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the not on the menu we've got burgers you're not just any burgers my food will drive action style honey our burgers these are beer can burgers now hang on my what's going on any vocal issues there we go you want a beer yes awesome Carl you get that it's actually a really important fundamental ingredient for beer can burgers you actually wore you're up there Mike yeah let's get everything out I know daddy doesn't say it facts 51 trophy anyway I'll tell you what I'll show you how it's been treating me nice and clean mate hasn't that have any morals involve one settle down I treat my stuff a bit better than yeah what do you need here right why need I need mint sit on eat beef mints and I'm gonna use pork mince any cheese yeah all sorts of little in green hey cuz but you see oh yeah yep we got bacon and got a razor you can't go wrong well there's going to be a real meat fesses burgers I've got some veggies as well I've got um pineapple slices so I've got pork mince I've got beef mince oh yeah Dublin onions well it's all gonna get mixed together look at you I'll tell you what okay look I reckon you guys are wondering look beer can burgers you don't see any bread on the table now there's a good reason for that is gotta bear with us it was all to make sense as a second there's some pepper my blood would you like a bit sölden in it if we could yeah that's alright alright you know what you can do for us what's that please crap anemia maybe you chilli flakes let's just sprinkle that into general yeah a little bit in there of course that's that's it that's it that's a lot there you go generous serving your I put paprika in there I don't have you know you haven't no are you going but smudge this is that's going to make a taste great yeah great probably on a dough is literally make a ball you want to make a ball yeah oh yeah straight bang now watch this oh come over some good-ass Olivia how do you didn't get your the one you're drinking out of it's okay hi Jenny it's not chicken one you know what's bringing the mind for me right now Sir Patrick Swayze in ghost definitely do enjoy it's okay you trying to get at that I er oh no chief I think if you just got it you're really just gonna get but yeah that's just can I get it nah alright yeah you're right yeah yes onions like those onions are killing it in the pot over there guess your eyes it does sir so what we want to do he is just obviously fill this up only go bacon yeah bacon first so sharply moisturize oh look at you with you open to any parcel yeah and then cheese and it line up on top that's great put that possibly that's it that's it no why no what I think at that down a little bit I reckon you just got to put a little bit of paprika on top just for the coloring when the cheese well this is you get this up at a fancy restaurant what you really would okay so now that is done for my slop man enjoy I've got it I've got a slightly greased camp up in here yep you do I wash that this morning I know that for a fact well I'm gonna put this straight in not on that plastic plate it's gonna slide out there we go yep alright now as you can see we've got one you're going to fill these up yep with our beer can burgers yep you're going to put this on the coals or probably about an hour Oh Oh daddy's perfect look at that that's what you call a beak and burger yeah that's the job facial that's one heck of a meal say what love meetings

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