Baked MAPLE, MUSTARD, SAUSAGE And Apple Recipe

so one night a week Jules and I throw
axes in the backyard ax throwing lead so we need something that’s easy to cook
delicious easy to eat and will give us the fuel we need to win welcome friends
welcome back to the kitchen today we’re going to do a one pan sausage dish super
simple goes in the oven and you forget about it
so I’m gonna start out with some sausages use use your favorite sausages
I’m not going to tell you that you have to use a specific kind find ones that
you like and use them that’s simple if you want a hot Italian
sausage use a hot Italian if you want sweet you sweet brat worse whatever
Oktoberfest all of them are fine so I put those into
a cast-iron frying pan anything that you can stick in the oven and then move to
the stovetop is fine on top of that I’m gonna put some onion and that’s onion
that I have just I’ve just peeled and quartered and I just fit those in around
the sausages next in our four little cloves of garlic and you just sort of
spread those around inside the pan next we talk about the vegetables and you put
in pretty much any vegetable that you like this time for me I’m gonna use
fennel and apple sometimes I’ll throw in carrots as well but I think fennel and
apple goes really well with this particular sausage so I’m just gonna
clean up the fennel a little bit there we go cut it in half probably cut it
into sixths and throw those into the pan as well there we go now I got a new
knife this company the chef’s club sent me this really cool steel black steel
knife jury’s still out I need to use it for a while before I endorse it but out
of the box it it feels pretty good in my hand and it’s sharp
so cut the apples in half again use an apple that you like the flavour of so
many times I see recipes and people say you have to use a specific Apple but if
you like that Apple then why are you using
it pick an apple that you like so I’ve cut these in half I’ll probably cut them
in quarters that just makes it easier to pull out the core last thing is a little
bit of sauce so we need some mustard and a little bit of maple syrup a spoon and
some oil and you could use whatever oil you use regularly at home to cook with
whether that’s canola olive oil and don’t use a really good olive oil for
this at all just something that you would normally cook with or fry with and
into that put just a little bit of maple syrup first yeah maybe a little bit more
this is going to give a little bit of sweetness but more than that it’s sort
of an earthy tone at the bottom that is really good so and then some Dijon
mustard and you know you can eyeball this it’s not as much as this is a
recipe it’s not that difficult to eyeball everything once it’s all mixed
together you just drizzle it over everything in the pan and try to get a
good drizzle everywhere if you’re able to mix this up and get everything coated
without making a total mess go right ahead
I’m just gonna stick it in the oven I’ll see you in about an hour hey Glenn hey Jules
want to get a serving spoon yeah potatoes thanks for making supper once
again I’m a little bit of everything for you sir some potatoes there okay sure
there you go your plate thank you potatoes for me how would have work in a
knife yeah there’d be good idea yeah so there’s a little bit of sauce in the
bottom of the frying pan depending on what vegetables you use there may or may
not be enough sauce and you can add a little bit of chicken stock in the
bottom after you take it out of the oven if it’s a little too dry and and make a
little bit more sauce if you want more sauce yeah looks pretty good though yeah
so I’ll try first I’m just gonna have a little bit of the sauce on the potato
and see what happens yeah roasting the onion like that with everything else
makes it very sweet and then you also get a little bit of sweetness Walters
maple syrup on it oh oh there’s just some maple syrup there’s a little maple
syrup on it but you also get some sweetness from the
fennel and it will all go in the Apple all of those flavors will come together
give a roasty and Anna a sweet flavor oh that’s a nice blend of flavors you can
just kind of mix and match all those together yeah and so you know like I
said earlier start with the sausage that you want and then just match some
vegetables to it I know the things you like there’s a whole bunch of different
root vegetables that we go in here yes you know parsnips would go in here you
could put I don’t know rutabaga in here and at the last minute you could throw
in anything from peas corn yeah leafy things like spinach in the last
few moments splash in some white wine you could throw in some cabbage yeah all
of those things so I mean so easy to throw things together so it’s Scott it’s
another it’s another sort of non recipe recipe you just put some
things in you throw it in the oven took about 55 minutes an hour and away you go
yep put in some joy yep and good to go so give it a try thanks for stopping by
see you guys soon you

68 thoughts on “Baked MAPLE, MUSTARD, SAUSAGE And Apple Recipe

  1. Would love to have a bottle of maple syrup like that, but the price here in Australia would be astronomical. Looks yummy by the way, thanks Glen.

  2. Oh god that looks delicious. I've never had fennel that I am aware of, I don't think I've ever seen it. What does fennel taste like?

  3. Too bad – you threw away all the good stuff like leaves and stems. And yes, I use only best olive oil even for cooking. I don't want to save money with food just for the benefit of my car….

  4. These are great fundamental 'ur-recipes'. The key to being good at improvisational cooking is understanding the fundamental forces that are at play in a plate of food. Fattiness and richness, acidity, sweetness, and salinity, all big ones for flavour, and striking a balance is the tricky part. Then texture and mouthfeel play a huge part as well; food with interesting and dynamic textures are just more enjoyable to eat than foods that are entirely one texture. There's a lot going on in a good plate of food, but coming to understand that will make you a much better cook than memorising recipe books ever could.

    So thanks, Glen, for putting these kinds of homey, casual, simple-yet-dynamic cooking videos on youtube. They're an incredibly valuable resource for people trying to learn how to be better cooks. Keep up the great work!

  5. Why didnt Jules dish up a potato for Glen? He was nice enough to dish her a plate and pour some sauce on for her after the fact that she didnt dish him a potato…..unless Glen doesnt like potatoes

  6. I laughed at how much maple syrup Glen pulled out of the fridge like NBD.

    That’s a Canadian for you. A chicken in every pot and 4 liters of syrup.

  7. That looking delicious will try most definitely. What is the best maple syrup I'm a Brit.
    so it's not something I'm learning. Lol

  8. Would you be able to use a slow cooker and srtart this before you leave work and have it ready 10 hrs later for dinner?

  9. I'd say give the sausage, onion and fennel a good 20 minutes/half an hour head start and then add the apples. Otherwise peel them, so they can go to mush completely. Or make apple sauce seperately, in the microwave.

  10. PORK sausages go so well with the acidity in apples. Bulb fennel goes with both. What an enticing dish for crisp autumn suppers!

  11. I always laugh at how his wife is never to be seen until the food is done, she's such a free loader lol #joking

  12. Hey Glen, I have a challenge for you. The grocery stores have basically two savory drinks (V8 and Clamato) and this seems like a missed opportunity to me. Can you make a non-tomato based savory drink?

  13. I am surprised that this dish works with the fennel. I have read, after I actually experienced it too often myself, that fennel loses most of its aromatic oils when boiling for more than, like, 10 minutes. Do you, Glen, or anyone have additional information on that? On what does it depend if fennel keeps its flavor?

  14. I looked up a video on how to make root beer and now i have a new favorite channel to watch love the vids keep up the great work!

  15. My uncle gave us two big boxes of apples. After drying most of them I wanted to make something with sausage. I just found my dish! I'll add the parsnips in though.

  16. Love it, I make something similar Glen, when I want it with more sauce I add half a bottle or so of cider from the start as well as a sauce that's similar to what you made

  17. I've made similar dishes without the fennel. I'll have to try it with fennel. I had some roasted fennel for the first time last week and thought it was pretty good.

  18. I made this and threw everything in my fridge in here !! I threw like 5 sausages in there & all sorts of greens , and it was the best new invention Ive ever made from your channel!!! My whole family loved it , thanks again (:

  19. Hey Glenn!
    Big fan of the channel! I like your "use the ingredients you like" approach to cooking, but I still want to know what kind of sausage and apples you're using.

  20. These recipes are always exciting as you never know! They are a choose your own adventure recipe! Thanks Glen!😎👍👍💣💥

  21. Hey. Thanks for all yourvery educational videos, i love watching… but please update your profile oldschool.. basic. very tacky and ametture… unlike your videos.. but thats just my opinion..
    But i do love your videos 👍👍👍💪💪

  22. Love your videos Glen! It feels like a local guy teaching me valuable cooking tips and recipes. (I'm from Niagara) Your recipes are usually something my family would totally love or even already cook themselves. Thanks for representing The Golden Horseshoe so well!

  23. I made this the day after watching, and it was wonderful! I tweaked it quite a bit… used turnips, carrots, apples, and vegetarian sausage… It was fantastic! I’m gonna make it again real soon!

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