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Healthy Seafood in a Hotplate [music] At a glance, this noodle stall in Pengasih, Kulon Progo has no different with other noodle stalls But don’t get wrong, there’s something special in the Warung Bakmi Loncamatan They serve noodles, seafood, and other menus in a hotplate Not really different with other seafood menus, vegetables, shrimps, and squids are cooked as the request from visitors But do you what make the foods healthier? We use the hotplate so the cooking oil is lessen, not with defray, so we can minimize the cholesterol or the fat By using the hotplate, the ripening will be same like when we took the blanched vegetables so the color from vegetables is still same The affordable price attracts visitors to this stalls It’s my first time try seafood hotplate and seafood is my favorite. The ingredients are fresh, that’s why I come here. I want to taste the hotplate It’s special because the seasoning is so tasteful. In my opinion, it’s really different with other seafood It has its authentic taste Various seafood menus are served in this stall with the price ranged from 10.000 to 25.000 rupiah Interested to taste this delicious menu?

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