All Faiths Food Bank 2018

Our mission is to provide healthy solutions to end hunger in our community. All faiths food bank works with a network of over 185 agencies and programs. More than 30% of the households in Sarasota alone are at risk of hunger every day. Children are particularly vulnerable to the impact of hunger and here in Sarasota County at least 50% of the kids in our school district require the free and reduced meals that are provided through the schools. What happens when these children are not in school? What happens over the weekend? What happens during the summer months? All faiths food bank is the only food bank serving, Sarasota and DeSoto counties, and we are the hub of hunger relief here in our community. Last year we distributed over 10.2 million pounds of food. That actually translates to about 8.5 million meals to our hungry neighbors here in our community. Over 80 percent of that food was donated to the food bank. The program’s of All Faiths Food Bank include distribution of food through our mobile pantries, through the agencies and programs that we work with. Our work is made possible because of the donations and contributions and efforts of over 3,500 volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without the dedication of that volunteer corps. All of our work is made possible by donors and philanthropy, and we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the community support. I’m asking all of you to help us feed our hungry neighbors in need. Join us together we can end hunger.

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