Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Stop Eating Meat and Go Vegan” Q&A at “Arnold Classic”

for just a regular person what would you
recommend that they consume on a daily basis and work out for a regular person
well first of all I don’t even know what the definition of regular means you know
what is the regular as somebody but I mean there’s people in here that you
know bench press in five hundred pounds and they consider themselves as regular
people so I mean I don’t know what that means but then in general let me just
say it depends on what your age is so if you’re for instance 20 or 25 years
old you get away with much more than when you’re 60 years old and so I would
say if you are like the first half of your life you get away with more than
the second half of your life I would say that you should watch much more what you
eat I would be then much more vegan later on in life I would eat less meat
and less chicken and less ground beef and all those kind of things in more
green based food vegetable based food because it’s healthier for your arteries
it’s helpful healthier for your body and you don’t need all the meat so many
bodybuilders come up to me and when the fifties they say you know artist was
found out I had gout in my feet and you know gout comes from uric acid it comes
from too much meat and a lot of people have this problems but you can get rid
of it by just getting in getting more vegetable based food and so Jim Cameron
the director of Avatar and Terminator and Titanic and other things he got me
into the vegetable based foods he gave me for a Christmas gift one year a chef
from Texas to come over to my house and to teach my chef a town and everyone in
the house how to cook vegan it was the most unbelievable thing that I
unbelievable gift first I thought it was kind of silly but then when the guy came
over and he taught everyone how to cook it was fantastic and now I most of the
time I would say 80 percent of the time the
in food or vegetable vegetarian food and then the other 20% that it still meets
like here for instance yesterday had a great finish missile which is a breaded
veal and I enjoyed it thoroughly so I’m not that fanatic like Jim Cameron is but
I do eat most of the time now you know kind of vegan food and it’s much Elsa so
I would recommend that but the first part of your life mainly eight steaks v8
20 eggs a day and all this kind of stuff but we got away we did because my
cholesterol level was always like 130 135 the most maybe went to 140 but not
more than that and even there were eight steaks made 20 eggs a day and I mean
crazy foods all of them hamburger patties and whatever else so when you’re
20 you get away with a lot but later on you down your age I would say eat more I
don’t even know how old you are you could be 40 or whatever you look like
but you mean I would just go morbid vegetable based foods

6 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Stop Eating Meat and Go Vegan” Q&A at “Arnold Classic”

  1. By his own admission (unknowingly), young men should probably not eat a bunch of animal products, or wait until they're older to eat more plants. He may have had a much different outcome late in life health wise if he had eaten mostly plants when he was young.

    It's cool that he's speaking about this.

  2. If you trash your arteries when your young, then it wont do you much good when your older. And cancer starts when your younger and merely is diagnosed when your older. Bottomline is you cant get away with it when your young. You have to start as early as you can.

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