Baked Tilapia Recipe

chef buck here and today we’re going to cook up some of those cheap bass tilapia fillets you know they’re plain Jane lackluster milquetoast you know they’re kind of not the most inspiring fish fillets but they’re cheap and you can turn it into a really delicious dish you know if you cook it this way you know we’re going to use some fresh dill but you can use dry dill if you want we’re going to mince it up then we’re going to take half of the dill and mix it in with some panko breadcrumbs a little bit of garlic powder salt and pepper to taste use whatever kind of breadcrumbs you want the panko they’re just awesome you know and this is going to be our breading mix trip and in another Bowl we’re going to spoon in some mayonnaise a little bit of mustard 1 clove of garlic that we’ve got minced up nice and fine and then the other half of our dill we’re going to go ahead and throw in here with the mayonnaise and then a little bit of lemon juice or a lot of lemon juice if you want and you can use a lemon zest if you like you know if you want it SuperDuper limiting so go ahead and mix it up nice and smooth and then we’re going to go ahead and move over to Phase two you know we’re going to grease the bottom of our baking pan and then you 1/2 an onion you know I got this sliced up in the nice slices you can make them in a smaller pieces if you want spread it along the bottom of the pan then lay your fillets on top of the onion you know we’re using about a pound of fish two to 1/2 pound fillets now take your mayonnaise mixture and we’re going to use the entire mixture and coat the tops of the fish you know smooth it out you know get get the entire fish covered along the edges too and then all of the breadcrumbs you know go ahead and sprinkle those evenly and coat the entire top of the fish and then just slide it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes you know adjust it you know according to the size of your fillets but as soon as it’s golden-brown and your fish is flaky then there you go man this is an excellent use of SuperDuper tasty dish you know a great way to use those cheap-ass plain-jane tilapia fillets you know because we all can’t eat you know a ten dollar filet of salmon you know every time you turn around you know so this is a great way to get some fish in your diet that’s affordable tastes fantastic oh you know so give this recipe a try you let know what you think Bon Appetit if you want to print it boom go over to my food shams like nom link in the description blah blah blah you know thanks for watching you know I think you really enjoy this so give it a go man

49 thoughts on “Baked Tilapia Recipe

  1. ahh.. that's a beautiful thing…crispy topping…who wouldn't like that…what's the spicy version… could be good with curry?

  2. Thanks man!! I will, actually, Try this tonight.. I think. I have some of that fish in the freezer. It is frozen and about 3 weeks old so.. It is still good right.. lol I will cook it like this and let you know how it turns out. Not sure what veggies Quite yet. This is a plan. Thanks Buck. I know whats for supper.

  3. Clever way to make those frozen filets taste good! I think ill try using Greek yogurt instead of mayo cause my stomach is sensitive to mayo

  4. I'm getting so sick of hospital
    and REHA food. Couple more weeks
    and I'll be back in my kitchen
    putting these fine inspirations to work!

  5. I do the mayo trick on halibut cause it is such a dry fish especially the day after….Also mayo and teriyaki is a good combo….I gotta try your way with the dill…Sounds like it would go great with fish..

  6. I keep a bag of tilapia in the freezer cuz it's hard out here for a pimp! lol This is a great recipe! Thanks Chef Jon and Camera Girl!

  7. I was looking for a recipe for baked tilapia and view quite a few videos about it.  I'm going with yours tonight.  I like the seasoned mayo as panko glue and the onions underneath.  Thanks

  8. Thanks Chef! I was hoping somewhere in the video that you would say something of the sorts to " Do whatever the hell you want" or " Put as much the hell you want!" Ya know your empowering me to do whatever the hell I want in cookin! 

  9. I have watched and enjoyed many of your cooking videos. You provide simple, easy to follow and flavorful techniques to many of the foods I like and I suspect your channel viewers like also. Good luck. Mike e

  10. yea, i like salmon and all, but i prefer tilapia… it's just an awesome fish that you can do anything with.

    you can also brine some of those cheap tilapia fillets, dry them out in the fridge, and then bake them at a low temp to create homemade fish jerky.

  11. Try to stay away from the Chinese sourced farm raised tilapia. One study claimed it was even less healthy than bacon because of what they're fed.

  12. Like the video but I like tilapia to I don't care for salmon but I don't like that you say he's cheap that's really messed up but good video

  13. heat was to high for the amount of time, I did recipe exactly like he said and my fish came out extremely over cooked with the edges almost black! waste of food and had to start all over again! UUGH!!!!

  14. Thanks for an excellent recipe! I've been searching for a good recipe where I don't have to FRY the fish and completely trash-out my stove. Placing the tilapia over onion is brilliant. The onions caramelized beautifully. I'll be making it again.

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