ALOO MATAR RECIPE Prepared By Grandma | आलू मटर Cooking In Village | Matar Aloo Curry recipe | 2019

24 thoughts on “ALOO MATAR RECIPE Prepared By Grandma | आलू मटर Cooking In Village | Matar Aloo Curry recipe | 2019

  1. the fact that this granny and the young man give the food to all of the kids and the men of the village makes me cry, thank you granny for this bless, for taking care of poor people, may god bless you with good health for other hundred years 💞

  2. خدا کے بندے تو ہیں ہزاروں بنوں میں پھرتے ہیں مارے مارے
    میں اس کا بندہ بنوں گا جس کو خدا کے بندوں سے پیار ہو گا گا
    May Allah give you long healthy life ameen

  3. I am unsubscribing because 1) i am on dieting and , 2) i feel like eating the dish every time I watch a new video , but i can't because its out of my reach.
    Dadiji ki jai ho .

  4. Feeling the poor and generous is the key to enternal life with that we are blessed with Allah's kindness and rewarded
    May Allah give this woman junnat ameen

  5. نفسي أسوي صدقات مثلها . ماشاء الله رغم بساطة المكان والامكانيات النظافه شيء ملفت . الله يسعدها

  6. Bohat khushi ho rhi vedio dakh k I mean you grandma v hardworking and she is v sweet… 😘😘😘

  7. or jo log dislike kr rhy hain un ko itna hi bolon gi qk wo khud mehroom hain in cheezon sy qk un k maa baap or dadi dada to facebook py lgy hoty hain is lye un logo ki mehromi py afsos k wo is trha apna gusa nikal rhy hain

  8. i am from pakistan Such a great work i salute you … me jb b youtube on krti in ki aksar video samny ati time ni milta tha dekhny k lye mgr aj bethy bethy sub sy pehly in ki green mirch wali video dekhi to maza agya lekin jo last secen dekha to is kadar dil khush hua k 3 4 videos or dekh leen… ab shaid mera data pakage hi off ho jaye qk dil kr rha hy aik aik video ko dekhon or specialy last tak qk koi kisi k lye free me itna ni krta or ap to phr itni mehnt sy sub tyar krti hain Allah pak ajar dy apko is ka ameen

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