Americans & Koreans Swap School Lunches

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  1. The American lunch they had has about twice as much food as the one in my school. You get one meat thing, around 4-5 pieces of vegetables, and a milk carton. They also charge $3-4 for a lunch. I’d be happy to get that American food.

  2. Trust me our lunches in Nevada are awful, they give us under cooked foods, rotten fruits, the milk is terrible too the white milk tastes like its close to its expiration date, the chocolate milk taste like it’s water down. There’s an account on Instagram called ccsdconfess and they show pictures of what our lunches look like. They also show what the bathroom are like in every school. Our school system here in Nevada is so bad, honestly if they’d stop wasting so much money on the strip and started focusing on our schools and not just the magnet schools then our district would most likely get a little better

  3. I'm on a diet and I really want to e at all of those dishes.meaning I'm not fat or anything like that ok it's to clean the GUTTT

  4. Meanwhile here in Mexico, we don't even have any food system like those, and on the mini caffeterias that cost us like 3dlls any, they only sell Microwave noodles, a bread with beans and cheese, lots of potatochips, and the people still wonder why we have so high levels of child obbesity 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. And Americans are still claiming their country is the best in the world? 😂 They’re so ignorant, they don’t know a thing about any other countries. I’d choose Korea over the US any day!

  6. Croatia doesn't even have fugin butter on our dry ass bread, and that the only thing we have, diferent kinds of bread, that's the whole lunch

  7. I have not yet watched the video and I already know that the US food will be garbage. The US has the lowest standards of all when it comes to food and taking care of each other. The US is extremely trashy and low class.

  8. Idk about yall schools…but my school lunch is great. Cesar Salads ,wraps, sandwiches, pizza, chicken tenders, fries, chicken and waffles, cookies and the list just goes on.

  9. American lunch was never that good looking. We even had precooked grilled cheese that was reheated in a see through wrapper.(which was my fav not gonna lie) I do agree tho that we had way more unhealthy lunches and prisoners eat better than the kids do some times.

  10. Sorry to say I’m american and I had Bomb school lunches (ex. Panini’s, wraps, subs, soups, pasta, salads, sushi Friday’s, taco Tuesday’s etc.) I loved the women who served the lunches. They were always very kind and friendly.

  11. I'm Korean and I went to American schools my entire educational career and the food was bad all around. in high school we were given trays of either pizza, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and there would be specials everyday that were usually meatloaf, cheesy pasta w garlic bread and enchiladas that were all bad. that set out fruits and vegetables for the students to take as an option but no one ever did, and it eventually led to the school making it a policy that we had to take a bag of veggies and some fruit 🙄it all ended up in the trash either way

  12. the food at my elementary school was gross. the food was either extremely dry or super greasy. i found hairs on pizza, and i found mold, etc. 🤢 edit: also the food was never fresh, it was frozen and then heated up.

  13. Americans to koreans
    Americans: You guys are lucky you get to eat delicious healthy food
    Me in a developing country
    You guys are getting free food in schools?

  14. Olive in Germany and at least at my school it’s not that bad. I think it’s definitely better the the American food but it still doesn’t really taste that good. I would say it’s somewhere in between the American and Korean lunch

  15. American conhecendo o yakult com para todos garotos que ja amei kkkkkkkkkk bebo isso desde que me entendopor gente

  16. I came from Jamica and for lunch we a full meal no junk food. Unless you buy at the small shop. So now am living America and whole bunch of crazy junk food lol. Big change for me lol.

  17. Y'all made America look like we actually care about what we feed our children. Where is the rotting fruit? The nasty wet fries?

  18. I recognise the little Yakult yoghurt drink in the Korean dinner. They're also sold in Ireland and presumably the UK. Don't know why she was hyping so much over it, it's literally just a sugary yoghurt drink. Doesn't taste of anything special. Maybe it's just a nostalgic thing for her

  19. My school wasn't as nice as the Korean but not as bad as the US but its been awhile since I had school lunch 🤣 when my kid's enter school I'll be packing their lunches for them as often as possible. One kiddo has good allergies so probably more so once he enters school.

  20. Wtf, my school lunch never looked like that and I went to a public school in the middle of Wisconsin. We got to choose from the sub section, pizza section, burger/chicken section, and random hot food section. I must’ve gotten lucky

  21. What school y’all going to I go to one of the smallest public schools in Michigan and our lunch is A1 and we have loads of healthy choices and options

  22. There was one week that my school served Korean lunch as an option for an appreciation week that the Asian appreciation club started and literally almost nobody tried it on the first day but people were saying it was good so more people tried it until almost everyone was in that line everyday. It was a crazy week…

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