so this video was gonna be a surprise I didn't want to say where I was going or what I was doing until this day we are approaching probably the most best abandon 'us looking hotel you'll ever see in this video and the only people that we have ever seen go here was the Spanish version of vice just to give you an outlook and looks just look at the outside the crazy thing about this is the history and we're gonna go over that later with my our boy Mike Mike's the one that actually hooked us all up to get inside here now doing abandoned places like I said before in other videos there's no rules either can like go in in some way or form your they gonna ask for permission or you're gonna bribe people there's no rules to do abandoned places now I follow tons of different guidelines especially when I'm in United States but for this particular place we we are bribing a cop and we're in Mexico we would not be able to get inside here because it's 24-hour surveillance if it wasn't for the bribing this cop but let's go see how this works before we even go and we have to buy candy in this culture this shrines and just someone that actually died in the basement and there's an altar for this girl and before we can even film or do anything we need to go give her candy it's crazy English can you please explain why we have to get the girl who died here in candy well it's just because there's a story about a girl's ghost that she would Howdy's that scares you scares you haunt you yeah Hodges curse you if we're leaving bother her so the way that she leads you on I'm like you for example do your work it's given her condition so she will be other pictures alright and there you go I went to buy the can this is what you see as you enter in front days yeah we just passed the front gates look at this place look at the architecture in this hotel architecture it's insane it's like a freaking hour ago we got to get inside here yeah so mike is gonna tell us the story finally behind all this there's very very little information in English about this place it's called Posada that a soul which means like hotel of the Sun and it was built in eighteen something so well over a hundred years ago and it was abandoned basically eight months after eight months after it was built so there's stories of the owner killing himself a family member killing themselves there was a ties to the new Masons all kinds of different things but I guess there's not a lot of in English information to really know what the what the best or the most accurate information is well we know is huge is 660 rooms there's a theater there's a casino there's beautiful architecture there's beautiful paintings on the walls there was an indoor chess for like a human sized chess board and it was like the best hotel they were going to make one of the best hotels in Latin America maybe even the world when they built this the guy who built it was an architect so he took extreme amounts of time to make everything perfect so the details the statues everything's carved made it a beautiful brick like it's an incredible hotel and it was only ever open for guests for eight months and they closed it so since then there was a really corrupt police officer that occupied this he was a police officer this very famous hair Duras Durazo see Negril Durazo so he was a the police chief who sold cocaine he tortured people and apparently he tortured a lot of people in the basement he did a lot of terrible things here and it's haunted by the ghost of a little girl by other people who were tortured here and died here but it's it's a very fascinating place that people don't just get to go in with like us and do this very often um but it's it's bright for exploring guys tear our dues and respects Jesus Christ man it looks like the freakin catacombs it's cold in here yeah oh yeah there's much ladies and bugs so this is how we're starting off our journey before we can see this place we have to go pay our dues and respects and give our candy to the girl that no way strong you gotta be kidding me this freaking scared to face in and this is where the girl died and here's her shrine Oh totally scared me tells me that's no joke Wow look at all that is that her dress or is this Wow so this was this was the little girl and that's her dress holy girl she likes it in love with what'd you get her arishok afar Mikey bring the Orioles you're offering jaw-dropping Oreos down I hope she enjoys them sorry we're gonna look at this it opens up to these staircases yes dual staircase if they go up huge long so Rick hallway this is like when I went to Wales yeah that kind of castle look does look nice oh my god Noreen yeah look at this it's like a forest oh my god there is a forest in the middle of this hotel now you guys are wondering why this is all maintained well it's because the government everything wants to still keep it nice regardless of everything so they still kind of maintain as much as they can at least on the outside yeah at least on the outside or at the inside really geez look at that architecture this is our trade here oh it's like there was a Watertown right here yeah she looks spooky man she does okay just look at all the pillars – this is like sanctuary to me it's peaceful and quiet you don't even hear the city let's go right into the middle of this place Wow even this is interesting oh no freakin way I feel like I'm in Assassin's Creed or something after 80 years of this just sitting here I mean this is unbelievable oh my god it's good to see that up now they don't let it go to waste like you know in other countries we just especially in my own country United States we let a ban in places go hair or butter go into a masonry temple you guys aren't gonna believe this like I'm at the queue remind you all that this is truly abandoned looks like these seats all around yeah sit all around the sides and they had a giant box right here you can even be watching from above I know dude look at the ceiling I just loved like how they built it it's just complete circle like some cult stuff would go on in here Mithen Co that way but balancing things everywhere too much on the Balfour's balance and things but how the paint is still like knotty it's not even cheating on face you know there's an altar but look at this like giant yan two grams thir so they were saying that the big owner the owner architect had ties with the Freemasons so like an underground cult that use a lot of symbols and in the political system of Mexico had big ties with the Freemasons too so they're saying that this guy had some problems with that crew politics got involved shut the place down and then I don't want to so you think it's because he was involved the Freemasons they did something to piss everybody off damn so that's why yeah we can smell that's why everything looks like eight months yeah I guess is this hotel street one of the most expensive hotels in Mexico so yes so this place is only only eight months that's it eight months so grateful to be here know why like we've been through a lot of places and a lot of things but never things like this let's go SEC check on the second floor I think these are the hotel rooms okay oh yeah maybe a bathroom or toilet boys and girls section a lot of this has been cleaned out so no beds are here anymore furniture is obviously going this is definitely amazed and they weren't joking about there being over 600 rooms here Zach – you definitely incredible some of the stained glass is still on these Tony have CSS bet in that hallway expensive told me that hallway with this oh my god do you know about Africa just buy pants right now this is unbelievable this is the best abandoned place we have ever filmed look at the chess pieces I think this multiple attachments yeah Jesse's oh yeah see right there cheap so she's gone so thanks for the love fireplace glass still in top repair even the stained glass right there Cody I think this is the best place we've ever done I think you're right I really can stuff this is probably the best place we've ever been – damn I can't read that she's just hotel rooms I'm full double rooms there's so many of them I mean you can tell out here must be like some sort of like water me like guard a make so much could have been right here too it's good to see some flowers still living though check out these blue and yellow walls I also can see something epic in this room no freakin way you married an autop just looking down looks like maybe for our props or even just cause that'll go like a bunch of books would go up to like a bookshelf I'm like what is all this stuff on the ground bricks like debris basically sound insulation sound and sound insulation so it's like lava rock behold it's super light right really Morris what injects like almost like charcoal see how it's boarded up now hood so what needs to happen is that here there was a giant Orchestra so a bunch tool playing music and the sound would all be reflected up into the room above and you can see through the cracks there's like this strange ceiling of whole yeah I see that then that would reflect all the sound down zippy ball drinking in the bar above so a like a natural speaker the sound would go up bounce around and everyone to enjoy it above Dee that's sick amazing right insane how much how much you love a rock is actually here it gets poor you can use to the ground in one I mean the first thing I notice is the ceiling for this yeah looks like there's a wizard right there the crazy face right there plan on one the only son like kids drawings yeah these freakin murals this is dope look at their hats the sombreros on the roof right now of course just God you can't I just can't get over this man I really can't the way this building looks is just electric like it's just so great I don't know the way they color their buildings just makes it that much better good eye we just spotted a heart as we're going downstairs there's a heart with an arrow through it and angle is broken yeah we have our yellow room there's a bathtub right here so we found our first bathtub just now finally everything else is gutted but everything else is that they found the bathtub redwood selfies here yo yo what's good um I'm pretty sure that these boards are to keep the place from collapsing so they have it everyone we just explored the pasado del Sol it's done I mean I just can't believe that we came here we paid the guard to come in here we said hey we got to do this we have to see this place he was cool with it we were obviously respect every place we go to we love this stuff that's why we do it I mean literally I traveled to Mexico the whole reason I came to Mexico is to do Dahl Island but here I am doing more stuff and I think this whole trip is literally just being abandoned at the moment because that's all I mean I love doing everything but Mexico just has some sick stuff so I can't help I mean when you come see stuff like this you see pictures like this just like oh my god I got to come here thank God we had the right people to make this happen that's right translators because this would not work if you know I just came down here I wouldn't be able to come in here no matter what so I'm out of here thank you for watching keep stay tuned for more the the video is good they're going to keep coming keep watching

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  1. Beautiful building! Sad that this building has been left abandoned. It should be brought back to decent shape and used as a hostel or for the homeless as Cherry McCall previously commented!

  2. Free masons built Solomon's first temple Jerusalem to all the great castles in Europe and cathedrals to our history in the Americas and built Washington DC

  3. Free Masons were builders, it is not a secret, not a cult, mostly died out, most cities in the world were build by Masons, men who build in stone, wood, metals, the guy "giving you information" with the grey shirt is an absolute shitehawk (a liar).

  4. what a load of bullshit lol the dress does not even match the one in the photo, superstitious drivel, paranormal doesn't exist, supernatural doesn't exist, ghosts don't exist, it's just us versus the greed addled trillionaires

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  6. This place is structurally, architecturally and artistically just amazing. Beyond words. You guys should check out the cemetary in Buenos Aires called Recoleta cemetary. It's amazing too. Good luck on your travels and be safe.

  7. Such a beautiful place the architect is simply awesome and the love the tile on the floors. Those pillars are creative and those chess pieces are something else. I like this find and glad you gave us the tour. Keep bringing things like this for us to see. That ceiling is fantastically wonderful.

  8. No girl ever died there, that's an urban legend people formulated to make it more attractive. Former workers have denied anyone ever died there.

  9. it's sad how so many beautiful structures go abandoned like this. that looks more like a castle resort!

  10. Cool vedios brother….. But i have learned something frim your Vedios….. And that is You die in big place and you become millionaire… 😂 😂 😂

  11. Those balancing things are called scales (7 min mark), they represent the Libra zodiac. If you look closely at the roof again you will see the scorpion which represents Scorpio. The other 10 signs are there also. Looks like the paintings represent something also perhaps biblical or mythological stories but hard to tell without being close up. Very awesome video!

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  13. Masons huh? Funny how they keep coming up. Wonder what that means. The black and white checkerboard is actually Masonic tile. I wouldn't be surprised if this place was not used for sacrifices. definitely rituals. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't still do it now especially since it's closed to the public. Also that picture of Mary looks like a vagina and clitoris they do that to be blasphemous. Plus if they're Masons they don't believe in Mary anyway so why do they have the picture or a statue of her?

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  17. Josh: ABANDONED HOTEL GIRL DIED ( Posada del Sol )

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    Abandoned hotel, girl died?
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  18. From what I understand from my grandfather (who was a Free Mason) they weren’t really a cult and actually did a lot charitable things.
    Idk about the other parts of the world tho they might be more cult-ish in other places like Mexico.

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    Look at all that candy and coke I would really just take them away and eat them IF they were not so old

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