Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Hello, its Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m gonna be tasting: bacon in a can. And…cheese in a can. And… butter in a can. Did you know that you could get butter in a can? I had no idea. So the initial idea for this video was for me to simply taste bacon in a can which is odd enough as it is. But then I found these other canned items — dairy items: butter and cheese. Both of these are international items. The cheese, called Bega processed cheese comes from Australia, and the Pure Creamery butter comes from New Zealand. I find this absolutely fascinating that I’ve lived this entire life of mine without knowing that could get these two products. So, when I found those two things I saw well gee that sounds a lot like breakfast so I picked up some ham And this is Dak’s Premium Ham and this comes from Denmark; and then I also got myself some Crystal eggs which I’ve actually had before on a camping trip. These are a great super lightweight — you just add a little bit of water and beat them all up, and you get instant scrambled egg stuff or omelet stuff. I find it very interesting to feature is to call this Egg Crystals, though. Does that make it more appealing than egg powder or something and? Because it wouldn’t be breakfast without a little bit of bread I also picked up to this and this is Bridgeford white flat bread So let’s begin with this since this was the catalyst for this entire video. This is yoader’s bacon it unabashedly says smoke flavor added and This must be refrigerated after opening this was not inexpensive this can of bacon cost twenty dollars Nine ounces of bacon it says ingredients pork water salt sugar smoke flavoring Sodium phosphate sodium Thor bate sodium nitrate. This is made by odors out of Burkittsville, Ohio Now it feels pretty lightweight For a can and I am assuming that the bacon is going to be cooked, but let’s find out give this oh nice hiss At that lid oh, I wasn’t expecting that I Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a canned food product that contains paper Do you see that whoo and now I’m getting a very strong bacony smell it smells a lot like Bakos or baked obits You know those little bits that you put on salad sometimes Yeah, and smells a little bit like potted meat to that little porky smell very strong Smoked flavor though kind of like liquid smoke, but it does say that smoke flavor was added, so shouldn’t be surprising that oh Okay, just give it some Swift shakes There we go There’s my bacon can There’s a little bit of bacon fat at the bottom There it is. I don’t know really what I was expecting, but I wasn’t really expecting this look at this It’s so interesting So the paper keeps the pieces of bacon separate. There’s a lot of bacon here all right so 20 dollars worth. Let’s see So unroll this We put this on a cookie sheet so you can see it better so there Is the bacon sheets? Wow look at that and that looks like totally cooked bacon Wow There’s actually a lot of bacon in there. Okay, that makes me feel a little bit better 20 dollars, okay? So look there are three layers of bacon, holy smokes Smokes, did you get that smokes? So there are three layers of bacon in there. That’s pretty impressive Okay, and each layer has one two four six eight ten twelve pieces So there are 36 pieces of bacon in that one can So this looks a lot like the bacon that you can find in the deli section That’s precooked and comes in those plastic bags. It looks exactly like that. It’s not exactly crisp But it’s dried out most of the fat has rendered out But I think if you were to toss this into a frying pan You can get a little bit of Christmas if you get some of that fat out of it You could just give that a quick little heat fry and get a little bit of Christmas if you need it So I’m gonna taste this that’s part of the entire breakfast, so let me grab my plate And put a couple slices of the bacon here, but so far pretty impressed with that all right two slices of bacon Okay, so we’re gonna need bread for our next product, so let’s go ahead and open up the Bridgeford White bread so Bridgeford is the american company that makes many of the bread products that you find in MREs so to be honest I haven’t been too impressed with my previous tastings of Bridgeford breads I think it’s pretty challenging to make a bread that is shelf stable for so long oh All right, so there it is do not eat fat and This looks a lot like the breads that I haven’t found in my previous MREs. It’s very very dense It does smell yeasty and bread-like But it doesn’t look all that much like bread Pretty dense I’ll go ahead and add that to my plate Here is the beggar processed cheese the Great Australian cheese made in Australia it contains Cheese that’s good rennet water and emulsifier butter Salt acid regulator’s great, so it looks like it’s an Arabic as well Whoo Look at that and That is pretty perfect. It looks exactly like the lid of the can It’s a very firm a little bit gelatinous. It does smell a lot like American cheese slices Whoo look at that side interesting okay Okay, there’s the cheese See if we can reconstruct it now. Let’s open the butter now this can is gorgeous. This is red feather brand pure Creamery butter and This is made in New Zealand in the ingredients pasteur ice cream and salt lovely, but I love that shelf-stable Right it’s so great. You don’t have to refrigerate it just At least while it’s canned all right here. It is. Oh my gosh look at that, and that’s butter ahh beautiful pale yellow in color It looks like butter let’s see if it smells like butter It does smell like butter Oh Fantastic, okay, so I’m going to put that right next to that these are over easy egg crystals over easy get it ha ha Dried egg product and you’re supposed to mix in general two parts of overeasy with three parts of water by volume this contains whole eggs and Both egg yolks and egg whites that have been dried one egg is two tablespoons one Two Three Four hot it is kind of crystally That’s so weird now. Which must add six tablespoons of water five and six Okay, mix that up for our egg. Oh Wow, it’s actually getting kind of familiarly Thick kind of like eggs it feels more pasty and gluey than fresh cracked scrambled eggs But it does have a little bit of gel mist to it Interesting alrighty, so I got my cast iron skillet all heated up here, and we’ll add a little bit of Mike and butter Wow it feels like butter it’s melting like butter And now I’m gonna add my rehydrated egg crystals There we go Interesting It’s cooking up just like scrambled eggs and a pinch of salt and pepper All right oh My gosh yep, that’s bad new scrambled eggs All right, so here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for the taste of the canned food breakfast It actually looks pretty good spread all out like this all right. Let’s taste the bacon first it did lucky mozz Mm-hmm That’s super super salty and has the same flavor and exact same consistency of those pre cooked bacon strips that you can buy next to the sliced meat section in your grocery store Exactly the same. There’s a very strong pronounced a smoky flavor to this very similar to bacon bits It’s a bit heavy-handed and over-the-top but for something that came out of a can and that looks like this It’s still pretty impressive. Let’s try the Bridgeford bread. And in my past experience, cutting the bread like this really helps because it’s really dense, so… Look at that dough center! Yeah, it smells very yeasty. So, I’m sure this would be better toasted, but we’re roughing it, so I’m not going to toast it. Now this butter so far I’ve been very impressed with the consistency is just like butter it smells like butter it fries like butter. Let’s see how it tastes I’m going to put a generous smear on this bread there we go Hmm And the butter tastes pretty good, it tastes like butter it has a great buttery flavor its salted So it’s nicely seasoned the bread is a little bit odd, but it’s totally what I expected when it comes for these Bridgeford breads They’re very dense. They have a very hard kind of crumb And they do taste yeasty, and they’re reminiscent of bread. It’s just not real bread, but with butter on it. It’s a whole lot better Mm-hmm I’m impressed with the canned butter yes, yes, yes And tastes like butter it’s a little bit salt. It has a really great buttery flavor It spreads a nicely it doesn’t taste tinned at all I’m very very impressed with the red feather brand canned butter all right. Let’s give the cheese a taste so the cheese Has a very interesting texture. It’s kind of similar to Velveeta It’s kind of plasticy soft, let’s just try a little bit of it playing first Very very salty it is cheese after all and It does taste like Processed cheese food or Velveeta, but it has a nice little bit of tankiness to him almost a little bit more yogurty You know what it reminds me a lot of or there’s little tiny cubes of cheese that are wrapped in foil With little tiny cheese wheels that are wrapped in red wax very very similar flavor consistency a little bit more tangy I’m gonna put a piece of this in the microwave and see how well it melts For just like a second oh My gosh yes look Whoa hot hot hot hot hot and look It melts beautifully and the bread actually gets really soft, I don’t think I’ve ever heated up the Bridgeford bread like that Yeah, and now it smells like more like nacho cheese all right Let’s give that a taste without burning the roof off of my mouth. Here you go Mm-hmm, that’s Where it’s at you got to heat this cheese up a bit It’s more like fondue at that point much better than Velveeta cheese in my opinion Much more flavorful, I like that little bit of tangy eNOS to it Mm-hmm All right, let’s try our egg crystals, they have the same consistency of scrambled eggs It smells like scrambled eggs too all right here we go Mmm tastes like scrambled eggs to particularly when fried with butter Those are great I’ve had those before love those those are especially good when you’re camping or have gone on a long hike Very very familiar protein in terms of flavor consistency everything you just add a little bit of water great familiar source of protein great flavor Awesome, I almost forgot to open my can of ham look at this oh I’m just gonna have that straight up wow that’s a lot denser than say spam This is fully cooked ready-to-eat great for camping But it says to serve hot heat in 325 degree oven for 15 minutes per pound until the temperature reaches 130 degrees you can glaze it and stud it with cloves and sprinkle with brown sugar and baste with pan drippings looks like the Grains of meat are a little bit coarser than say potted meat all right. Let’s give that taste And that’s not bad: not as salty as say, SPAM — and I like the consistency better than SPAM. SPAM has a very homogeneous kind of grain to it. This has a little bit more bite; a little bit more texture; a little bit more like sausage. It’s not bad. It tastes a bit like Vienna sausages, or potted meat it has that kind of cooked porky flavor It doesn’t have a lot of smokiness to it But I imagine if you were to put this in the oven and reheat it that way maybe that more that flavor would come out But I actually prefer This kind of neutral flavor of ham rather than the over-the-top smokiness of that bacon that just tastes a little bit too artificial But yeah, this isn’t bad at all, and I think pan-fried with a little bit of Christmas on it Would be pretty excellent. All right! So there you have it! That was breakfast in a can: I had canned bacon; canned butter; canned cheese; powdered eggs; shelf-stable bread; and then canned ham; and all-in-all, I have to say, I was pretty impressed with both the flavors and textures of everything. Granted, it’s not fresh, but for something that is shelf-stable still pretty impressive, and very satisfying. The one thing I am missing is a little bit of greenery — if there was just a little bit of salad or something, then I think it’d be pretty stinking good. All right. Thank you guys so much for joining me! I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; let me know if there’s other videos that you’d like to see; what you’d like me to taste; and I will see my next one. Toodle-oo! Take care! Byeee! I’m gonna have some buttered toast, buttered toast!


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  6. Canned food such as seafood are considered delicacies in some countries. One can of razor clams in Spain can set you back 250 US. So canned doesnt necessarily mean lesser quality.

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  9. Kraft makes canned processed cheese, too. It is made in Bahrain and is often available in Asian ethnic stores. Golden Churn is another brand of canned butter, also from New Zealand.

  10. Put stale bread in a microwave for a short burst and it softens nicely. It will get rather firm if you don't eat it quickly.

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  17. I didn't realize this until now, but when you buy a pound of raw bacon, it's not even CLOSE to a pound after it's cooked because you lose so much fat and water in the process. I'd be surprised if it's even half a pound. So $20 for 9oz of COOKED bacon is perhaps not as crazy as it sounds. And you have the extra benefit of a much longer shelf-life, I presume. Pricey, but possibly worth it under the right circumstances.

  18. I'm a little late to the party, BUT – if you actually want GOOD bread with a long shelf-life, you should try canned bread from German EPAs (basically German MREs). It's not the type of bread you're used to in the US, it's more like Pumpernickel, but I think it's the best product of its kind you can get!

  19. 20 bucks for 9 ounces of bacon means that stuff costs more than $35 per pound. That's filet mignon prices. Why so expensive, and why would anyone buy that? I'm guessing it's for "shelf life".

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