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Good morning friends! I hope you doing well! We still in Ikaria Island and the third episode of series Cooking In Nature. In today’s video we doing an ancient Greek BBQ. Cooking on a rock! The special point of this bbq it’s not only the stone but the base as you can see is river sand we will bury under the river sand some potatoes and onions we will cover them with sand and on top of that the fire to heat up the stone to be able to cook the pork steaks which is the today’s recipe. Let’s begin with our potatoes after we place our potatoes into the river sand we will cover them same with the onions Here is our classic picnic basket as usual Don’t peel the onions so the onion skin can protect them from overcooking just be careful because the fire can easily burn them so the only solution is to check them all the time to check the progress of the cooking add plenty river sand on top to protect from over burning Like Greek Coffee on Ember Let’s start the BBQ now As you saw before ,after covering potatoes and onions with river sand now it’s time to start the BBQ with woods we found in the forest and dry leaves Our BBQ now is ready to place the rock this is the rock as you can see and we gonna leave it to burn for an hour to take temperature when the rock start getting the right temperature we gonna add the pork steaks. Let’s place the rock. After getting ready the BBQ. Now we marinate the pork steaks juicy pork steaks from local producer they informed me that this pork was eating only apples and kiwi that’s why I’m looking forward to taste this meat we gonna prepare our marinade in this traditional mortar In nature with traditional cooking style. Let’s begin with the marinade and the texture of marinade will be thick like paste to apply to our pork steaks. When rock is ready we grill but first let’s make the thick marinade. First adding salt plenty salt Pepper granules Fresh Oregano Now we crush the herbs with pestle to homogenize our ingredients to make it thick like paste add extra virgin olive oil and marinade is ready to cover the pork steaks. In my recipes am adding more than usual olive oil like my grandmother Now am ready to apply the marinade to pork steaks applying the marinade cover steaks with marinade spread the marinade well to all over the steaks Excellent job. After marinating the pork steaks now we are ready to cook on the rock. Rock is in the right temperature to start our BBQ we made a handmade Grill tong to help us in the BBQ The pork steaks are getting ready. Getting a nice colour This one is almost ready with a nice golden brown colour. The pork steaks are ready and smells delicious I have to say am really surprised because after so many years in kitchens as a chef Never seen something like that before had doubts about the color the steaks can get but i was wrong They look juicy with a nice golden brown color. Am looking forward to taste them. Now it’s time to pick them up from the rock and add them to our wooden board for serving Also we have to uncover the potatoes and onions from the river sand and we good to go. With our handmade Grill tong. Look at this color!!! Let’s uncover the potatoes Look at this potato! with a nice color and very soft ready to eat! The onion smells amazing and cooked well! Before start eating ,we cut the potatoes add on the stone to give an extra flavor from the fat of the steaks. After we finally finishing with cooking I would like to ask you and give you a piece of advice be very careful when you cooking in nature never close to dry leaves and into the woods. Always when you cooking in nature very carefully turn off the coals because it’s a shame to burn the beautiful forests that we have in Greece Let’s try the food! Literally am drooling!!!! Optionally lemon juice but it’s not necessary just for the acidity. Spring onions to go with the meat ,potatoes and the grilled onions! Enough talking ,now it’s time to taste the meat! So juicy!!!!!!!! Great flavor! The Stone did a great job with the meat! Pork steaks are tender as i told you before i had my doubts about cooking in the stone. I wish you were here to try with me this delicious meat because i can’t describe how tasty this is! Thank you so much my friends for being here today! I hope you doing well! See you until next recipe in nature! If you like the video give us a Like and SUBSCRIBE to Do Stathi Channel! A comment to say hi! If you have any question don’t hesitate leave a comment and i will reply as soon as possible! Cheers!!! Love and take a good care of the nature! Do not leave charcoal on fire because there is a risk of fire!

14 thoughts on “Ancient Greek ΒΒQ On A Rock | Cooking In Nature | #DoStathi #CookingInNature #S01E03

  1. Πολύ ωραίο επεισόδιο. Αυτό με τις πατάτες και τα κρεμμύδια στην άμμο το έκανα θάβοντας τα στη στάχτη από το τζάκι και γινόταν πραγματικά πεντανόστιμα. Φοβερός τρόπος και αυτός με την πέτρα, πρέπει να είναι και πολύ ποιο υγιεινός από το ψήσιμο κάρβουνο.

  2. It's so refreshing seeing the cooking show in the beautiful nature like that. The BBQ meats look delicious 🙂

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