ARE YOU A REAL FOODIE? || So Relatable Food Facts by 123 GO! GOLD

Eating ice cream is a real treat on a
warm day and for normal people it’s a clean mess free snack! But you’re not
normal people, are you? You like to take a bite out of that ice cream like it’s a
big hunk of lasagna! Man, that’s cold but boy does it taste fantastic and what’s a
little mess that’s what napkins are for our thing
jeez is that thing getting colder as I eat it remember when you were a kid and
your mom told you not to play with your food well you’re a big girl now and you
can play with your food if you darn well please careful there the plate licker wow I think that was the fastest I’ve
ever eaten dinner I was so hungry hey no one’s watching he may as well lick that
whole plate clean you know you want to the cat feeder oh look at these adorable
kitties you guys sure look hungry here have some of my steak like your food with a little bit of a
kick okay a lot of a kick then you’re probably the kind of eater who can never
have enough spice seriously if your food doesn’t taste like it’s on fire you’re
not interested and it wouldn’t be surprising if Tabasco
sauce wasn’t running through your veins by now well go on give it a taste so
what do you think oh yeah just the right amount of spice hey Emily what you eatin
there oh those potato chips are so good if
you’re anything like Emily you never let any good food go to waste even if that
means funneling every last bit straight into your piehole then there are some of
us who love every dip drizzle and sauce around whoa popcorn Olivia seriously
sure people may judge you when you pull out that ketchup bottle at every meal
and snack session but hey you like what you like the only thing about putting
that tomato ingu on everything is that it gets really messy whoa soup salad and
we thought the popcorn ketchup combo was weird
mmm this soup would be so bland without ketchup why wouldn’t I use it and
instead of burying my salad and tomatoes I can get the perfect flavor with my
favorite condiment am ia genius chef or what Oh
cooking you’re not gonna put ketchup on that are you yep she’s doing it she’s
actually putting ketchup on the cookie people eating lunch with your bestie is always
great especially when it’s at that new delicious spot you’ve been dying to try
hey don’t eat that yet I haven’t even gotten a good shot yet what are we
supposed to eat all this food without telling the world about it first or some
people taking pictures of their food is almost as enjoyable as it is to actually
eat it seriously this is so embarrassing people are starting to stare just one
more minute Olivia I’m about to get the perfect shot I can feel it uh Emily I’m
really hungry yes I got it okay we can dig in now I’ll be sure to tag you in
these don’t worry just face it Olivia the mind of an artist simply can’t be
questioned trust the process dietary restrictions usually going out to eat as
easy as long as you don’t have any food allergies or sensitivities
Wow Olivia there are sure a lot of things you can’t eat Oh
no eggs sorry she just needs another minute oh yeah can’t forget about my
shellfish allergy chick alrighty hand this off to the chef thanks so much lunch has arrived grab a slice whoa what
I guess this piece is going in the trash wait don’t ever throw away a perfectly
good piece of pizza no one ever died from a little dirt mmm totally worth it
man I love lunch nothing like a passive-aggressive sign
to keep from roommates out of your leftovers Oh whose cake is this must be
Sofia’s oh man it’s still here should I do it
I couldn’t could I okay you can do this oh wow that cake was so good next up
we’d the scene of the crime what Oh where’s my teeth they had the
odd doesn’t even leave little pieces oh this has Vikki written all over it when
you’re really hungry it’s easy to starve a meal down like it’s your last
and unbuttoning your pants feels like a must man I feel so full
oh no I forgot I order dessert every foodie now is that you never waste food
think Emily can find some extra room in that belly for a sweet treat maybe I can
just enjoy the smell okay just one bite and we’re eating it all aren’t we
man this is so delicious don’t forget the leftover cream there if you love
food and social media you’ll definitely relate to this like to spend hours every
day looking at food on Instagram oh man that melted cheese is absolutely divine
oops drooled there Wow look at that melted chocolate unbelievable if you’re
a real foodie you know there’s nothing better than an ice-cold delicious ice
cream bar hey Vicky wanna taste whoa that’s way more than a taste girl one
thing’s for sure if you love food you don’t always love to share oh it’s
10 o’clock on the dot better go to bed for most people getting
to bed at a reasonable hour is the norm and you bet the second their head hits
that pillow it’s right off to dream town Emily’s faces washed her phone is put
away and she’s ready to hit the hay see after just 15 minutes she’s out cold
sweet dreams Emily me for some people heading to bed is smooth business but
for others falling asleep isn’t quite as easy as it
seems I’m so tired let me pass fast huh what happened
I was just asleep why am I awake again for those footsteps someone in the house
Oh God maybe if I meditate I’ll be able to kind
out and finally get some sleep okay I should probably pray for sleep at this
point come on brain shut off so I can get some sleep
my alarms going off in just a couple hours I wonder if I should try sleeping
with my eyes open yeah that’s definitely not working by the time 4 o’clock rolls
around your bed becomes your mortal enemy
why is this happening to me I just want to sleep oh it’s okay I’m only don’t cry chit chatting on the phone with your
bestie is the best ha what a great excuse to sit down relax and catch up
meet have you ever gotten a phone call right when you were in the middle of
doing something oh hey Emily what’s up girl while normal people can just sit
down and chill during a convo others get a little well antsy without even
realizing it you’re pacing back and forth across the house mindlessly
chatting away um Olivia you do realize you’re still holding that jug of milk
right it’s like any sense of who or where you are goes right out the window
oh you gotta go it’s cool I’ll see you in class tomorrow huh why am i holding
milk okay I’m definitely losing it

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