Beirut’s BEST Street Food – LEBANESE BREAKFAST at Al Soussi!! Street Food in Beirut Lebanon!

[Music] [Music] welcome to another episode of chopstick travel and good morning from Lebanon I’m Luke Martin and today I am so excited to announce that we are starting our new series here in Lebanon for the next three days we are going to be exploring this country taking you to a couple different cities and we’re going to be doing it all with my friend Anthony so Anthony is an award-winning street food blogger he’s a leading authority on Lebanese cuisine and there couldn’t be anyone better to show us around the country than him so today we are in Beirut the capital of Lebanon we’re going to be taking you for the ultimate street food tour of Beirut I am so excited for this series and I am hungry it’s bright and early so let’s go meet up with Annie [Music] so this is my buddy Anthony he’s gonna be helping us out for the next couple of days and his vlog no garlic no onions is in my opinion the best vlog on Lebanese cuisine hey check out his YouTube channel and Instagram of course everything will be down below so what are we having here Anthony before thank you what we’re having here I’m gonna you’re gonna be leave in three days with more weight with a bigger smile and you’re gonna talk to the world and tell them about one of the most beautiful countries you visited called heaven or we’re gonna start was our traditional breakfast called minutia was that we’re gonna have several ones of them each every day you can see the differences between legs are small thick thin etc so let’s enjoy Lebanon yeah I am hungry let’s go [Music] [Music] so we have our breakfast here we’ve got two different types of Manucci and what what are we have here a mix of vegetables mixed all kinds of vegetables of which green olives tomatoes and onions okay mister granola and that’s is a signature which we call a hibachi the Lebanese meats pizza mrs. Holly percent meat spices a bit of tomatoes and onions you’re gonna love it okay signature of this monisha traits is that it has the thinnest to transparent look at it and I’m surprised the juice of our childhood okay it is the juices in a triangular yes ox all of us when we were kids we had this why don’t you finish it you put air into it and we jump on it they’re very interesting okay let’s try this one this is the one with the spices and the meat so let’s try that multiple hole very thin very delicate let’s chase it some of this juice I don’t know if you call it a juice box or a juice pyramid trap [Music] who that’s definitely sweet and let’s get a little bit of a spicy kick to it maybe outer layers have more of a crisp than the inside it’s a little bit more doughy let’s try the second kind here with all the mixed vegetables green olives and some tomatoes on there [Music] oh man all of those green olives on that you cut this sour lemon Iike a perfect breakfast wake up the whole neighborhood yeah that’s nice and siren I’m gonna fold it up good this cart is nice and soft and then I’m gonna mix it with crispy part so Anthony was Tommy they have 64 different flavors on the money chain here this one is the classic sitar that wild thyme mixed with sumac mixed with some sesame seeds and salt and then there’s a little bit of meat on here so let me try this Wow done strong and we have another very interesting dish this is called Lebon and it is sort of like a yogurt very thick it’s a handmade in the villages Anthony was telling me I tried it I’m not using you think you’re my new shape and then you do it like enjoy good so we’re finished off with our first breakfast that was really good Anthony just knows everyone so it’s making it a lot easier for us to find the best spots and that was delicious what did you think Sabrina that was amazing and the chef was fantastic everyone was just having a great time good morning eating the most delicious breakfast yeah heading to the next spot now we have made it to our next spot this place is serving the same Manu che but it’s quite different apparently Anthony has told me and has definitely a different feel to it very small very local feeling so let’s go inside and check it out you sound echo Malvina shinobi Dana as mechanical movements about have seasoning [Music] so we were inside the shop now the owner Francoise 11a has been cooking this Monday for 64 years it’s a different style than the last place we were at the feel is much more local much more traditional and it’s very hot here but smells really good so let’s try we’re gonna have eSATA the traditional SATA thick local traditional Lebanese breakfast which we can eat all closed in half or wrote like a sandwich okay okay cheese hmm crispy Zatoichi invented turkey is back it’s like a biscuit yeah it’s like very crispy and something he’s proud of and very famous as well is the spinach Hetalia okay so this one’s called man oh shit because it’s rounded this one’s good photographers its triangular and inside you have the spinach tomatoes and onions and you’re gonna love it we’re gonna do something very innovative I’m gonna break half of this and half of this and we you’re gonna taste something no one else does she’s anzalta together and you’re not gonna give me your opinion okay enjoy so this is very hot fresher the oven very very hot I’m gonna rip some of this mixture that Anthony is made up for me the cheese that our mix in Detroit mmm is quite salty that zatar is different than the previous one we just tried it’s much more oily and it’s stronger herbal flavor more earthy I guess and then with that cheese it gives it sort of that cheesy source sharpness the bread here is much thicker you can see it’s almost like a pita bread let me try one more bite this is so interesting and the spot is so cool next up is the very very crispy version this is like paper-thin but very crispy look at this oh and then topped with tons of that zatar which it’s an amazing mixture of herbs and spices [Music] [Applause] that tax rate is incredible so crispy perfect little snack as we go good with a glass of beer why not so this kind of thing has never been done before this is innovation at its best and I’m gonna give it a try [Music] excellent love this type of food so good last up is the spinach mixture this one has a similar feel to the Manucci that we just tried with this sort of a thicker dough and you can see there is quite a bit going on inside there so juicy mmm I can taste those onions in there a little bit of tomato I think mmm oh and that bread very very good it was so hot in here but the food is so delicious after our next location that was awesome we are not slowing down there’s too much to taste here in Beirut [Music] [Music] so we’re at another restaurant this place is called Baalbek and they’re serving something called sweet hot which is only available in Baalbek or at this little shop here in Beirut and they are making this really interesting pastry this feeha and the way that they do it is they thin the dough out fill it with a mixture of spiced lamb and some vegetables and then after that they put it into a pan they bake it in the oven on a very hot temperature once they start bubbling and start turning golden brown you know they’re done and they look delicious so it’s relative lemon oh fuck mmm Wow there’s amazing he’s almost like ginger cinnamon so the chef just made us some a special one you put a little slice a little bit of lemon juice and some pomegranate and molasses which sounds very interesting let’s try the fruitiness stuff that pomegranates throw really really good like this and you eat it with this Ottoman whooshes so if you want something sweet you go on the juice if you want something sour you go on this one part of our yogurt sorry thank you let’s try it out it goes very well with what you’re eating mmm that’s quite salty that’s an interesting flavor don’t hassle the justness distance teeth of our yellow guys finish off with ball back that was really really good all kinds of different pastries Beirut is such an amazing city we are moving fast and we are tasting a lot but having a lot of fun the food here is so good we’ve bought some of the pastries for the owner of this restaurant Tony so we’re just gonna go give him the base right now [Music] [Music] okay wow we have some seriously delicious looking food in front of us I see five different plates and I’m definitely gonna need the experts help us identifying what we got here so what do we have Anthony traditional breakfast food and stuff behind Hamas but what is unconventional and non traditional and only found that that Abu shaji is the eggs with lamb fat and eggs with aroma that is lamb meat response so you take a Lebanese bread I’m gonna tell you how okay good bye of it you use it like a scoop to scoop the dough man look at that so this is the alarma yes so if lamb meat and then those runny egg yolks yep oh man it smells so good the other one is like chips pretty crispy it’s lamb fat oh wow Oh yolk is so rich so this one is a little bit different it doesn’t have the actual meat in it you try that well oh so we have all kinds of different pickles and herbs and different vegetables you can see the whole plate here with some beats of fresh mint I see some tomatoes some peppers and then over here we’ve got a big plate of pickled stew with some onions and some olives 12m this is such a good meal this is a true Lebanon what I imagined before coming here I just continue to run on eating disease okay there are cooked for hours the food or fava beans are cooked for more than 14 hours mixed with olive oil and tahini they are fantastic Wow I love it grab a little bit more bread and this bread is very thin let me use my spoon to kind of scoop these fava beans in you can see all of that olive oil on top mmm gonna taste the lemon juice in there everything has the same texture it’s all just completely cream melt in your mouth so good and there’s more dishes arriving as we speak Wow what is this one here Lebanon the signature okay with meat and onions onions and the north of this breakfast is when Tony its with you he loves it under G the king of food you cannot come to heaven of half Lebanon you cannot say the bunny is not have Lebanon okay there also is bread or try it try to travel and Tony adds to it the meat and onions labna is is lovely Lebanese Lebanon Lebanon besotted LaVon these are things ribbon ease and pro I can see why you take this as a national heritage because that is seriously delicious there’s onions on top a little bit crispy left to the onions and definitely some taste of the lamb meat and then just check it lemonade white beautiful white gold so classic the food is probably you’re gonna eat food around the middle the Middle East and proudly ours is smooth gourmet and the full of flavor low in fat and very delicate so we’ve got another dish that just came out this is one is very interesting I can see one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 maybe more and these are quail eggs so let me break one of these off and I’m gonna wrap it up in a little bit of bread here and it looks like these have been spiced up nicely those eggs cooked perfectly so one dish that we missed because there’s so many on the table is this it’s the chickpeas with the tahini so I’m gonna give it a try it looks like it’s just covered in oil and I see a little bit of spices on top Wow so this is Tony the chef and he just seriously knows what he’s doing here you’re cooking some incredible food made with a love simplicity but absolutely delicious finish off with that amazing Lebanese spread how this country is blowing my mind how delicious the food is so many delicate simple yet rich flavors I’m in love we are at our next spot all I can see is a restaurant that is completely packed with locals Anthony told me were having caneta one of my favorite desserts in the world so I’m pretty excited to try this out ha ha ha yella yella yella [Music] we’ve got our clean ma and the way that they serve it here is quite different than anywhere else I’ve ever seen it so they actually put it inside of bread so it’s sort of like a sandwich of Granada which is seriously hardcore because if you’ve ever had kind of a it is a very heavy desert you can see here it is this beautiful cheesy semolina dough and very sweet and then it’s all tucked in this sort of sesame seed bread very interesting preparation in MA I am excited to try this out but this looks seriously heavy I could feel the weight in my hand oh wow awesome that is some seriously dense dessert the cheese it’s so tightly packed it really is just like a big glob hunk of cheese very sweet and you can definitely taste that Syrah a little bit savory too at the same time and I like it with the sesame seeds on the outside this is a heavy snack like seriously crazy we haven’t been at this shot for more than five minutes and they’ve already sold at least three-quarters of this massive and of methane so they are really packed out with locals here that was seriously good really rich really dense but a nice snack definitely fills you up if you’re hungry which I wasn’t but it’s still really good [Music] they have all kinds of different desserts here not only can effe lots of good-looking sweets you could definitely come here and spend the whole page snacking on some delicious lebanese desserts [Applause] [Music] [Music] beautiful [Music] the deal every time okay we are at our next spot today and this is a place that I’ve been looking forward to coming for a long time it’s called allicin see this is the chef and he is 73 years old been cooking breakfast in Lebanon for decades and this has been voted one of the top 10 breakfast by CNN the smells in here are absolutely incredible the chef is just working double-time and everything looks so good so we’re gonna order up and have the breakfast well I’m not going back although we’re still gonna have it so we are sitting down now to have our breakfast after five other meals so far today but this place I’ve been telling Anthony that I wanted to visit for a long time and we have some really good-looking dishes so this one is the specialty right listed that’s it so it’s sort of like a crisp red underneath and then is this yogurt or is it chickpeas yogurt Lee believes you’re Bert LaVon fried not floor almonds with ghee yep and crunchy bread toasted bread but what you put the ghee with the bread it turns it’s like the bread looks like right yeah okay so look at all those different ingredients on top and all kinds of delicious spices and then back here we have grain this is lamb brain with all kinds of ghee you can see it’s still like bubbling on top there and Anthony told me that this one is gonna be really good and then we’ve got one more dish coming here right which looks like some onions peppers onions and more than sasame granite molasses Wow and then of course we’ve got all kinds of other things on the tables and vegetables or pickles and bread Wow let’s dig it so I’m going to start with the Fateh I have my own here this one is the regular version with garlic of course Anthony ordered his without garlic and I’m gonna make sure I get all kinds of all the different ingredients there I can see all those crispy pieces of bread and chickpeas so rich and adventure so lemony sure wise lunch yeah gold and together describes it perfectly that is comfort food at its finest I love how the bread has a little bit of a crisp to it but it also is a little bit soggy from that yogurt that’s soaked into it and then a little bit of garlic flavor of course – wow it’s really good so you’re in front door that greens enjoy them yeah and now we have to try the brains this is lamb brains with all kinds of ghee so I’ll take a piece of bread oh man I can feel really soft and really saturated with heat oh it’s got almost like a fancy texture to it all right I’m interesting see this attitude so we’ll have the budget has different textures chocolate Easter grains Rivera taste I’m gonna give you a piece of deliver and deliver prefer example is chewy Furman yeah every part of in Longview we eat pulled the lamb for the cow yeah and every part is different and tasting the rover and the Romans oh really and you can feel different oh that brain has actually amazing taste it’s really saturated with like beef and it can feels bouncy in their hands but actually just completely falls apart your mouth so let me try the liver next [Music] good pomegranate molasses is awesome a little bit more of a tutu it not rubbery though actually quite tender that is really good and let me tell you something ecology probably the simplest of things is just listing the flavor and texture of mint and the real flavor rich flavor natural flavors of tomatoes or a few countries – they have because we proudly mess it in the villages our mentis so spin not sure and very very intense fever that is very much the same gravity is how juiciness also you do that’s the perfect combination actly how that is Dulce so we have a Suzie’s version of a warm ah this one’s a little bit different it’s got pulled beef and these eggs just look so good [Music] that is just simply amazing just check out this thing of beauty the finest Lebanese dish of hummus one of my favorite things in the world you definitely need to eat this with a little bit of bread and just check it how there is a beautiful mint leaf he’s working so fast yet he still takes the time to just make this look absolutely beautiful so take any lemon juice chickpeas and olive oil check that out Wow let’s drive [Music] if you think you’ve had hummus and you haven’t had it here then you haven’t had hummus because this stuff is the real deal that is so velvety smooth it needs to be creamy smooth you don’t have to it’s four ingredients harmoniously put together I honestly can’t think of anything better than this that is so good what are you trying I’m trying the brain next my last experience with brain wasn’t so good so I’m hoping that this will redeem itself and I’m sure will finished off with elsu seed that was just mind-blowing this day has just been incredible so far Lebanese food is just so much better than I expected it’s really like a refined version of so many other middle-eastern cuisines with that Mediterranean Flair and it’s just so healthy filling nutritious and we’re gonna go get some dessert now behind me here you can see we’ve taken a break to come visit Rauch a rock or pigeon rock is these beautiful like pillars coming out of the ocean right on the coast here in Beirut nice place to just take a little break and relax and really beautiful views so we are at a second-generation traditional ice cream shop all this stuff is homemade right now we are trying to get a couple different scoops there they were only a couple different flavors here and they’re pretty unique so we’re gonna show you what we’re gonna get ice cream okay now we should be ones good what’s not good from the buddhahood africa with apricot yeah and if you see here you have milk with mastica pistachio chocolate caramelized almond is our basement right sorbet lemon rose water Africa so Barry and today you have the chance to eat orange orange so we’ve got our first type of ice-cream we’re gonna try actually there’s three different types and it’s already melting we’ve got pistachio in the middle almond on top and then chocolate underneath and then the cone which is actually kind of square shaped is filled with milk so I’m gonna kind of get a bite of all in here [Music] Wow very delicate you can tell that that is homemade but also very healthy agreement what do you think of the homemade experience every night this is so delicious this combination the chocolate the pistachio and almond is a great combination and the texture of the ice cream is kind of chewy and I really like that so we’re down to the cone now and actually the cone has is filled with a type of ice cream which is just milk ice cream it’s village milk flavored and you can see it kind of hiding underneath there let me take a big bite and try to get some of it Wow oh very unique it’s just is like vanilla ice cream with the vanilla really interesting we have our second set of flavors this is more of the fruity combination so we’ve got strawberry orange rosewater lemon and then underneath there’s actually a Prakash so these are all seasonal ingredients you can’t get them all the time and just homemade like this is this is serious ice cream this is the real deal so I’m gonna try to get a bite of a couple different kinds oh that rose water that just punches you in the face for the poor okay well oh that is so good that like reminds me of my childhood kind of tastes like orange sickle oh my gosh that is so so good mai-chan I don’t think I like it come on I want to try the rosewater it’s white in color so it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be so clerical but and it’s really packing a punch it does pack a punch the rosewater is white okay guys I am seriously stuffed after an incredible day of eating with Anthony thank you so much for showing me around today it was incredible tomorrow we have another full day of eating in Tripoli so we’re heading north right yes yes and I’m really excited to do that this series is going to be really great so make sure check out Anthony I’ll put all of his information down for his Instagram website and YouTube everything down in the description box go give them a subscribe check them out and thank you once again it was a meeting and I’m going for anybody’s burger I’m too full he’s gonna eat more I don’t know how he’s gonna do it thanks Roger five

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