Another In The Fire (Hillsong UNITED) – Amanda Lindsey Cook at WorshipU On Campus |

41 thoughts on “Another In The Fire (Hillsong UNITED) – Amanda Lindsey Cook at WorshipU On Campus |

  1. Praise the Most High God I am a Christian brother in Thailand. All of you wish to give amen to Thailand. ฮาเลลูยา 😍😍😍

  2. Amanda, I literally absorbed every drop of this song. You inspired me. God bless you. This song is a powerful reminder of that am not Alone in this fire, I wont burn, i wont drown in the water. Love you Amanda from Nigeria

  3. So blessed and thankful for this
    Thank you Father and thank you Amanda for being the instrument for God’s glory to flow through you , thank you may God continue to bless you in your walk with Him, love you sister 💟✝️

  4. Could someone explain to me what this line means: “All my debt left for dead beneath the waters.”

  5. Flee Hillsong , their leaders speak against JESUS . THE WORD . Look up what they say on Youtube in interviews .Keep your soul out of the fire of Hell ."Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling ."

  6. When His presence and peace linger and no further words are needed, a direct encounter. Thank you Amanda for flowing in His anointing!! Blessed

  7. My goodness. The video at the end. People don’t realize how hard it is to make a moment where not much is happening still be engaging. Chad and the team captured such beautiful imagery to support the peacefulness of the moment. The well timed slow motion into the crowd shot was simply breath-taking at the end!

  8. Another in the fire…whew. You are not alone when the tears are falling. You may feel alone, but you are not alone. God is there.

  9. “Sing it from the last time you were drowning…. “ you had me weeping. Amanda, I thank the Lord for you. I know you went through a very rough season, but what came out of it, it’s just pure. ❤️ thank you for being sensitive to His voice in the middle of worship.

  10. My son is at WorshipU with others from my church worship team. He sent a link with this epic worship song and said this song by Amanda has totally changed his outlook in worship, especially when. Amanda plays the keys quietly from about 17:00 with soaking worship.

  11. She's holding down that place. Mighty. It's like steffany got called elsewhere but Amanda is assigned to that place, to hold it down.

  12. alguien podría traducir éste video en español pof favor, lo agradecería demasiado 😭😭😭🌼❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  13. My husband and I are in the fire tonight and this song , the encouraging words and the anointing flowing from this anointed vessel is bringing healing to us. God bless you Amanda

  14. So thankful for Holy Spirit’s work in and through Amanda as she is a conduit of Grace to so many of us…

  15. There is definitely a sweet spirit that was there that you can feel just listening to it back again. Miss this soo much!

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