them a little brute strength down there and
there you have it now this sauce here the amount that we
made this is plenty you know I could probably do two and a half pounds of
wings with this here no problem and what I got here is a little less than two
pounds almost two pounds well actually it’s probably definitely
less than two pan they’ve separated the tips there but that’s okay because we’re
gonna use a lot of this sauce cuz I’m gonna go ahead and sauce it up stop that
but then as it’s cooking I’m gonna go ahead and baste it so get it all nice
and coated up there smells boom neva get all those flavors mixed up in your wings
alright if this looks like a preview from the next Rob Zombie movie
alright now you want to get you a nice baking pan and I’ve got this covered
with aluminium foil you know otherwise it’s gonna be a mess so go ahead and
foil it up you’ll be glad you did and then I got a wire rack I always like to
cook my wings I always like to bake them on a wire rack you know that way the
heat can circulate you know they’ll just end up not being a saucier that’s just
sitting on the pan with the sauce and then you’re basting over the sauce as it
cooks just gets too wet it’s just too much now we’ll go ahead and lay these
out so we got them spread out on a rack there a little bit of space in between
them and we’re gonna go ahead and slide them in the oven and I got a preheated
to 425 degrees Fahrenheit we’re gonna go ahead and set our timer for a half hour
we’ll let them cook away for about thirty minutes then we’re gonna come
back and we’re going to put more sauce on all right so it has been
about 25 minutes so not quite a half-hour but we’re in a/c jeez mom’s
house in her oven is cooking it up so we’re gonna go ahead and give our
drumettes on our flats a flip right here we got a nice little char going there on
the top for that sauce is but the bottom looks kind of sad so we’re gonna go
ahead and turn them over and then we’ll put a little bit more sauce on the
bottom here and I can’t find a brush in this kitchen so I’m just gonna spoon a
little bit of the sauce on here that’s all right you gotta improvise I got me a
toothbrush you got other uses for your toothbrush no we gotta clean my shoes
look at all those nice chunks of garlic and ginger on there so that’s a lot of
flavor well that’s it Thank You stalling my sauce on there
and when I make this sauce I didn’t put any sugar in here you can add some honey
I’m gonna add some brown sugar but I don’t think it’s necessary
does it go to Jane sauce you know it’s already got some sweetness in there I
like my savory food to be savory you know if I wanted something sweet I had
I’d be baking a chocolate cake right now is that Nick but now I’m gonna go ahead
I’m gonna slide it back in the oven boom boom boom and then we’ll let it cook
away until we feel like it’s done well what did you do well what’s your guess
ah probably about 15 minutes we’ll check on it can hear it crackling away and
those look SuperDuper done to me now the total cooking time of this has been
about 45 minutes but you’re gonna have to adjust that cooking time depending on
the size of your wings now if we eat these right now it’s gonna be lethal
when we’re gonna die so we’re gonna give those a few minutes to rest up there but
I’m gonna go ahead and fix up a garnish here now kind of a traditional garnish
for these Korean wings is some green onion
and some sesame seeds but you want to make sure when you do your green onion
that you chop it up nice and thin just some nice thin slices you know just like
that you don’t want to be big chunky chunks green onions and for the sesame
seeds boom go ahead and toast them I mean your ovens already warm
so just toast them up it’ll make all the difference they’re still warm you’re
gonna make them less crunchy aren’t you well they’re not really gonna be crunchy
I mean these are these aren’t these aren’t crunchy wings because if we cook
them in the sauce you know if you want a crunchy wing
recipe you know I’ll have a link around here if you like your wings nice and
crisp I know you bread them and you bake them they come out SuperDuper crispy you
know how I’ll have a link for that recipe you can always Brian that’s the
traditional yeah yeah yeah but frying is a pain in the butt it’s an easy haste
better these taste so fantastic and it’s so easy to cook you don’t have to fry
chicken wings frying chicken wings is for ding-a-ling oh my yeah I’m ready to
eat oil well we’ll go ahead and throw a garnish on here sesame seeds got a lot
of flavor you got a nice little char on those wings and that garnish turns it
into a nice little pretty picture now if you’re gonna eat this like a savage you
know on the couch up from the TV you can skip the garnish because then this
garnish will end up all over your attire you know but if you’re gonna eat it at
the table like a classy person then garnish away all right I think they’ve
cooled down enough to sample we’re here I’ll get a flat cuz camera girl like
steer the drill knives and the way you eat a flat is you can open your mouth
now and then you pull it out Savage Oh Lord now can you even enjoy that big
bite mmm I’m so gonna enjoy the gochujang sauce it is just such a great
flavor and it is a red pepper sauce but it’s not crazy hot let me finish this
one get one of your drumettes nextstep out well I’m not eating one bite and
tell you that especially on a camera that’s cuz you’re a lady is it too hot
for you no definitely not too hot I don’t want people to get scared I mean
it’s definitely tangy I mean if you don’t like any heat at all then you
don’t want to have this but you know if you like just a little bit of a a waft
okay then this might be a a choice under there a good comfort come on over here
with that camera dude I took my my wingtips and I throw them in a pot with
a old piece of onion and an old piece of celery and some seasonings so we got a
little bit of broth going there so we’re not wasting any of our wings very
flavorful very easy to make Korean style chicken wings so get you some gochujang
or some barbecue sauce boom boom boom cook him up like this here you’ll have
some fantastic wings so if you wanna check this recipe I’ll have written
down below go to you could print this recipe over there
print all our recipes check out our video subscribe thumbs it up ring the
bell knock on your neighbor’s door say hello
be friends be nice to people and it’ll come back to you can we eat now it’s
just getting pretty good part

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