Alan Walker: Unmasked Vlog (#12) Steve Aoki’s SECRET Cake Recipe!

Hello! How are you? I’m good how are you? Good, thank you! You’re going to have so much fun. Good to see you! Take a picture, shall we? Let’s do it! I feel like we always pass each other, we
never actually take a photo. Thank you guys, all of you. India, we are about to hit the stage, and
we are here with Krewella, and they are running away now! There’s a fire onstage! It’s a true honor to be here for the very
first time in this beautiful city, thank you guys so much for being an awesome audience. This is your sweater. Right now it’s… Friday! Sunday. And we are in Pune. Pune? How do you pronounce Pune? Eh, Pune? We were ready to leave and everything, like
we had this car and that car. But apparently, I needed to sit in another
car with a security guard. We have already been to Hyderabad, and that
was awesome! I closed that day, at Sunburn Festival. And now I play before, I think its Armin Van
Buuren, and I think Salvatore Ganacci is before me again. It’s apparently one of the biggest festivals
in Asia, from what I’ve heard. And last night the crowd was kind of like
crazy, the entire time. Kind of like? Haha not even kind of like, they even made
the stage turn on fire. Yeah I’m so tired and hungry. You have an update? I guess not. We are still waiting 3 Indian minutes. That’s worse than Chinese or Mexican minutes. If you could combine those two. And Arabic minutes. Arabic minutes like yeah I’ll be there,
but never show up. Haha, true story. If they need a security guard, you can say
that you have been a security guard for Alan for many years. Yeah, my entire life. I forgot my license back home. You have a security guard license? Yes. No, you don’t. I took it in the military. “Vekter”. “Vekter” is not a security guard. Haha. That’s the guy who stands in the mall. That’s “leke politiet” (the play police). Other than that, welcome to the new Unmasked
Vlog. That probably has to be the most interesting
start. The car is coming! Gracias! I have my security guard there. Alright, that was 3 Indian minutes. See you! Hello! So, now we are behind the stage, it is massive! And right now I think Salvatore Ganacci is
playing. There we got our man. This is the stage were we will be playing
later. Crazy big. We got one elephant over there and another
one over there. We are about to hit the stage, and we are
here with Salvatore. What’s up Salvatore! Oh! I am here with Alan Walker, we’re here. 2018. Very nice, very nice. Take care bro, see you next time. How was it? Amazing. They are ready for you. Looks good, looked really good. I’m so warm! Where are you going now? China. Directly. Yeah, me too. Sanya? Yeah yeah your playing tomorrow. Now we are in Hong Kong currently, we had
like a 4-5 hour flight. Boarding is currently delayed, but we are
here with our DJ friends. The whole DJ collective. It’s easy to see they are all DJs because
they are all wearing black. I don’t know what you are talking about. Yeah! Oh! That was many. I wonder how many times that flipped. We got Sanya ISY festival in China coming
up right now. it’s the last show of 2018 before New Years. And where are you now, in the green room? In the green room…or, the white room! We got the festival stage right out there.It’s going to be an awesome show, 60 minutes.
I’ll be joining Steve Aoki today on stage. With that said, thank you so much for all
the love and support you guys have been showing in 2018, it has been a crazy year! I don’t know how many shows we have done! I’ll do the calculations then I’ll put
it in. We have been to many cities. Maybe 50 countries. It has been incredible and really fun. Can’t wait to continue the journey with
you guys next year. And Happy New Year, I hope you guys had a
lovely Christmas holiday as well. Happy New Year, Ted. Happy New Year. Cheers! What are you guys going to do later? We are going to be high on life. Drink more RedBull. You are drinking, and you are drinking. Alcohol! To the audience, say “woaini” “Woaini” That means, I love you all. Sounds Arabic. Learn Chinese, with a Norwegian! Couldn’t be better, here in China. Happy New Year! Alright, so now we are off stage. We are going to say hi to Steve. I think, yeah he is in here. They are still doing press. They are doing press. Are you familiar with this? I’ve done a couple of things like this. They are recording radio ID’s. It’s ID’s that you listen to on the radio. You know the “Hi, I’m Alan Walker. Your listening to my new single blablabla”. Hey this is Steve Aoki, Happy Chinese New
Year to all hit FM. How was the show? It was crazy. We won’t interrupt your promo set. He already ate the Harribo. There is a G Energy, or whatever, what do
you call it? Gatorate. Haha, I completely forgot. G Energy. What’s up? We were doing a quick review of your raider. What was the review? I completely got this wrong, I said “G Energy”. You don’t know Gatorade! So the show was good today? Yeah but I felt like the distance from you
on the stage to the crowd is kind of like a bit too far. I was like, how in the world is he going to
throw the cake? I caked you didn’t I? Yeah. In Tokyo. We were like downstairs. I talked to the security guards earlier today,
and they have built a special staircase for you. I don’t want to go jail or anything, caking
someone. How did you end up in jail? I threw a cake. We got murderers, rapists, and we got cakists. That’s the cakes. These are good cakes too! Those things will go everywhere. How do you know if a cake is good? I can tell. Ok I’ll tell you the secret. My cake, no pun indented, ironically, has
no cake. It’s all frosting. So, splash! It’s basically like, you’re not getting
caked, you’re getting frosting. Like, you’re getting creamed. The first evolution of
the cake was the cake. And then slowly we were like, you know what, we don’t
actually need any cake. So it’s just like one big jello pudding of cream
like. And the bags are like foam. So one it hits you it breaks. That’s what I noticed when you caked me. It was like getting a soft punch. So the big question is, have you been caked
before? Oh, many times! By who? Oh, Vin Diesel. Alright do you want to roll with me, on stage. Yeah, I’ll go back and change then I’ll
come up. It’s not a real cake! Who would have thought so! I thought so. It’s all been a lie! Please, welcome to stage. Alan Walker!

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  1. Hey Alan, I love all your songs (liked them all) but may I ask?
    I wished you guys would do a dare video but you won’t pick me. Sorry for asking. 🙁

  2. Alan looks tired But still we love ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Please come to pakistan and also meet me i know it is like an impossible dream but still if u get my message please come i will wait for the reply it is close to india so please

  4. “Where are you now” I’m behind a awesome mask; I love these unmasked vlogs I know I’m super late (has anybody ever noticed he looks like danTDM XD I fricken love Alan

  5. Alan quiero que sepas que te amo mucho y eres el mejor DJ del mundo mundial te adoro daria mi vida por ti te adoro tengo años conocí tus músicas por mi hermano Carlos el tiene 20 años y desde entonces me e aprendido todas tus músicas y ojalá tu pudieras ayudarme yo quiero ser cantante te amo mucho Alan walker

  6. Alan say,, "Wo Ai Nimen",,,I say "Wo Ai Ni too,, 😂 😂 😂 😍😍😍😍,, I come From Indonesia,, I am work in Taiwan Now,,,

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