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Hi guys, I am Bar Refaeli
and I’m here in Paris, very windy Paris, to meet with chef Julien Sebbag to teach me some tricks
and basically how to cook. He’s a little late,
so I’m waiting for him for now. Okay, so Julien is not coming yet,
he’s too late, I think I’m going to start cooking just by myself. I think I’m just going to start with cutting because it just looks too fresh and too good. Hey Bar. – Hi.
– Good to see you. Good to see you. – How are you?
– I’m good. Did you see I already started? – Yeah, I can see that.
– I’m your sous chef. Maybe let’s start together. Did I do something wrong? Not yet, not yet. Wait for it. Because you’re pregnant,
are there stuff that you want, like you have to have something? Yes. It’s really bad. It’s frozen yogurt where you put stuff in it, like I choose chocolate and dates and halva,
banana, all these things and then they put it in the mixer
and they press it and it comes like… oh my God, it’s so good. That’s my craving. Okay. So we’re going to do two recipes today:
one vegan and another one vegetarian. First, carpaccio of tomatoes,
colored tomatoes. Beautiful tomatoes. With homemade pesto. Then we’re going to make my favorite recipe: broccoli mixed with red onion and garlic,
with a sauce based on tahini. I can’t wait to eat it already. – Cool, let’s go!
– Let’s start! So, I take a broccoli.
Where do I start? -Do I first cut the root of it?
-No, you can keep the base, but here we just want the top of the broccoli. So first you hide your fingers
and you cut like that and you let the broccoli fall
on the kitchen board like that, okay? Here I have a knife that I bought in a forge. If someone else than you touch it,
I can kill him by myself. What did you just say,
you’re going to kill me? No, someone else except you. What was that? Because this knife
doesn’t really look like a cooking knife, it looks like a killing knife. No! Okay. Amazing! – Not very straight, but…
– It’s perfect. Is it? Yeah, it’s perfect. We keep the onion with the broccoli. Okay. And then we take a clove of garlic. To be honest, I buy the ones
that are already peeled. No! – Yes.
– Please don’t do that. I can’t.
I don’t like the smell in my hands. Okay, I’m going to show you a tip to peel it, okay? You take your knife like that. Yeah! You didn’t even touch. No. But now? And now… Did you put it on my hair? And then, you just cut it skinny. See, now the smell
is going to be under your nails.  Yeah. And it’s never going to go away. – Yeah, but I don’t care.
– Do you have a girlfriend? I do. I hoped you were going to say no
and I was going to say that’s why. Okay, so skinny, skinny, skinny. Are you afraid of the garlic? No, I am not afraid of the garlic.
That was a joke. Okay. So the garlic with the broccoli and the onion and now we’re going to start
with the sauce, okay? A bowl. Okay, teach me measures,
measurements. – One…
– A tablespoon of tahini. This is a spoon, this is not a tablespoon. Okay. Right? – Two spoons of tahini.
– Yeah, because we want a lot of sauce, because we love sauce. Then… Mayo? No, it’s almond yogurt. Oh wow! Because it’s vegan, you remember? Wait, can I try it? – Of course, with pleasure.
– Never had it. It’s sweet. Yeah, I won’t add sweet in this one
because the balance starts with this. Then, if it’s too liquid,
we put a bit more of tahini, if it’s too strong, we put a bit more yogurt
to find the right balance. – Okay?
– Okay. Then we put a bit of acidity. There is acidity of the pomegranate
and sweet a bit, so it’s perfect for the balance as well. I love pomegranate. Me too. Just a bit of salt. Which salt do you use? – Sea salt?
– Only sea salt. Okay. From Guérande, sel de Guérande. Then I just put a bit of freshness
with some dill. Dill, I think, is the only type of food
that I don’t like. So what, I don’t put it? No, put it, put it, that’s fine. It’s for the camera. I want you to be happy,
I’m going to find something else. I don’t care about dill. You can come, Bar,
I have something to show you. How cute! Yeah, this is my small garden here. So here you have rosemary. Oh wow! And this is thyme and then mint. Okay, let’s take some parsley for the recipe. When you cut herbs like that, all the water from the herb is going to fall
everywhere on the cutting board and the flavor as well. – So how do you do it?
– The better is to cut it one time. – Try to make a group of it…
– Like smoosh it? Yeah, and then skinny like the onion. Wow, that’s a really good tip,
because I always kill it. Yeah, and you see you have no water. Beautiful. – Now let’s taste it.
– Wow! now it looks like a good tahini. Yeah. Wow! It has like this sweet taste of the pomegranate and almond yogurt, so it’s like wow. Please don’t finish it all
because we need it for the broccoli, okay? I’m going to eat it very soon, so that’s fine.  – We’re going to do a pesto.
– Pesto. We have fresh basil here. Is it from your garden as well? This one is from Sicily. Wow! – It smells like Sicily.
– It’s amazing. Oh my God! I’m traveling. Roll it. Okay. – Like we did with…
– Oh, like we did. Yeah. Just a bit of olive oil so we can make a puree. Does it have to come from a big spoon? No, it’s just because I wanted to impress you. I’m impressed. At that moment, you can cut it and cut it and cut it because you want the water to fall
because you want the sauce, that’s why I did… So do you mind if I try? Please. Oh my God! Honey? Yeah, just a bit. – Wait, in every pesto, there’s honey?
– No, it’s just me, because of that balance that makes me crazy. And lemon? Yeah, just a bit as well. I want to eat it like this, I swear. – It smells so good.
– Keep going. Let me find something else. Oh God! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,
what’s happening? I am pregnant and this is driving me crazy. These are pine nuts that are… – What do you call it?
– Roasted a bit. Roasted, right. In the oven with like olive oil? Nothing, nothing. This is okay when I do like this with the knife? She’s amazing, your move… I’ve got it now. No, no, your move, look at that. Italian guys, they put garlic. I do put a little bit of “échalote”. “Échalote”. “Échalote”. How do you call it in English? Shallot. Do you like it? I love it. So we put just a bit? Sure. Okay. So this is perfect. Now we take the “échalote”. Guys, we made pesto. – I can’t believe it.
– Yeah. From leaves it became a paste. It smells so good, you want to smell it? It smells like Italy, I swear. Yeah. If the tomato is heavy,
it means that it’s the best. Because if it’s not heavy,
it means that there is a lot of water inside and you don’t want that,
you want flesh. Okay, I got it. That’s a good tip. Yeah. So you cut the edge. Wow! Look at those colors. You see, there is no water. So, this is, I think, too thin, right? No, no, no, it’s perfect.
It’s going to… wow! It’s perfect. It’s never too thin. It’s never too thin? Never. Don’t say that on Vogue. That’s a bad example. Look at that. It’s a heart. You see it? This is so cute. I am going to take some salt and I am going to eat it because you’re taking a long time
to make this food, dude. – I am hungry.
– You take your time to cut. There’s a hungry girl here. I let you finish everything,
I am going to find some Parmesan, okay? So can I ask you something? Yeah, tell me.
You can ask anything. When I think about tomatoes and pesto,
I think about mozzarella cheese. You look at me like I’m a weirdo,
but that’s what they serve in restaurants. No, yeah, but if it’s too easy,
then it’s not interesting. And actually,
the fact that these tomatoes are full of flavors, I don’t want to kill the flavor
with a lot of different stuff. Wow, perfect. Perfect amount. It’s like confetti. Wow! To finish this, just a bit of salt, not too much
because the Parmesan is really salty, just a bit of pine nuts,
just a bit more of olive oil for the color. We want to put maybe a leaf of basil here. Like for decoration? For volume. Like this? Yeah, lovely. – More or one?
– No. Yeah. Okay, more? Yeah. – You can say no.
– No. Okay. Okay, we move on to the broccoli. This is the broccoli, onion
and what else was in there? Garlic. And garlic. And now for my favorite part of this whole thing
and this is why I really came here, I’m sorry. The moment we’re going to taste it, right? Eating. You first. Let’s go. Tell me something please. Everything you put here… Yeah. …is like perfect. This spice, what’s the name of it? The sumac. Oh my God!
It adds… it blows up in your mouth. Really? Now we’re moving on. Yeah, with the tomato. Don’t forget to take the sauce
behind the tomatoes, it’s really important. Okay, but you didn’t say anything. Please say something. I can’t… Because I know the taste already,
I did it like a million times before. Yeah, but my hands make it like…
they added a little touch. Basically it tastes like spring,
if spring would have a taste. No? It smells like… I feel like we’re in a garden
and it’s a really nice warm day, which is not, it’s very windy and cold today. After this experience,
first of all, my husband is going to die because now I’m going to make
all the right movements in the kitchen. Yeah. But then, I might bum him out by saying
that I might move to Paris and be your sous chef. Okay. Will you accept me? – Of course I will.
– Am I good enough? I will, of course, if you’re okay. I will be your cutter, I will be your salt person,
but I’m not going to wash your dishes. Do you mind? You’re always here as your home, okay? So guys, thank you for watching
and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you so much. – I’m pregnant, come here.
– Sorry, sorry, sorry. Everything is difficult when you’re pregnant. Thank you so much. – You’re so sweet and kind.
– See you soon. Thank you. See you soon. Wait, I’m finishing and then I will see you soon.

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